Monday, November 23, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Mystery Bag 2015

Get What Ya Get Bag

When I heard that Fortune Cookie was selling mystery bags of their products for $10 with at least $30 worth of products, I just had to buy one. It was only available for 48 hours. I had a $10 coupon from their quarterly subscription box that I used, so I just had to pay for shipping which was $6.75.

Included in my bag were the following products:
  1. Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats Bath Bomb - $6.99 retail value
  2. Honeymoon in Paradise Fortune Cookie Soap - $3.29 value
  3. Refillable Perfume Atomizer - $5.99
  4. Old Fashioned Family Christmas, Moose Mug Cuticle Butter - $8.95
  5. Lollypop - not shown
I'm a bit disappointed since my total only comes to $25.22 and I've seen what some other customers have received and their totals are closer to $50 or more. I only received four items and so far I've seen everyone else received at least 5. I needed the cuticle butter, so that's the product I'm excited about. I haven't been taking baths lately so I'll just save that for the future when I may get back into it, but for now I prefer showers. I prefer liquid hand soap in a pump, it's just more sanitary, so I won't be using the soap. I don't have any use for the atomizer either. My perfumes already have an atomizer. I was hoping to receive some body butter, oh well.

I stopped subscribing to their subscription box after receiving a cuticle butter than was very grainy. The response I received to the complaint was to heat and stir it. Asking the customer to fix their product on their own is the most absurd thing I have ever heard from a company. The second problem I had was when I ordered the create your own body butter in a previous scent called Marshmallow Dreams. When it arrived it had no scent to it whatsoever, they forgot to add the scented oils to it. I've heard other customers complain that some of the products they received also lacked scent. Customer service said I could return it and referred me to their return policy which stated I couldn't return it since it was custom. That was the last straw for me until the mystery bags and now that was a bust, so I won't be purchasing anything else. It's really a shame since I use to love receiving their subscription box and I like to support small businesses. I think they have expanded their business too quickly or they are rushing out orders too fast, so the quality has gone down. It's a shame they don't take their customer complaints seriously. 

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