Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Look Bag Review - June 2012

Shipping envelope:
Bag it comes in:

The Look Bag is a monthly subscription for $10.  Above you can see the contents of the June shipment.  Included in this shipment was:
  1. Atopalm - intensive moisturizing cream
  2. Snowberry - cellular regeneration night cream
  3. Korres - eyeshadow
  4. Prescriptives -lip and eye pencil sharpener
  5. Von Berg - luxe lipliner pencil
This is my first shipment and I'm not crazy about it, I'll try one more month. Everyone received items 1-4, and the 5th item was different for some subscribers. Last month looked way better and a better value.  Three of the brands I have never heard of. Though the Korres shadow is nice, and is an expensive brand I recognize. It's worth more than the entire bag cost. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.  Have a PEACEful day!


  1. another look bag customerJuly 4, 2012 at 7:14 PM

    the korres shadow is a discontinued product. hasn't been sold in the US since 2010 I believe. this month did suck. Not to mention all the issues with customer service.

  2. I don't mind discontinued products though I thought the idea was to sell us more of what they offer in the bag and certainly it should not be 2 years old. I wish I had received last month's bag, want that nail polish! What customer service problems did you have?

  3. another look bag customerJuly 4, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    No email response for about 2 weeks, sent probably 10 emails. No one was answering their phone for at least a week. I finally got an email back making promises that didn't happen. Then I called them and got a girl on the phone that called me B**** and a Ho, because I told them they were wrong. They claimed they suspended my account because I hadn't been charged for the past 3 months and were going to process them again, when I have bank records stating otherwise! They ended up canceling my account and refunding me June - that they claimed I wasn't charged for, but I was.

    When I told them that I would be blogging and sharing the horrible customer service I received from them they blocked me on Facebook and my number from their customer service line like I'm the bad guy. I've loved the bags up until this month, and I've been a strong supporter of the company. The way I was treated has ended that. I didn't even get an apology.


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