Tuesday, December 3, 2013

World Market Haul

Lots of British Goodies!

Fail, World Market, Fail!

I placed an online order with World Market on Black Friday and received it on Tuesday.  While the shipping was fast, unfortunately, the three items that I wanted most were all damaged.  The Downton Abbey Teapot, you can see in the photo above, was broken into pieces during shipping.  Sadly, only the lid was wrapped in bubble wrap, the rest was only wrapped in paper.  There was no way it was going to arrive in one piece the way they packed it! The Downton Abbey tea tins were also crushed, one so much so that the lid popped off.  I found customer service seriously lacking when I called to inform them of the damage.  My name, address nor my order number were confirmed and he refused to when I requested.  He could have had anyone's order up, accuracy in customer service is job one. He said that he would resend the damaged items, but couldn't tell me if they were in stock! He also said it would take 3-5 business days just to receive an email confirmation of the replacement order.  Since I was dissatisfied with the phone rep, I later sent an email to make sure that they were working on my order and not someone else's. Also, I didn't want to wait 3-5 days for confirmation!  I looked online and in fact they are out of stock and can not be replaced since they are limited editions!  Later I received an email response and it was simply "we have refunded you for the damaged items".  You would think that a company that sells fragile items would keep a few in storage as replacements instead of selling them all and not being concerned about the customers who will be receiving damaged ones.  That reminds me, there were no "fragile" stickers anywhere on the boxes!  I've done a lot of online ordering over the years and this is the worst packing I've seen.  The other box had everything simply thrown in the box with no wrapping except the two jams which were wrapped in paper.  Everything else was unsecured and unprotected.  So needless to say, I will not be ordering from them again.  If they had a better response to my call and email, then I would have given them another chance.  On to the good stuff, the items I ordered as shown above are:
  1. Alaea - Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, from Hawaii
  2. Cadbury - Drinking Chocolate, made in the UK
  3. Nestle - Quality Street Chocolates in a tin, made in the UK
  4. Cadbury - Digestive Cookies with milk chocolate coating, made in the UK
  5. McVites - Classic Chocolate Collection of milk chocolate biscuits in a tin, made in the UK & Belgium
  6. Mackays - Scottish Three Berry Preserve, made in Scotland
  7. Mackays - Strawberry Preserve with Champagne, made in Scotland
  8. Carr's - Rosemary Crackers, made in Canada originally in the UK
  9. The Republic of Tea - Downton Estate Blend Tea, made in the USA
  10. World Market - Printed Gift Tissue featuring Scotties, made in Korea
  11. Coleman's - Lamb Hotpot Recipe Mix, made in the UK
Since I was raised by British parents, I enjoy lots of British food!  It's not easy to find them in The States, so I'm always very excited to find products that I grew up on. I highly recommend any of the British products above, they are delicious and make for wonderful treats and gifts! I am very sad to hear that they have stopped carrying the Crunchie & Flaky bars from the UK.  Those are two of my favorite candy bars!  If you know of a place that sells them in the US, please comment below!  I have found some British food in Whole Foods and Harris Teeter carries some flavors of the Mackays preserves. What are your favorite foods & treats from other countries?

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