Monday, May 23, 2016

Birchbox Review - May 2016

Let's Take This Party Outside, Shall We?

This is my 21st review of a monthly cosmetics subscription box called Birchbox. The one item I chose was the 3-Minute Peel, but I also had the choice of the mystery box or the Naturally Radiant Box. The retail value of this box is $31.33 and I paid $10. $5 of store credit will be added to my account after I review the samples online. In my May box I received the following products:
  1. Real Chemistry - Luminous 3-Minute Peel, .5 fl. oz. $7.50 retail value
  2. Parlor by Jeff Chastain - Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray, 1 fl. oz. $4.89 value
  3. Model Co - Lip Lacquer in Crème Brûlée, .05 fl. oz. $5.33 value
  4. W3LL PEOPLE - Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer in Light, 4 ml $12.16 value
  5. Supergoop! - Everyday SPF 50 with Cellular Response Technology, .34 fl. oz. $1.45 value
I tried the 3-Minute Peel and it smoothed my skin a bit, but three minutes seems like a long time to have to massage it. I was thinking it was a mask that you peel off not a scrub. By "peel" they mean it peels the dead skin off. I find other scrubs work faster and their ingredients are better. So while it worked, I'm not a fan due to the time it takes. It's strange to receive a package that is only half full. The retail price on it says $7.50. That's just a crazy price for only half and ounce of product! I'm very happy to receive a sea salt spray in my box since I love to use them in the summer. I haven't tried this one yet because we are having unseasonably cool weather right now and since you have to have damp hair and let it air dry, I prefer using it in warmer weather. We will be going from the 60's into the 90's in a couple of days so I'll be trying it out this weekend. Oh yuck, yuck, yuck on the Model Co Lip Lacquer. It's the most awful shade, it's the shade of foundation! Who wants their lips to blend into their face and look dead! It also has a greasy feel to it. This is the brand that caused me to cancel Ipsy since it showed up so often and the quality is so low. The concealer they sent me in light is far from light enough for my extremely fair skin, so it's useless for me. It also make my wrinkles look worse, it's horrible and wow is it expensive. I really wish they would stop sending me sunscreen samples since I avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and my foundation already has SPF in it. In conclusion, this box wasn't great and I found it very disappointing. While the retail value is good, the last one was much nicer since it had higher end brands that I enjoy. For me the only exciting product is the sea salt spray. If you are a subscriber, did you like your May box? If not, why haven't you given this $10 monthly subscription box a try?

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