Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Black Bag - August 2012

Little Black Bag - 6th Shipment

Screen Shot - Trading Ended:

Peek inside box:

 Contents of box:

 Unwrapped contents of box:
1st item - Betsey Johnson Wild Roses Wristlet, front side of bag

 Backside of bag:

 2nd item - Betsey Johnson Gingham Pearl Earrings

 3rd item - Betsey Johnson Gingham Pearl & Flower Earrings

This is my 6th shipment from Little Black Bag in only two months!  Well I returned one, so it's really only five.  So it's time for me to slow down and stop buying for a bit.  Luckily, I'm seeing less products in the gallery and I've already snagged the ones that I liked the most.  I skipped my August bag!  Good for me!  Can I hold out till September?  The last couple of bags I've purchased have contained all Betsey Johnson products.  I'm really into her stuff lately!  So in this bag, I received the following:
  1. Betsey Johnson Wild Roses Wristlet, retail value $48.00
  2. Betsey Johnson Gingham Pearl Earrings, retail value $25.00
  3. Betsey Johnson Gingham Pearl & Flower Earrings, retail value $30.00
The total retail value for this Little Black Bag is $103.  I paid $54.90 including shipping.  That makes each piece cost $18.30 which is a good deal.  I looked online to find these items for less and didn't find them.  Found the wristlet, but it was sold out and not at a discount.  So not my best bag as far as retail value goes, but happy with the products I received.  I'd rather receive items I love at a lower value than those I'm not as crazy about.  I'm pleased with my three Betsey Johnson purchases.  I started with the wristlet in my bag and was given a Betsey Johnson necklace as my 2nd item, but not crazy about the 16" length.  So I traded down $18 for the Pearl & Flower earrings which were a hot item.  I had to trade up my 3rd item till it was a $25 value before I was able to trade for the pear studs.  To see what I purchased in previous bags, click on the links below:

Shipment 1 - Betsey Johnson Cat Earrings & Melie Bianco Crossbody Bag
Shipment 2 - W/A Studios Wired Drop Earrings, Robyn Rhodes Cameo Ring, RJ Graziano Charm Necklace
Shipment 3 - Nila Anthony Color Block Belted Structure Bag (returned)
Shipment 4 - Betsey Johnson Pig Stud Earrings & Kenneth Jay Lane Owl Necklace
Shipment 5 - Betsey Johnson Rose Drop Earrings & Betsey Johnson Pearl & Fireball Bracelet

If you haven't heard of Little Black Bag before, you can read more about it in my other post where I take the time to explain it to you here.  Or you could just check out the gallery of products now, click here.  Be sure to jot down this coupon for new customers - "LC1".  It gives you an additional item in your bag which will be really helpful with trading!  My best bag was one that had an extra item in it! 

I have a cosmetic giveaway going on till August 9th.  Click here for info about the raffle. 

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave me a comment.  Have a PEACEful Day!


  1. Nice haul. It would be fun to see what your bag looked like when you opened before trading :)

  2. it was the wristlet which I didn't trade, a BJ 16" necklace which I traded for the pearl and flower earrings and some other item I can't remember, I traded immediately and traded and traded until the value was at $25 and then traded for BJ stud earrings.


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