Thursday, April 11, 2013

OPI's Which is Witch Over I Theodora You Manicure

From OPI's Oz The Great & Powerful Collection

Photo taken in sunlight

I purchased several of the OPI polishes from the Oz The Great & Powerful Collection from Cut & Blow at a discount.  You can see that haul here.  After looking at the collection I decided that I would try I Theodora You under Which is Witch.  I Theodora You is a sheer, pretty pink polish and since I do not like being able to see my nail under polish I used four coats.  You could probably go with just three coats, I just wanted to make sure I couldn't see my nail through the polish.  If you use only one or two coats, you will definitely see your nail underneath.  I tried layering the two polishes twice, but it didn't look very good to me.  It only takes one heavy coat or two light coats of Which is Witch.  I Theodora You is thinner than I prefer and loves to float towards your cuticles.  Which is Witch is a bit difficult to work with when trying to get the glitter to stay near the cuticles. When you drag your brush towards the ends it moves the glitter quite a bit.  I had to dab a little extra near the cuticles using as little brushing action as possible and then I still didn't have it to my perfectionist standards.  I applied one coat of Seche Vite as a top coat and a chip on my thumb only occurred after a week.  The glitter pieces are holographic as you can see in the bottle's photo above.  They reflect all the colors of the rainbow and have hexagon and bar glitter pieces.  The pink color, I Theodora You, would be perfect for a wedding.  These two polishes together remind me of the good witch's pink dress in the movie The Wizard of Oz.  

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