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May Way Dumplings Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

113 Reynolda Village
Winston Salem, NC  27106
(336) 782-8773

Exterior View

Interior View (click on photos to enlarge)

Fried Pork Dumplings and Hot & Sour Soup - $3.95 & $2.75

Steam Pork Shao Mai - $3.89

Today we had a lovely adventure to the quaint Reynolda Village shopping center in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In my search for delicious Asian food, I came across May Way Dumplings, so I decided today was the day we would venture out to try their dumplings. If you enter 2201 Reynolda Rd into your GPS, it will take you to the entrance to the shopping center, but then you'll be on the hunt for the tiny restaurant. After entering the shopping center, look for building number 113. Parking is quite limited so be on the lookout for parking spots behind the shops.

We arrived around 2 pm and checked out the menu which is displayed in their window. After deciding what we were going to order, we went inside. There was one couple ahead of us and one quickly arrived after us. There are two small tables outside and two inside with stools and a small bar that seats three. If you are planning on going during the lunch or dinner rush, plan on placing a carry out order since you will probably be unable to find a seat. Since we were there after the lunch rush around 2 pm, we were able to get a table. Hubby ordered us the Fried Pork Dumplings, the Fried Chicken Dumplings and two bowls of Hot & Sour Soup. Their sanitation grade is 96.5% which is very good.

The food is cooked by an Asian which I prefer when it comes to Asian food. Our food was brought to our table about ten minutes later. All three couples were served at the same time. We shared the two types of dumplings to determine which we preferred. We both preferred the pork over the chicken. The Hot & Sour Soup was perfect since it was 27 degrees today and the restaurant was a bit chilly. Wow, their soup is so good! It's not that thick gelatin type which can sometimes be too thick and too gelatinous. Their description is "tofu & egg drop, sea weed & sesame oil". It tasted like it had quite a bit of pepper and they also added green onions on top. It was served hot enough to have to wait just a wee bit before eating, so it wasn't too long of a wait before tasting. It's a large portion and a bargain at only $2.75! The Fried Pork Dumplings are described as "pork, cabbage, leek, ginger, scallion, sesame oil, pepper dip with house soy sauce and hot sauce". They were simply delicious and certainly crave worthy! The Fried Chicken Dumplings are described as "chicken, cabbage, ginger, scallions, sesame oil and pepper dip with house soy sauce and hot sauce". They are very good too, we just prefer the flavor of the pork version. Each order of dumplings is served with the sauce below the dumplings. The menu says there are six dumplings which is what Hubby received, but I received seven while we were there and our carryout order also had seven dumplings. Each serving of dumplings costs $3.95. After we enjoyed the dumplings and soup, we decided to try the Steam Pork Shao Mai and we shared one serving. They were also very tasty. They are described as "pork, black mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, soy sauce, scallion, sesame oil, ginger, pepper dipped with May Way Sauce and optional hot sauce". Both sauces we tried were enjoyable. If you want a light lunch, I recommend one serving of dumplings and some soup. Otherwise I would recommend two servings of the dumplings and soup or some other combination of at least three items.

If you are planning a carry out order, I advise calling in ten minutes in advance of your arrival. Here's their menu to assist you since they currently do not have a website:
  1. Fried Pork Dumplings (6) - $3.95
  2. Fried Chicken Dumplings (6) - $3.95
  3. Hot Steam Pork Bun - $2.50
  4. Hot Veggie Bun - $2.50
  5. Steam Pork Shao Mai (6) - $3.89
  6. Pearl Chicken or glutinous rice dumpling (seasonal) $2.50
  7. Peach Bun (2) - $1.75
  8. Sesame Cold Noodles - $4.15 
  9. MaLa Cold Noodle - $5.95
  10. Sweet & Sour Spicy Cold Noodles - $4.15
  11. Hot & Sour Soup - $2.75
Drinks are bottled soda for $1.50, canned soda for $1, bottled tea for $2, canned tea for $1.50, vitamin water for $2 and hot tea for $1.50. They also have specials, so look for the sign at the register.

We really enjoyed our meal and we left happy and fulfilled and to top that off, it started snowing which is rare delight here in North Carolina. I highly recommend you give May Way a try soon.

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  1. I have lived in Winston most of my life...I really like Vincenzo's, Sweet Potatoes, Chang Thai, and the Village Tavern in Reynolda Village (not the one by the mall). Midtown Cafe is hit or miss, but their desserts are always excellent! Cherries Cafe is good, but pretty pricey for a lunch place. Hope this helps!

  2. I was thinking of giving Chang Thai a try in Clemmons, is that the one you like? I didn't care for the menu at the Village Tavern and it was recently hit by a car, it's so close to the street, eek! We've been meaning to try Sweet Potatoes. Thanks for the suggestions :)

  3. I started reading for the QVC TSVs but love the info on the area. Not only does my sister and family live outside Raleigh but my niece attends Salem College in Winston-Salem (where, btw, she is a genius on full scholarship). Lol, we're a smidge proud of her! I was wondering if you've tried Duck Donuts in Cary? They started on the Outer Banks (in Duck, obviously) but have started franchising. They cook your donuts in front of you and ice to order. I know we're in the Krispy Kreme state but Duck Donuts is a little different and fun. Many thanks for all your work!!!

    1. Sorry for the slow response, April, I just noticed google didn't show me all the comments. That's wonderful she received a full scholarship. Haven't heard of Duck Donuts, been a fan of Krispy Kreme since moving here. I was a Dunkin Donuts fan when we lived elsewhere. Looked it up, ah, they moved into the space that was a yogurt store. Love the Chipotle there. Yeah, they moved in after we moved to WS, so I haven't tried them. Maybe I'll have Hubby bring some back next time he's there on business. Which flavors ones should I get? You're welcome :)


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