Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FACE Stockholm Holographic Nail Polish Haul

Bottles of Aphrodite, Thea & Aura

Swatches of Aphrodite, Thea & Aura (in the sunlight)

This is a nail polish haul from a company called FACE Stockholm.  They started in Sweden, but now have stores in the US.  I purchased the above nail polishes for only $23.75 including shipping, the retail value being $48 plus shipping.  I bought a $50 Gilt gift certificate for $25 and used a coupon for 20% off that, lowering it to $20.  I shopped through Mr. Rebates for an additional $1.25 off, lowering it to $18.75.  Add $7 shipping and I had a balance of $5.  Included in this haul were the following nail polishes:
  1. Aphrodite - light pink holographic nail polish, $16 retail value
  2. Thea - light mint green holographic nail polish, $16 retail value
  3. Aura - light purple holographic nail polish, $16 retail value
They are very easy to apply unlike most holographic polishes that are streaky and require a long dry time between coats.  I used two coats on the swatches above. These polishes are also the most reflective of all the holographic polishes I have tried. Sometimes the top coat will reduce the reflection of holographic polishes, but these have the same amount of reflection after I applied one coat of Seche Vite.  I'm very impressed with these polishes.  One complaint would be that there is very little difference in color between the pink and purple one. I was really anxious to get my hands on some Swedish polish since I have Swedish heritage.  So my second complaint is they are actually made in the US!

This was my first order with Gilt and I was disappointed that the referral link that I used didn't take 25% off my order.  I had to make several email complaints before I received a discount which was only 20%.  I was told since I signed up a year prior even though I never made a purchase that I wasn't eligible for the discount.  I also ran into an issue with the FACE Stockholm website, the apply button for gift certificates would not work.  I called to find out that they knew about the problem and was instructed to go ahead and order at full price and call back for a refund of the gift certificate amount.  After shock at what I was told, I later called back to order by phone.  I was told since the other office was closed that my order wouldn't be placed until the next day.  I waited for an email confirmation and received none.  I sent an email and finally received a response in the afternoon confirming my order.  I later noticed that they overcharged me $2 and sent off another email.  They stated that I couldn't use my gift card for shipping, yet the rep I spoke to while placing my order said I could.  It was an incredibly frustrating experience to say the very least.  There is no excuse for not making sure that gift cards could be applied to orders on their website before advertising on Gilt.  If you dare to try out Gilt, here's a 25% off link here.

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