Wednesday, August 16, 2017

QVC's TSVs for September 2017

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values

3rd - Lock & Lock Eighteen Piece Storage Set, K46329, $27.98 or 3 payments of $9.32, comes in 10 colors

4th - Peace Love World Affirmation Comfy Knit Top with Hi-Lo Hem, A299255, $34.96 or 4 payments of $8.74, comes in 5 colors

7th - Diamonique Platinum Clad Sterling Silver 100 Facet Tennis Bracelet, J351241, $64.24 or 4 payments of $17.21, comes in 3 sizes

9th - Clarks Leather & Suede Lace Up Ankle Boots, A299256, $89.80 or 5 payments $17.96, comes in 5 colors

11th - Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, A299257, $69.00 or 4 payments of $17.25, comes in 3 colors 

15th - WEN 32 oz Cleansing Conditioner, Treatment Mist & Styling Creme, comes in 3 scents (Tuscan Pear, Fall Ginger Pumpkin & Vanilla White Pumpkin), not available for preorder yet

16th - Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Lite Montecito Cardi, A299258, $79.98 or 4 payments of $19.99, comes in 5 colors

17th - Copper Chef Induction Cooktop with 11" Casserole Pan, K46491, $92.48 or 5 payments of $18.49, comes in 2 colors

18th - Alegria Dream Fit Leather & Neoprene Slip Ons, A299259, $92.70 or 5 payments of $18.54, comes in 5 colors

20th - Northern Nights 500 TC Down Blanket with Dobby Design, Twin H213091 $94.00 or Full H213092 $108.00 or Queen H213093, $127.00 or King H213094 $136.00, available in 5 payments and 7 colors

21st - Air Innovations Ultrasonic Top Fill Humidifier with Aroma Tray, V35231, $74.96 or 5 payments of $14.99, comes in 8 colors

22nd - Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Skin Care Trio, A299200 or A/D A301738, $75.00 or 2 payments of $37.50

24th - KitchenAid Countertop Convection Oven with Pizza Pan, K463455, $99.96 or 5 payments of $19.99, comes in 4 colors, advance order with delivery around September 28th

25th - LOGO by Lori Goldstein Printed Knit Top with Printed Hem, A299262, $49.98 or 5 payments of $9.99, comes in 3 patterns and black

26th - Harry Slatkin HomeWorx Warmer with Two Sleeves, H213095, $27.28 or 2 payments of $13.64, Harvest or Holiday, advance order with delivery around October 2nd

29th - FLY London Suede Ruched Ankle Boots with Tie Detail, A303798, $139.80 or 5 payments of $27.96, comes in 6 colors

