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Plated Subscription Box - 10th Delivery

Baked Rye Spaccatelli with Zucchini, Green Beans & Mozzarella Ingredients

Recipe Results

Caesar Steak Lettuce Cups with Lemon Potatoes Ingredients

Recipe Results

Feta Stuffed Lamb Burgers with Cucumber & Mâche Salad Ingredients

Recipe Results

This is a review of the tenth delivery we have received from a subscription box called Plated for $72 per week. Interesting stats Plated has listed on their website for me: I have ordered 62 plates and used 381 unique ingredients so far. My favorite recipe this week was the Baked Rye Spaccatelli followed by the Feta Stuff Lamb Burgers and lastly the Caesar Steak Lettuce Cups. We enjoyed all three recipes this week!

Baked Rye Spaccatelli with Zucchini, Green Beans & Mozzarella

This is the first recipe we made since I was really excited to try the pasta made with rye flour. This recipe was really tasty comfort food! At first I thought there wasn't enough cheese to make this recipe, but it turned out to be the perfect amount. This dish didn't have any spices added to it, so that was our only complaint. The cheese sauce was really easy to make and so delicious. Having zucchini and green beans with pasta was different for us, so it was a delicious and healthy change. I'm going to try and skip white flour pasta from now on, this dish proved to me that it doesn't have to be white flour pasta to be tasty. It was a generous portion of food and they sent us high quality ingredients which I really appreciate. It took about thirty minutes to make and had 620 calories which is much lower in calories than most mac & cheese recipes! Bravo, Plated!

Caesar Steak Lettuce Cups with Lemon Potatoes

This was a very enjoyable dish that took about forty minutes to make and had 540 calories. Some bites of the steak were a bit tough, but the dressing was really good and the lemon potatoes were surprising delicious. The redskin potatoes were simply boiled for ten minutes and tossed with parsley, lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper. Very easy to make and yet a wonderful combination of flavors. The caesar dressing was made of garlic paste, anchovy paste, mayo, pecorino cheese, the juice of one lemon and salt and pepper.  I had a difficult time making the garlic paste. Hubby felt that the dressing had too much lemon and the consistency was too thin. He orders caesar salad a lot so he's able to judge it unlike myself. The lettuce was really hard to clean since it was so dirty. I don't see lettuce at our grocery stores that is anywhere as dirty as this lettuce was, it was a big disappointment since this subscription box is more expensive than the competition. Hubby was really irritated by the filthy lettuce. 

Feta Stuffed Lamb Burgers with Cucumber & Mâche Salad

We put off making this dish since Hubby was sick and I didn't feel like cooking. We love lamb and have it on a regular basis, so normally we make the lamb dishes first since we are most excited about those recipes. The oregano, mint and scallion were missing from our box, so that was another reason we put off making it since we had to make a special trip to the grocery store to pick those up. That was really disappointing and the $12 credit for the missing ingredients doesn't motivate me to order another box, since I don't want to make another trip to the grocery store! It's one thing when the produce goes bad during shipping, but it's worse when they forget to even put in the in the box. We really enjoyed the burgers, but I think a different type of cheese would have been better to stuff the burgers with, since the feta cheese didn't have much flavor.  Maybe havarti or gouda cheese would have been better. Hubby complained that the bun was of a low quality and falling apart. You can see in the pic above that the top was already coming apart before we even started eating. The side salad was just ok, the mâche didn't change the flavor at all. It was sent with it's soil, which was weird. The recipe's photo showed a larger quantity of mâche than we received, so maybe if we had more of it we could have tasted it. This dish took about forty minutes to make and had 720 calories.

Well there you have it, my review of our tenth Plated box. I'm not planning on ordering another Plated box anytime soon, since I don't see anything on the menu that I want to order. We did receive a $12 credit for the missing herbs, but it will be awhile before I redeem that. I just find Plated has fancier recipes than we'd like, at first that was fun but now we just want common ingredients that we love and easier recipes that don't look so intimidating. So we've been ordering from Home Chef the most. Check out my reviews of Plated's competition: Home Chef, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron before you leave. Which of the four subscription boxes do you like the most?

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