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Little Black Bag - August 2013

Hello Kitty Face Wallet

Deux Lux Sahara Messenger

Betsey Johnson Animal Fade Wayfarer Sunglasses

Welcome to the world of Little Black Bag!  This is the story of my latest trading experience on their shopping website.  Simply put, you purchase one item on their website at a discount and for an extra charge that is usually around $10, they add two more items to your bag.  Then you're off to trade with other shoppers for seven days.

Starting Bag:
  1. Deux Lux Sahara Messenger, $110 retail value
  2. Robert Rose Geometric Drop Earrings, $16 value
  3. Meta Traders Braid Bracelet, $24 value
  4. Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask, free deluxe sample
I chose to open my bag with the Deux Lux Sahara Messenger Bag for $65.90 including shipping. I started out trading the $16 Robert Rose Geometric Drop Earrings for the $18 1st Aid Beauty Dual Repair Eye Cream.  That increased my bag value $2.  Then I traded the $18 cream for the $20 Carol Dauplaise Pull Through Circle Drop Earrings, increasing the value another $2.  Then I traded those $20 earrings for the $24 Rain Filigree Earrings increasing it another $4.  Those earrings wouldn't trade well, so I traded down $1 to the $23 Michael Marcus Eye Shadow.  That wasn't trading well either, so I traded down again $1 to the $22 Catherine Stein Designs Circle Stud Earrings.  Then I managed to trade up again $2 to the $24 Mata Traders Braided Bracelet which I knew was trading well.  Trading for the 3rd item in my bag went as follows:  I traded up $1 for the $25 Catherine Stein Designs Spiral Earrings.  They were trading well and I had my eye on the hair ties, so I traded down $1 for the Jolie Crystal Hair Ties.  Then I traded up $2 with both the $24 Jolie Hair Ties and the $24 Mata Traders Braided Bracelet for the $50 Betsey Johnson Animal Fade Wayfarer Sunglasses.  I added the Hello Kitty Face Wallet to my bag for $25.95 since I didn't want to open another bag.  It was less expensive than any other store.

Finished Bag:
  1. Deux Lux Sahara Messenger, $110 retail value
  2. Betsey Johnson Animal Fade Wayfarer Sunglasses, $50 value
  3. Hello Kitty Face Wallet, $45 value
  4. Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask, free deluxe sample

Starting bag had a retail of $150 and I finished with a bag worth $160 (not including the free sample), before adding the Hello Kitty Face Wallet.  While I found trading frustrating at first, I managed to only pay $10 extra for the $50 sunglasses.  I had seen and tried on those sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack just a few days prior and they were around $35.  When I average out the three items I bought, it calculated to $30.61 for each item which is a good value.  Not nearly as large of a savings as I have had in previous bags, but I really wanted that elephant bag so much. The trade offers were incredible on that one, but I couldn't trade it!  When my box arrived, I was very pleased with every item.  I have worn the elephant bag many times and love it so much!  It reminds me of something you would find while on vacation that you just couldn't pass up because it is so unique.  The quality is very good and it couldn't be prettier!  I highly recommend Little Black Bag, just remember it's highly addictive!  I explain how Little Black Bag works in greater detail in previous posts, so be sure to check them out, links below.

Have you tried out Little Black Bag? If so, comment below about your experience! If not, what are you waiting for!  Click here for 25% off your first bag!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll answer any questions you have about your 1st bag. 

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