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Target Beauty Box - March 2016

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This is a review of a Target Beauty Box that was available for sale at Target.com on February 29th. It was available for only a couple of hours before it sold out. These boxes are very popular and so far they have all sold out very quickly. Lately they have been offering them monthly, but previously they were only available quarterly. Unfortunately, Target doesn't give anyone notice of when they will be going up for sale, so one has to stalk their website searching "beauty box" around the end of the month to the beginning of each month. It will show up as "sold out" until it goes up for sale in the early morning. They vary in price from $5-$10 and shipping is free. The value of these boxes also varies, Target said this $5 box has a retail value of $17. I came up with a value of $16.27. While this one has one of the lowest retail values, most of the products are ones I wanted to try, so it makes it worth it for me. Check out the two previous boxes I have reviewed here. Their value was in the $30-40 range! They also come with a coupon for $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 at Target.com or in stores. It expires about a month after you receive it, so be sure not to forget to use it before it expires. Included in March box were the following products:
  1. Not Your Mother's - Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, 2 fl. oz., $1.49 retail value
  2. Banana Boat - Sun Comfort SPF 30 Lotion, 1 fl. oz., $1.24 value
  3. You Are Amazing - Juicy Grapefruit Body Lotion, 1 fl. oz., $.49 value
  4. Caress - Adore Forever Body Wash, 1.8 fl. oz., $.53 value
  5. Sinful Colors - Professional Nail Color, .5 fl. oz., $2.02 value
  6. Laneige -Water Sleeping Mask, .6 fl. oz., $6.85 value
  7. Hair Food - Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, foil sample pack, .33 fl. oz. each. $.36 value
  8. Nügg - Anti-aging Face Mask, .33 fl. oz., $3.29 value
I look forward to using the sea salt spray on a weekend when the weather is very warm. I find these work best if you use it on damp hair and you apply quite a bit of it. When I'm done, the bottle's level will go down about an inch. It really requires that much of the product and you need to scrunch your hair a lot to get those beach waves to appear when it dries. I scrunch from the ends up. Those who I have talked to that weren't able to get waves used too little of the product, so keep that in mind. I find I can refresh it the next morning, by dampening my hair with a water spray bottle and then using the product again, but not as much as the first time. Also, if your waves get a bit droopy after several hours you can refresh it by dampening and scrunching again. In addition, if after it dries you notice areas that aren't wavy enough, just dampen and scrunch that area again. You can use an extra wide comb to comb through it, but it's best not to comb or brush it since the waves are delicate. I gave the sunscreen to Hubby who the day before got a bit of a sunburn working outside. I have to beg him to use SPF, he usually doesn't listen. The body lotion has a slight grapefruit smell that is very fresh. I've sampled the Caress Body Wash before in the rose scent and while I found it moisturizing and highly scented, I wasn't crazy about the dark color and the ingredients. Some people have had a bad reaction to this line of body washes, so beware. I prefer paraben and sulfate free washes. I have used the Sinful Colors brand of nail polish before and it's really inexpensive yet a good quality polish. Check out my last Sinful Colors manicure here. It's been quite popular on Pinterest with 333 pins so far. I'm guessing it's due to it's patriotic theme. I highly recommend this brand especially if you are on a tight budget. At only $2 per bottle it's quite the bargain! It would also be good for nail art, if you need several colors for your design. Sleeping masks are a new type of product that I haven't tried yet. I keep forgetting to give this one a try. It's suppose to give you an intense dose of moisture overnight which is especially needed in the winter. They can be quite pricey, so it's nice to get an inexpensive sample. I'm not a fan of foil pack samples because they are hard to open and difficult to use more than once without it spilling out. I usually give those away. I really wanted to try one of the Nügg face masks, but they are quite pricey, so that was the main reason I purchased this box. My favorite products in this box are the sea salt spray and the two face masks.

Did you manage to snag any of the Target Beauty Boxes? What's your opinion of their beauty boxes? Haven't snagged one yet? Time to stalk Target's website early tomorrow morning, if you want one of these boxes for yourself. They also make wonderful gifts! I think that is one reason they sell out so fast, because most people purchase more than one for themselves or multiple gifts. In the past they have been available for sale as early as 5 am to as late as 10 am. So far, if I visited the Target website around 9 am, I managed to get one before they sold out. I hear that you can even use the coupon from the previous box, if you purchase multiples that add up to at least $15. Such a bargain!

Update - they have now listed what will be in the April box, so it should be up any day now, take a look here.

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