Friday, March 13, 2015

Blue Apron Food Subscription Box Review - Part 5

Ingredients for Italian Wedding Soup

Recipe Results

This is a review of a food subscription box called Blue Apron. This is the fifth recipe we have tried and it's from our second shipment. We have never tried cooking with sara pasta before so this is an exciting recipe for us to try. Hubby makes a wonderful soup with kale, potatoes and sausage that is so delicious, one cold winter day we chose to eat nothing but that soup! There is nothing like fresh homemade soup. Canned soup just isn't as good. Yep, this dish was as we expected, not up to our standards. It was very bland and in need of some spice! We added some crushed red pepper after we started eating, but it was too late. A really good soup is simmered for hours with spices. It would have been so much better with some Italian spicy sausage instead of ground chicken and kale instead of spinach. A dash of heavy cream would have help liven up the chicken broth base also. The parmesan cheese was lost in the sea of bland and was of no help. Hubby & I ate it so it didn't go to waste, but it just made us dream of his perfect soup that this soup could never dream of competing with. Another disappointment, so I'm going to skip a week or so in the future if I'm not so sure about the recipes those weeks. That's what's so great about Plated, you have so many more choices so odds are you are more likely to enjoy the recipes. I'm just going to order more from Plated the weeks that Blue Apron doesn't entice me or go to the dreaded grocery store and pick up the ingredients on my own and make a previous made recipe again.

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Our third box from Blue Apron will feature the following recipes:

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I also reviewed Plated & Hello Fresh subscription boxes. Have you tried one of these food subscription boxes or are you thinking about trying one? What's your opinion of them?

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