Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Brother 14 - POV Ceremony - POV used by Jenn!

12 PM POV Used by: 


On the block:

Brit & Danielle (Dan off block)

Last night when Dan came out of solitary confinement he pretended to be sick from the strobe lights.  He refused medical help from Danielle.  Minutes later he was able to get into the Diary Room.  When he came back out he called for a house meeting in the living room.   If you have the feeds, look at 7:50 pm house time.  The meeting was for the "funeral of Dan the player".  He had several of them in tears and it lasted for about 10 minutes.  At the very end he told Danielle "you're dead to me" and left.  Jenn said it was a set up to make it seem Danielle was untrustworthy.  Danielle is crying non stop in Shane's arms.  Dan goes to HOH with Frank and they chat. First he tells him that there is an alliance of five:  himself, Danielle, Brit, Shane, Ian.  If Brit won veto the plan was for her to take Danielle down, Ian was going to take Dan down.  He also told him that it was Ian who told them that Boogie wanted Shane & Brit out.  Frank believes him, stated that he was thinking something was up with Ian.  Dan was mad at Danielle because she was suppose to the throw the veto to him because prior to the POV game.  They both decided that it would be best for Dan to come off the block rather than Danielle because she could win votes against anyone else sitting next to her on the block.  He said when she got one of the points in the game he knew Brit got in her ear.  He says he's not going to tell her why he's mad.  He's mad he trusted her and let her get so close to Brit.  Says he wants to go final 2 with Frank because he can't trust Danielle now. He said he felt alone when Danielle didn't throw the veto and Brit was whispering to Frank.  He said he didn't rat out Ian before because he didn't think they would believe him.  Dan said when Ian said to Boogie "get to stepping" on his way out the door he knew Ian was ruthless and that he couldn't trust him.  "Get to stepping" was the the line Boogie used on Howie when Howie was walking out the door.  Dan told Shane not to trust Brit after he saw her whisper in Frank's ear after veto.  Frank said he warned Shane about Brit.  Shane told Dan that he would take Danielle to the end over Brit.  Dan doesn't 100% trust that.  Dan says he will pitch ways to save Frank but not let them know they are working together.  They make a final four deal - Jenn, Danielle, Frank, Dan. Frank says, "Don't bull*hit me Dan".

Today around noon they had the POV ceremony and they set the plan into action.  Jenn took Dan off the block and Frank put Brit on the block.  Ian screams at Frank in the HOH room.  Frank tells him to get out of his room. Brit goes to the HOH and talks to Frank & Jenn.  She's really nice about it all and says she misses her husband and cries.  She also says that she thought she was going out this week and told DR that.  Brit goes downstairs and Danielle tries to comfort her.  Brit says it's ok because she had a shot at it before.  Frank goes downstairs and walks past Ian, Ian starts yelling at him.  Frank says, yeah keep it up, let those horns come out Ian, let everyone see!  Shane comforts Brit and tells her it's not over.  Frank & Dan are gambling on Shane's vote to keep Danielle, but I don't think that's a good bet!  Later Danielle & Brit hug and comfort each other.  Danielle thinks they will try to get her out next.

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