Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Goodies Co Taster's Box - February 2013

February's Goodies Box

This is a new box I recently found out about and waited on the wait list for six weeks to become a subscriber!  It was worth the wait because John (my hubby) & I really enjoyed the goodies in this box.  Goodies is a good name for it!  I just love samples because I rarely buy a new product due to the fear of taking one taste, hating it and having to throw the rest out.  Ask my husband, I can't throw food out, I leave that to him.  It gives me great guilt to toss food in the trash, and much easier when it's a small sample!  We tasted the samples in the box faster than any other food sample box so far.  In this box were the following:
  1. J & D's Cheddar Bacon Pop - cheddar & bacon flavored popcorn in a microwavable bag
  2. Plentils - lentil chips in the margherita pizza flavor
  3. Peanut Butter & Co - dark chocolate dreams flavor (2 packets)
  4. Chips Ahoy! - chocolate chip cookies with Reeses peanut butter cups
  5. SnackWell's - yogurt pretzels 100 calorie pack
  6. Wana Lai - fruit & nut bar (not in picture)
I opened the bag of Chips Ahoy first since I had just seen someone else on Facebook post a picture of it and was really anxious to taste it!  Hubby wasn't that crazy about it, but I enjoyed it.  Due to the high calories, it isn't something I would purchase unless I could purchase it in a single serving pack.  Second, we tried the Plentils since we had them before in the plain flavor in another food box and really enjoyed them and purchased a full size bag.  The flavor was pretty good.  They are really crunchy and great for that crunchy craving you get and ok to eat on a low fat & or low calorie diet.  Third, I tried the yogurt pretzels and they were pretty good too.  Be careful though the yogurt falls off a bit and melts quickly on your clothes since it's so thin.  Forth, since my husband loves bacon more than I do, he quickly grabbed that bag of popcorn and popped it in our microwave.  He was instantly in love with the flavor!  I gave it a try because of his reaction and was surprised at how good it tasted. Not something I would eat on a regular basis, but it sure would be a nice change every once and awhile and hubby would eat it on a regular basis for sure.  The Wana Lai bar was missing from the box and I just received the replacement today along with two other samples and a note pad.  It was tasty, but if you don't like dates you probably wouldn't like it.  I am anxious to receive the March box!  This subscription service charges customers $7 between the 1st-5th of the month and the box is shipped the 2nd Friday and continues shipping for ten days thereafter.  I highly recommend this box!  Be sure to get on the wait list as soon as possible, if you want to subscribe.  What's your favorite food subscription box?  

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