Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bath & Body Works 3rd Fall Haul

Happy Thanksgiving

Ceramic turkey figural that holds a 14.5 oz 3 wick candle  

 Black nickel candle sleeves that hold 4 oz & 14.5 oz candles

I finally found a ceramic Slatkin figural, a turkey! He's so cute! Normally there are many figural candles and candle holders, but the last couple of years there have been few.  I found it difficult to find since I was searching for "figural" online and they changed the names this year to "luminary".  I didn't see these in the stores, did you? I also purchased their upgraded candle sleeves.  These are nice thick metal sleeves instead of the typical thin ones that look cheap to me.  I prefer to hide the candles in ceramic or metal holders.  The labels are ok, but I just find my coffee table looks less messy if they are in decorative holders instead.  The theme in my house is nature such as leaves and fall colors, so I really stock up when the fall season comes around.   When I saw the leaves on these candle holders, I had to have them.

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As always I searched for coupons and went through Mr. Rebates before placing my online order. Ebates is offering $10 back, if you spend $50 by December 15th!  I prefer Mr. Rebates since they offer monthly checks, but I will be using Ebates for the extra $10.  For this order I used a $10 off coupon with free shipping. The idea of searching store to store for these items wasn't worth my time or energy, so I shop mostly online.

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