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Blue Apron Subscription Box - 10th Delivery

Ingredients for Dukkah Spiced Salmon with Spring Vegetable & Oyster Mushroom Ragout 

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Laotian Larb Gai with Sticky Rice, Peanuts & Mint

Recipe Results 

Ingredients for Sirloin Tip Steaks with New Potatoes, Asparagus & Radish Hash

No Recipe Results (steak & asparagus went bad)

This is the tenth box we have received from Blue Apron which costs $59.94 per week. This was a disappointing week since the steak went bad three days prior to it's expiration. Also, the asparagus arrived with the tips soggy with green goo coming off of them. Needless to say we are taking a break from this subscription box due to this issue and the constant repetition of vegetables.

Dukkah Spiced Salmon with Spring Vegetable & Oyster Mushroom Ragout 

This dish was ok, but it included fennel yet again. We are so sick of fennel. The oyster mushrooms were really interesting but the instructions had us cook them way too long and they shrunk and lost their texture and flavor as a result. The celeriac was interesting also. It's apparently the root of celery and so it smells just like celery. The lemon we received was too small and we received a chambray onion as a substitute for the green garlic but no instructions on how to prepare it. We have had similar recipes and this was the least enjoyable which was surprising since it was written by an Executive Chef and owner of a restaurant in San Francisco. It reminded me of another Blue Apron dish: Roasted Salmon, Fennel & Castelvetrano Olives with Cara Cara Orange and Farro & Salsa Verde and Hello Fresh's Oven Roasted Salmon with Avocado, Tangelo & Quinoa Salad. Those were far superior!

Laotian Larb Gai with Sticky Rice, Peanuts & Mint

This dish was very enjoyable, our favorite dish of the week and the sushi rice was awesome. The lime was very dry and the cabbage was very dirty on the outside layer. I had to skip the cabbage since it's causes stomach issues for people with IBS. Ever since Plated's Kimchi Slaw caused an IBS attack, I've had to limit what I eat until it stops acting up. It's been a slow recovery even with prescription medication. That's one reason I'm skipping the next four weeks of recipes due to too many IBS trigger foods. Also, I really wish they would stop repeating vegetables, it's so boring!

Sirloin Tip Steaks with New Potatoes, Asparagus & Radish Hash

We did not cook this recipe due to the steak going bad as a result of poor shipping packaging. It was so very disappointing that the steak turned brown and went bad three days prior to the expiration date! One of the reasons I order these subscription boxes is so that there isn't any waste since I can't stand to throw food away. This box had been packaged with ice packs only on top of the meat with the meat laying on the bottom of the box. It only arrives in edible condition if they put the ice packs both under and over the meat since we are already having hot weather here in the south. The asparagus was bad the day it arrived with the tips soggy and they were putting out a green goo, yuck! I could smell them the minute I opened the box even though they were in their own sealed plastic bag. While they gave me a store credit, I'm still discouraged from ordering due to the shipping issues and the repeating of vegetables and pickling. I think a refund would have been more appropriate since it will be awhile before I order again.

It looks like the next time we may order another box is June 12th, but they are still repeating radishes which I hate and the recipe calls for pickling the onion and jalapeño which will cause me stomach pain, so I would have to skip the pickling process. I'm not the only one complaining about them repeating vegetables, while they claim they are listening to their customers, sadly nothing has changed.

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