Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love with Food - September 2013

This is a monthly subscription service from a company called Love with Food for $10 plus $2 shipping per month. The snacks in this month's box were chosen by Chef Ming Tsai and he chosen only gluten free snacks.  Included in the September shipment were the following snacks:
  1. Good Boy Organics - Organicasaurus baked organic corn snack
  2. Bare Fruit - 100% Natural Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips
  3. YumEarth Organics - organic fruit snacks
  4. Betty Lou's - all natural & gluten free blueberry fruit bar
  5. Cosmos Creations - cinnamon crunch 
  6. Wild Garden - hummus dip
  7. Milas Foods - roasted pepper & artichoke bruschetta
  8. Millies Savory Teas - sipping broth teas
  9. Licious Organics - cherry berry raw cookie
Hubby decided to try the corn snack first.  He says it tastes just like a sugary cereal he use to eat as a child. Next he tried the blueberry fruit bar and he says it's very similar to Fig Newtons.  He really like it a lot.  Next in the taste test was the hummus dip.  Hubby liked it, but didn't find it any different than his current brand.  We both tried the fruit snacks and we agreed some flavors were good and others not so good.  They tasted very sugary, a bit too sweet for me.  My dog, Leo who samples a little bit of most foods I eat, rejected it.  There are very few foods he will reject!  We look forward to trying the bruschetta, but will have to wait until we purchase bread to put it on.  I'm a bit confused about the teas, I've never heard of sipping broth teas.  I need to look into what that is all about.  John also liked the cinnamon crunch.  I'm not all the crazy about and tried it in a previous box. I didn't care for the apple chips.  I ate a couple and threw out the rest.  I'd prefer a fresh apple. We really enjoy this subscription, but find it difficult to find the products they feature in stores.  To get your own box for $5 off, use coupon code "FBFRIEND" and click here.  

Check out what we received in previous boxes:  

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