Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Black Bag

Here's my 1st Little Black Bag:
Outside of box
Inside of box
#1439 - Betsey Johnson - Cat Drop Earrings
#2104 - Melie Bianco - Foldover Crossbody with Belt
(click on photos to enlarge)
#2104 - Melie Bianco without wrapping
Inside of bag
Betsey Johnson - Cat Drop Earrings

These goodies are from a company called "Little Black Bag".  You chose one item on their website and they chose 2 more items for a total retail value around $130 for only $50.  Then the fun starts, you trade your items in your bag with others for up to 7 days.  Of course, this is optional, but you'll miss the addictive fun trading! You'll see some items being offered for trade that are sold out and weren't on the website when you chose your first item.  You may fall in love with something in someone else's bag and offer them a trade to get it and others will offer you trades.  For instance, I started with earrings that I chose and a cosmetic bag and necklace that they chose for me.  Instantly there were trade offers waiting for me to review.  You either agree to the trade or reject it.  Immediately my cosmetic bag was traded, since I have enough of those already and I liked one of the trade offers.  I traded for a pretty eagle necklace I had not noticed on the website.  The bold modern silver necklace took till the next day to find a good trade, which was a lovely beaded CZ bracelet.  Modern isn't my jewelry style, so I wanted to trade that necklace quick.  I would have been happy with those 3 items and shipped my bag, but I was given the advice to wait out the 7 days.  So then I was offered a really pretty purple handbag with 3D roses on it, I was so thrilled!  Another item I had not noticed on the website.   While the days go by, it's fun to see what others have in their bags and what the ladies are trading.  Then day 7 came along and I looked at the measurements for the earrings I chose and freaked, they were about 1 inch too long, I just prefer earrings 2 1/2" or shorter.  So then it was a mad dash to trade those out before the end of the day when my 7 days of trading was up!  It was exciting and a roller coast ride to see what I could manage to trade within only 7 hours.  I also found out I could get another free item in my bag through, so I had 4 items to trade with.  Well you see what I managed to trade in only 7 short hours above and I'm very happy.  If you divide the $50 in 1/2, the designer handbag (retail $64) and earrings (retail $40) cost me only $25 each!  What a bargain! I would have done better, if I hadn't changed my mind at the very end of trading.  Many ladies come out with more than $130 worth of goodies for only $50.  I highly recommend you look at the measurements in the description box and figure out the longest earrings and biggest or smallest handbag you prefer.  I had been looking at the measurements of the handbags, but forgot about the earrings till the last hours.  Also, if you aren't satisfied in the first 5 days of trading, you can  have that bag deleted.  In addition, they have a money back guarantee.  There are many designer items waiting for you to grab at an incredible bargain. New items are added on Monday, sneak peek on their Facebook page on Sunday. Come trade with me and try Little Black Bag, click here please, so I get a referral credit.  You too can start getting credits after your 1st bag.  Also, be sure to use the coupon "FACEBOOK10" to get 10% off your 1st bag.  Please follow my blog, leave a comment, if you have any questions or comments and have a PEACEful day!


  1. Jealous of your Betsey earrings! :)

  2. Had to give up an item I really liked that cost more to get 'em.


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