Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bully Sticks Bargain - Doggyloot

Bully Sticks on sale today $18 for 10, free shipping! Such an incredible bargain, since you can pay $3-4 for one in most stores. My shipment came today and Teddy and Leo have been chewing for hours. They also have auto delivery. Ours is set to send 1 bag per month. Get them now at: Doggyloot   $5 off your first order!  The sale is for today only.  This site is one of those that changes the deals each day. They are exactly like the ones in the pet stores, but my dogs seem to like these more. They look the same, but they are chewing on them for way longer than the ones we bought before.  They are so good for their teeth.  I wish our Shih-Tzus would chew on them, they are such lazy chewers.    The Malteses love to chew.  Leo immediately knew what was in the envelope when they arrived today, alerted Teddy and the excitement began. Love to make them happy!  

Leo checking out the Bully Sticks:

So here's the info on these Bully Sticks:

Delicious, long-lasting, and all-natural - can a pup ever have too many bully sticks? We like to think the answer is no. We're bringing you a 10-pack of six-inch bully sticks at a 58% discount - shipping included! We know dog owners love a healthy, reliable, nutritious option - and so do your pups! These wholesome chews are low in fat, high in protein, and guaranteed low-odor (so they won't stink to high heaven when chewed). They're also 100% natural and digestible - unlike chemically treated rawhides. Each stick comes from free-range New Zealand cattle raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones and is produced in a USDA-approved facility for a healthy, happy pup and a worry-free owner.

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