Saturday, May 7, 2016

QVC's Vionic Orthotic TSV - May 2016

Vionic Orthotic Leather Thong Sandals in Gold

This is a preview of QVC's Today's Special Value for May 8th. The preorder number is A280909 and the order number on May 8th is A275435. The TSV price is $65.88 or 5 payments of $16.47. They come in five colors and I chose the gold as shown above. They come in size 5-12 in medium and wide, half sizes should size down. The upper part is leather and the lining under the leather is textile with a man-made balance. Sole height is approximately 1". They feature a podiatrist designed footbed with Orthaheel technology. 

I finally gave in and bought my first pair of Vionic Orthotic sandals. My feet have been having pain issues for over a year now and I've been trying different shoes to see if any will help. I gave up my favorite Reef Flip Flops I wore mostly in the house, since they don't give much support and they are no longer comfortable. My many pairs of Betula by Birckenstock aren't feeling comfortable anymore either. So the first thing I noticed about the Vionic Orthotic sandals is that they are very cushy. When you put your weight on the shoe the foam sinks in a bit and when you lift your weight off, it comes back up kind of like a foam mattress. It feels quite comfortable, but I'm not sure about the thong part of the shoe yet. The one on the left isn't as comfortable as the right. I'm not sure if I can get use to the leather when I'm use to a more comfortable cloth material that Reef offers in their thong sandals. For those that have worn them before, does that part get more comfortable after being worn several times? I've only been wearing them in the house to see if I want to keep them or not. I'm undecided at this time though I've only had them since yesterday. See the little circles on the footbed of the sandal above? They feel a bit strange at first, maybe they help with gripping. The suede feels really soft on the foot, I'm just a bit concerned about keeping it clean. For those of you who have already worn this brand of sandals before, does the footbed start to mold to the shape of your foot like Birkenstock? These are adjustable, the buckle is not just for decoration. I'm testing out two settings to see if snug or a bit loose is better. The faux gemstones look very pretty, but I did notice that a few strands of one of our dog's hair was stuck in there. I have one dog that likes to sit on my shoes, so it must have happened one of those times. It has a really high arch, so if that would bug you I wouldn't recommend it, but that's perfect for me. Hubby said it looked like I my leg was straighter when walking in them which I found shocking. He didn't know anything about how this shoe is suppose to do just that. So that sales pitch they make about it straightening your ankle and leg is actually true. I've been listening to that pitch for years and finally broke down and bought a pair after being skeptical. The price point is just a bit higher than I like to pay for sandals, so I didn't take the plunge till now. Pain has caused me to dip further into my pockets, painful feet will do that for sure! The soles are rubber and a lot of your foot is exposed due to the very narrow straps. This may force you into getting a pedicure, if you don't already have pretty painted toe nails. I bought my normal size 6 and they fit perfectly when standing, when not they look a bit big. So what do you think, are you tempted?

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  1. I really like the tide sandals that they make because the material that goes between your toes is cloth. If you find the shoe comfortable but can't get use to the leather between the toes, the tide's may be more of that you are looking for.

    1. Thanks for the info, I'll check those out.

  2. I love the Vionics. This is the first pair I've had with a squishy footbed, normally they are a bit more solid. I don't think it will conform like the Birki's because this is more of a foam vs. the cork which will stay compressed. I've never had a pair where the insole started looking worn or dirty. At first the toe strap felt a little weird but on the top part of my foot, not in-between my toes. After wearing them a bit, I don't even notice it anymore. If it really bugs you, they make many pairs where there are straps going over your foot as opposed to the thong style.
    My absolute favorites are their slippers. I live in those around the house and I have accidently gone out for errands while wearing them (something like this A237935)

  3. Thanks for the info! Those do look comfy, I'm afraid one of my four dogs who likes to sit or lay on my shoes when I'm not in them would get them dirty. Yeah, I'm beginning to think these are too squishy for me. I really wanted to love them.


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