Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blissmo Box - August 2012

Blissful Bites

Peek inside the box:

Contents of box:

This box is from a monthly sample subscription service called Blissmo.  It's $24.95 a month ($19 + $5.95 s/h). Free shipping if you sign up for a year.  Value of this box $19.70.

I'm a bit confused as to whether this is the July box or August box.  Since I received it in August, I'll just call it the August box.  I had a choice between three themed boxes:  Naturally Hers, Naturally His and Blissful Bites.  I chose blissful bites as shown above.  

Here's what was included:
  1. Beanitos - black bean chips in Chipoltle BBQ flavor.   Hubby loved these, I did not. $.89
  2. 479° Popcorn - Black Truffle + White Cheddar.  Love it, hubby does not. $4.99
  3. Panda Licorice - from Finland, blueberry flavor.  Hubby loved it, I can't stand licorice.  $.89
  4. Betty Lous - Superberry Acai cereal bar.  Hubby likes it, I do not.  It's like a fruit roll up. $2.19
  5. Braga Farms - organic pistachios.  Really good, liked by both of us, needs more salt. $8.99
  6. Crunchmaster - Multi-seed crackers.  Tasted something similar before, both of us do not like. $.50
  7. Giddy Up - Missing item not in box, instead received a blissmo pen in cardboard wrapper. $1.25 
I'm disappointed I didn't receive the granola, because I love putting it on top of my yogurt and always looking for a new brand to try.  Have you received boxes from blissmo?  If  so, was anything ever missing?  

Well there you have it.  For next month I chose Lunchbox snacks, so in a month I'll tell you about that.  Please join my blog, so you can learn about that box and the other monthly subscriptions I receive.  To read about my previous blissmo boxes received, click on these links:

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Thanks for reading, comments appreciated!  Have a PEACEful Day!

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