Tuesday, November 13, 2012

L'Occitane QVC TSV - November 20th 2012

L'Occitane Best Sellers 6 Piece Collection

 Outside of box, box can be reused since it's very pretty & sturdy

Opening box, introduction card

Opening box, catalog

Inside box, all 6 items included

Two Shea Butter Milk Soaps, Vanilla Flower Shea Butter Hand Cream, Travel Size Hand Cream, Lavender Shower Gel & Shea Butter Body Cream  

Not included: Magic Key Tube Press.  Highly recommend purchasing to use with the hand cream to get out every last bit!  Available at Nordstrom.com, $5 with free shipping.

Using Magic Key Tube Press on the end of the hand cream, just turn the key as you use the cream.

Close up of the 20% Shea Butter Vanilla Flower Hand Cream, my favorite hand cream

This is the Today's Special Value (TSV) from QVC that will be sold on November 20th.  The item number then will be A226262 or for auto delivery item number A230709.  To preorder now, use item number A230667 or for two auto delivery shipments ninety days apart use item number A231664.  This set includes: Almond or Lavender Shower Gel, Shea Butter Vanilla Flower Hand Cream, travel size hand cream, Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream and two Shea Butter Milk Soaps.  The cost is $64.96 or 3 easy payments of $21.65 plus $7.72 shipping and handling. The hand cream costs $28 retail & the body cream $42 retail, so those two items pay for this 6 piece set, making the rest of the 4 items free.  This is a really good value.  These are very high quality beauty products from France with Shea Butter and Shea Butter is an expensive ingredient.  

I purchased a similar set last year from QVC and loved it.  This year the hand cream is a Vanilla Flower scent which smells a bit sour to me, I prefer the regular scent.  The scent doesn't last very long, so it really doesn't matter much.  The hand cream is like gold to me since it makes my hands so soft.  If you want to ration it since it's expensive, use it only at bedtime.  It lasts several months, so if you look at your monthly cost, it's not so bad.  Hubby is using the Shea Butter Milk soap with his shaving brush for shaving, it's very moisturizing.  Hubby is also using the body cream, he prefers a thick cream and I just don't have patience for it, I prefer body lotion. The rest of the products are all mine, mine I tell ya, mine!  LOL

So there you have it, one of the TSV's from QVC this holiday season.  You may check out the list of other TSV's here.  Which TSV's will you be purchasing in November & December?

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