Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bath & Body Works 2nd Fall Haul

B&BW Fall Haul

Retro collection - Vanilla Bean Noel, Merry Cookie, Toffee Crunch, Cinnamon Frosting, Peppermint Mocha, Winter Candy Apple, & Slatkin - Evergreen, Holiday & Sparkling Icicles  

Wallflower 2-pack refills - Gingerbread, Winter & Twisted Peppermint, plus Sweet on Paris Shower Gel

Yep, two Bath & Body Works hauls in the fall!  How can I resist the 2 candles for $20 sale for 50% off!  I rarely shop this store between January & August.  As soon as the fall & winter candles are available for sale at a discount, my hauls begin.  I find this store is only exciting in the fall & winter and prefer those scents over any of the spring & summer ones.  So yeah, it may seem like I'm buying a lot, but I'm stocking up since I only really get excited by their fall & winter collections.  I really wish they would sell some of these scents year round and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.  I checked out their nostalgic scented candles in the store when they weren't on sale and determined which ones I would purchase online as soon as they went on sale.  The retro collection is really cute and on the lids there is a recipe!  They are really yummy scents and I prefer candles that smell like food rather than flowers or perfume.  You can't go wrong with any of the scents in the nostalgic collection.  Just type in "nostalgic" in the search box to see them all.  Now they also have the gingerbread one which wasn't in stock during the sale, that one is heavenly.  Evergreen is a lovely Christmas tree type of scent. Holiday smells retro to me also.  It smells just like a tall red cinnamon candle from the 70's!  If you were around then, you'll recognize that scent immediately, love it!  Sparkling icicles is hard to describe, not my usual choice, but I fancied it.  Anything with bergamot I tend to gravitate to.  Even though it's not a food scent, I like it as a bit of a change.

If you like Wallflowers, you really need to consider the 2-packs, which are only available online.  They are the best value.  I purchased them on sale, so each one was around $6, which makes each refill around $3.  That's a good value, since those cheap ones in the grocery store are priced around $3 and they simply don't smell half as good as the B&BW ones.  I also picked up another Sweet on Paris shower gel since it was on sale, well in fact I had a coupon that gave it to me free.  Speaking of coupons, make sure you visit or subscribe to their emails to get coupons.  Also, visit Mr. Rebates prior to your online purchase for cash back.  I'm sad that there are no figural candles this holiday season, guess it's because of the recession and customers are buying less.

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