Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Black Bag July 2012

5th shipment from Little Black Bag presented by Mr. Leo Frankie Rubles

Leo asks, "Would you like to see inside Mommy's Little Black Bag?":
 OK, this is what's inside, "what is it?", you ask:
 Betsey Johnson earrings:
And this pretty Betsey Johnson bracelet:
 And you ask, "how does it look on her wrist?", well here you go:
 And here it is in another position:

Mommy chose the Betsey Johnson Pearl & Fireball Bracelet to place in her bag and she traded the two other items Little Black Bag placed in her bag for the Rose Drop Betsey Johnson Earrings.  I guess she's quite fond of the Betsey Johnson line!  I've seen quite a few items from Betsey Johnson arrive lately.  "How much did this cost?", you ask.  Well Mommy only paid $54.90 including shipping.  That is only $27.45 per item.  The bracelet retails for $75 and the earrings for $50, that's a total of $125!  So that's a savings of $70.10!  She is a very careful bargain hunter and found these items also at a discount at overstock.com, but at a higher price of $62.93.  It was a close race, since Little Black Bag was only $8.03 less, but every dollar counts, so she bought it from Little Black Bag. Plus, she enjoys the trading on Little Black Bag, though I say, "just rub my belly, forget that trading and pay a couple more dollars".  You ask, "what is this Little Black Bag you speak of?"  Well Mommy already explained that in a previous post, so click here to read about it.  You say, "thanks for the photos, but how large is her wrist so I can compare to my own?"  Well her wrist is 6 inches at the smallest point, so she's use to bracelets falling quite low on her hand.  It is a stretch bracelet, so it should fit most wrists.  The earrings are very long,  3 1/2 inches, so you really have to be brave and daring to wear them.  They aren't for everyone, in fact, Mommy never use to wear earrings that long, but she's stepping out of her comfort zone and trying longer earrings and larger handbags. So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed my presentation of her 5th Little Black Bag. Seems like she's been getting a lot of these bags lately, I think she's addicted!  Perhaps, you would like your own Little Black Bag, so click here.  In case you're interested, Mommy's manicure is featured in another post, here.

PS - Mommy is having a raffle for 10 brand name cosmetics worth over $127, so don't forget to enter here.  She's so generous!  It's her first raffle and she plans to have more, so keep coming back to her blog.

Thanks for listening to my presentation, but it's time for my dinner and it's past 5 pm, I like my dinner promptly at 5.  Mommy loves comments, so don't forget to drop her a note about how cute I am.


  1. The LOVE the betsey johnson jewelry! If I were to sign up for the little black bag I would definitely get as many of her pieces as I could! They are all so cute :)

    Andrea and the Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Andrea! You'd be amazed at how many hits I get in comparison of how many people comment. I have 3 Betsey Johnson items in my bag now at Little Black Bag. They just added some really cute ones: bumble bees, frog and retro gingham with flowers. You might want to check it out. If you need any help trading, just drop me a note, I'll be more than happy to help you with suggestions.


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