Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review of Wheat Free Cake Mix by Puppy Cake

Red Velvet Cup Cakes for Dogs

I received this box of cake mix in December's Barkbox.  I love healthy treats for my dogs and they are hard to find.  One of my four dogs, Harvey can not tolerate any products with any wheat in them and my other three turn their nose at them.  So I'm always coming up with recipes on my own to accommodate them.  I was happy to see this in the latest Barkbox and anxious to give it a try.  

It's a very easy, quick recipe to make.  You only need a fork to mix this. I used a Le Creuset baking tray made out of silicon.  Ingredients in the cake mix are rice flour, evaporated can juice (for sweetness), beet powder (for coloring), baking powder and salt.  The frosting is unflavored yogurt.  You only need in addition to the box of ingredients: 1 egg, 3/4 cup water, and 3 tbsp vegetable oil for the cake mix and only 2 tbsp water (recommend filtered).  It bakes at 350ΒΊ F for 18-22 minutes.  Since I only made six cup cakes instead of eight, I had to cook it a few minutes longer.  I refrigerated my frosting while the cup cakes were cooking,  so I didn't have to wait for the cup cakes to cool completely before frosting.  The frosting takes awhile to dry and that is the effect you want, it should dry out.  That makes them less messy when serving to your furry friends, you don't want frosting in their hair!  Here's my doggies taking their first bites:

Leo, Harvey & Teddy  

My four dogs shared one cup cake.  I cut it into eight pieces.  Isabella ran off with hers, while Leo & Harvey wanted theirs cut up into even smaller pieces.  Isabella, Teddy & Harvey approved and Leo spit his out and didn't try it again.  Teddy quickly gobbled up Leo's portion also.  This was a lot of fun for my dogs except Leo.  But don't worry about him, I had made carrot cookies also that day.

As far as nutrition goes, I would have liked to see something other than rice flour.  Some apple sauce or vegetables would have improved it for me.  So this is something I would serve my four dogs only occasionally and certainly would be perfect for their birthdays!  I'll stick with my cookie recipes for daily treats which I make weekly.  You can find links to my dog cookie recipes below:

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