Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Prettiest Nail Polish Bottles - NFU From France

Aren't these the prettiest nail polish bottles you have ever seen?

(click on photos to enlarge)

This past year I have been visiting blogs and youTube videos about nails, manicures, tutorials, polishes, etc.  If you looked in my cabinet and looked at the brands of polishes I had a year ago, you would have seen mostly OPI. Boring! So after learning about other polish brands, I decided to try some different ones!  Wow, there is a lot of different polishes out there!  There are even ladies who make their own polish! Did you know that? How creatively crazy is that!  They are called Indy Polishes.  Wow, I'm impressed!  So anyway, I found out about this brand called NFU from France and decided I had to get my hands on that polish since the container is so artistic. Why aren't all polishes in fancy bottles?!?  I found out this brand can be really expensive, since it's not sold in stores in the US.  Thankfully, the blogs helped me out again and I learned of a store that sells them for less called Fabulous Street.  They are only $12.50 each there, everywhere else they are double that or more!  Around $8-10 is my max price for polish, but these are from France, so I can justify the added expense.  These are holographic polishes, which reflect the light like no other polish can.  They are even prettier in the sunlight.  I will show you photos of these polishes on my nails soon with an update to this post soon.  What unique polish have you purchased lately?

I broke one of my rules and forgot to get on their email list before I placed an order and sure enough as soon as I placed my order and then got on their mailing list there was a coupon waiting for me!  Always get on a company's email list before you place your first order!  Many companies will send you a unique coupon code for your first purchase.  You will not find these coupons anywhere else.  So make sure you don't forget like I did.  In addition, always check retailmenot.com and Mr. Rebates for savings before you place any online order!  Save $, check first!

Update - see the blue polish on my nails here.

Thanks for reading and Have a PEACEful Day!

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