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Plated Subscription Box Review - Part 14, 15 & 16

Ingredients for Shepard's Pie with Ground Beef & Vegetables

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies

Recipe Results (left pie is right side up and pie on right is bottom up)

Ingredients for Braised Chicken with Gnocchi & Artichokes

Recipe Results

This is the fifth Plated box we have received so far. I chose two dinners and one dessert instead of three dinners this time. The other meat dish I didn't care for and I'm not going to order their seafood anymore since they don't properly ship it. They were all delicious, but the Chicken with Gnocchi was our favorite.

Shepard's Pie with Ground Beef & Vegetables

One of my favorite dishes my Mum made for me when I was little was Shepard's Pie. She would use foil and shape it like little boats which held the cooked ground beef, then slices of fresh tomatoes and mashed potatoes on top which she would then bake. So very delicious! This recipe included parsnips which made me nervous because I usually don't like that vegetable but I'm happy to report they were very good in this dish. Shepard's Pie is a great comfort food and we really enjoyed this version so much so that it's worth repeating. When we make it again, we are considering adding some garlic and peas with some shredded cheese on top and more quantity of mashed potatoes. So very yummy & comforting, just thinking of it is making me hungry.

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies

After the first Plated dessert recipe that we tried, I was nervous to try another since the last one was so awful. Thankfully, this one turned out yummy. It was easy to make and had the perfect portion size. Normally when I bake goodies we eat way more than we should, so this keep us from being little piggies. The changes I would make are to use Kerrygold Irish butter and Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips instead. I like to use the highest quality ingredients when I bake. It really makes a difference in the taste. I don't normally add salt on top, but I really enjoyed it in this recipe and I will be purchasing the English Maldon salt from Amazon soon. I was so happy they included this high quality ingredient since Blue Apron had recommended it and I really wanted to sample it to see if it was worth purchasing. These pies make for a very delicious dessert and it was the perfect portion.

Braised Chicken with Gnocchi & Artichokes

Oh my, this dish was so incredibly delicious and I'm not a fan of artichokes unlike my husband who loves them. Hubby was totally in love with the dish and was sad when he reached the bottom of the bowl. We will have to make this dish again soon if we can find the fresh gnocchi somewhere local. I would have liked a bit more chicken in it, but otherwise it was perfect. I would definitely resist the temptation to substitute chicken breasts in this dish since the thighs and drumsticks have more flavor. You must try this recipe, oh so yummy!

Check out the other Plated dishes we cooked:

We received the following dishes this week, I'll be reviewing them soon:

Shakshuka with Green Garlic Pesto
Peruvian Lomo Saltado Stir Fry with Potatoes
Tomato Braised Tunisian Chicken

We will be skipping the following week since I didn't like any of the meat dishes other than the seafood and that dish I have to skip due their shipping issues with seafood.  The following week after that we will be purchasing the following to arrive on April 8th:

Pork & Chive Burgers with Sriracha Aioli & Kimchi Slaw
Cheesy Beef Enchilladas with Avocado, Spinach & Black Beans
Chicken Tikka Masala

The following week I plan to purchase these dishes for delivery on April 15th:

Chicken Souvlaki with Spinach Feta Rice
Roast Beef Spiced Steak & Salad with Horseradish Dressing
Mustard Roasted Pork with Spring Pea Salad & Crispy Shallots

You can chose and order up to four weeks worth of deliveries at a time but I found out they charge you at the time you order. So now I wait till it gets closer to shipping time to order my shipments. You don't want to wait too long though because some of the dishes sell out. I wish they would charge us at the time of shipping instead.

I also reviewed Blue Apron & Hello Fresh which are similar food subscription boxes. So check those out before you leave and don't forget to enter my Blue Apron Giveaway & get your Free Graze Box. What do you think of our recipe results? 

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