Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bath & Body Works Haul - March 2014

Strawberry Sorbet, French Lavender, The Sunshine State & Hawaiian Hibiscus

Pictured above is my latest online haul from Bath & Body Works. All four scents are first time purchases and are from The Sweet Shop, Provence, Destinations & Aloha Hawaii collections. Even though I prefer the 3-wick candles, I just had to purchase something from the Provence line since I was so anxious to try it out and not willing to wait. The French Lavender candle smells just like lavender essential oil when not burning and has just a hint of vanilla when burning. The mason jars don't put out a lot of fragrance and since I burn my candles in my large living room with two story ceilings, I will be purchasing only the 3-wicks in the future. The Strawberry Sorbet candle smells delicious and has an authentic strawberry smell. It reminds me of fresh strawberries and cream, yummy! That one is worth repurchasing for sure. The Sunshine State candle smells like a yummy orange creamsicle when not burning. When it's burning the pineapple and tangerine scents come out. It's delightful! I enjoyed that one last night showcased in my Slatkin & Co Pineapple Ceramic Luminary while taking a jacuzzi bath which can be seen on my Instagram. The Hawaiian Hibiscus candle reminds me of a perfume I have tried before, but I can't remember which one. It's has a nice light floral scent when burning. I'm most excited about The Sunshine State candle and I plan to purchase a few more when they go on sale again. I haven't been able to find them in local stores, so I'll make sure I add some to my next online order. I look forward to trying out the French Lavender candle in the 3-wick version. I purchased these candles with the coupon "FRESH30" and received $10 off and free shipping over $30. Since the 3-wicks were on sale two for $22, they landed up costing me only $8.58 per candle with the coupon! The mason jar cost me $9.76.  Plus, I received $1.06 cash back from Mr. Rebates.  Bargain!  What's your current favorite Bath & Body Works fragrance?

Since this is one of my favorite stores to shop at & I'm a Bath & Body Works Insider, I have many hauls featured on this blog. Take a look at some of my other hauls:

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