Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Christmas Yule Log Video - Time to Destress

Destress by Watching Happy the Cat in Front of a Beautiful Roaring Fire

Happy the Cat & Happy the Dog in Front of a Beautiful Fire

Are you stressed out by all the Christmas shopping, driving, wrapping, baking, cooking, planning, etc? Take a moment out of your busy day to destress and feel peaceful again by watching the above video featuring Happy the cat in front of a beautiful roaring fire. It doesn't have any music. If you prefer Christmas music watch the second one which features Happy the dog along with Happy the cat. Enjoy watching it with a cup of tea or coffee and a cookie! Don't multitask, just enjoy the video with your drink and cookie and nothing else. Well, perhaps your kitty or dog next to you cuddling, but nothing other than that.

They are both three hours long, so either one would be the perfect background in your living room or family room while hosting a party. You can use the YouTube app on your smart tv or on Apple TV to get the video to show up on your tv. You can also stream it from your computer. For a direct link to the cat video click here or the dog & cat video here

In addition, you could watch it while doing some relaxation techniques as simple as resting your body and saying to yourself "relax" and relaxing all the muscles in your body starting at your head and slowing moving down to your toes. After relaxing, say to yourself "release" and see all that stress being released out of your body into the universe. Remember to also concentrate on taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. I find if I list all the stressful things that are bothering me prior to meditation, it will help me concentrate and keep my mind from wandering during meditation. Just remember "rest", "relax" and "release". 

In addition, you have the option of watching the video to wind down before bed. A cup of herbal tea, some hot cider or a glass of wine would be perfect. Again, remember not to multitask! Enjoy your favorite beverage and the video and nothing else.

Another way you can destress is to have Home Chef do the grocery shopping for you and have them deliver the food and recipes right to your doorstep. If you haven't tried out Home Chef yet, grab my $30 coupon and order today, you won't regret it. With my coupon you'll recipe three recipe cards, four servings of dinner and two smoothies for only $19.70 including shipping! Or you could chose something else since there are twelve recipes to chose from each week. The week of the 21st of December they are offering Christmas Ham and Holiday Lemon Cheesecake. Yum! Time to make cooking fun again.

I hope you are enjoying the month of December regardless of all the stress and that these few ideas will assist you in making them a wee bit less stressful. Remember to take time to slow down and enjoy the little things in life that don't cost money. Hug and appreciate your dog, cat, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, children or grandchildren, whomever is near. 

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Have a PEACEful Day!

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