So which ones are you going to order? Since our old toaster oven died recently, I went to order the KitchenAid Countertop Oven, but it says it won't be delivered until the end of September. How disappointing! I'll let you know if they ship it earlier. Other stores sell it and I could probably find a coupon to get a similar price to the TSV, but it wouldn't be in the cinnamon color which matches the rest of my Kitchen Aid appliances. So I guess I'll just have to wait, bummer. I'm getting pretty tired of using a dinky toaster and a hot oven in the south is getting old. Since that TSV is an advance order and it didn't say that until I was checking out, I checked the Harry Slatkin one and it's also not shipping until it airs. So take note when you check out what the ship date is prior to ordering! I checked the Barefoot Dreams TSV and it will ship now though I don't want it so soon since it's so hot here. Oh well. If you order it, please tell us how the sizing compares to the last TSV which mind you was much less expensive at $58 which was also offered at Nordström during their anniversary sale for $60. I bought a second one from Nordstrom to wear in the house since it's so super cozy. With four dogs with long hair, I need one kept fur free to wear outside the house. Thanks to the ladies who recommended I purchase one, I was really on the fence with that one since QVC was making us pay for return shipping. Looks like customer complaints about that have made them change their policy. They are now saying that they will pay for return shipping, if you are exchanging it for a different size. Anyone try that yet? Is it true, did it work automatically or did you have to call to get a refund on your shipping? Are they charging shipping for the exchange to be sent to you? I know several of you have been waiting for a Mally and/or Tarte TSV, so you have something to look forward to next month! Shall be interesting to see what they have to offer. Now that the holidays are just around the corner the TSVs should be more tempting to us all. Honora and the Football Shop are usually TSVs that customers purchase as gifts. I'm holding off buying any Slatkin due to the prices, but please review your purchases in the comment area below when they arrive. Anxious to hear your reviews on how they compare to the ones he sold at Bath & Body Works and how they compare to the non Slatkin Bath & Body Works candles! I was surprised to see another TSV so soon since he said he wouldn't be back until next year. He was also begging us to order the last TSV, so that QVC would ask him to return. Oh Harry, so typical of you. Did you see his bright red suit when the last TSV aired? Wow, that was bright. He also returned a few days later and brought some additional items, so be sure to check them out, if you missed them. Stay away from anything resin, it's not fire resistant, I unfortunately found that out one day. Luckily, I was able to put it out quickly, but it made a mess. Stick to  ceramic products to hold your candles. I recommend Diamonique, I get compliments on the few that I have purchased often. The Princess Diana replica ring is the one I get the most compliments on. Everyone thinks it's real, not faux sapphire. It's of great quality and it stands up to wear and tear well.

Other interesting TSVs are:

1st - Isaac Mizrahi
2nd - Perricone MD
5th - Mally
6th - Denim & Co
8th - Pop Sonic
12th - Football Team Shop
13th - Cooks Essentials
14th - Royal Palace Rugs
19th - Tarte
23rd - Shark
27th - Cooks Essentials
28th - Honora
30th - Dyson

I will update those as soon as the preorder information becomes available which will be closer to the air date since it wasn't released this week. So check back then. Please show your support for this blog by checking out the following referral offers I use and recommend:

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Totopos Street Food & Tequila Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

1388 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC  27511
(919) 678-3449

Exterior View

Interior View from Booth

Chips & Salsa

Shrimp Tacos & Chicken Soup - $13.95

Grilled Chicken Fajitas and Black Bean Soup - $11.95

This is a review for a Mexican restaurant located in Cary, North Carolina called Totopos. It's across the street from Trader Joe's and it's in the building that use to be a Chill's restaurant. When we visited their sanitation grade was 96 which is very good yet we both had stomach issues after eating here. They are open from 11 am until 2 pm then reopen at 5 pm and close at 9:30 pm Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday night they stay open half an hour later. Sunday they are open from 11 am to 8:30 pm. We arrived on a Saturday around 12:30 pm. I was shocked to see so few cars in the parking lot and regret not returning  to the car. I thought because of so many good reviews it would be a good experience, but it wasn't at any point during the visit. We were greeted by a hostess who fumbled to get all the menus together and walked us to our seat. We were offered a tiny booth for two and since there were so few customers and tons of seats open I found that strange and I asked for a regular sized booth. The only time I want to sit in that tiny of a space is when the restaurant is full and it's the only seat left. She wasn't friendly, so it was another sign we should have left. We were given a brunch menu, a drink menu and a lunch menu and she dumped them all on the table in a very disorganized and careless manner. 

So we started organizing the menus and figuring out what menu to look at, tossing the alcohol and brunch menu to the side. It took a whopping seven minutes for the waitress to show up. A very long time considering there were so few customers. Just look at my interior view photo above, nothing but empty tables! This was during the prime time lunch hour on a Saturday! She took our drink order prior to bringing us chips & salsa. She asked us if we wanted them. Huh? I've never been asked that in a Mexican restaurant before, so I had to ask if they cost extra and she said no. Very strange! She brought out the chips and one tiny cup of salsa with our drinks. I felt really strange sharing such a small bowl with Hubby only to have her deliver another bowl later when we were running low. So why didn't she just deliver two bowls in the beginning like other restaurants? I thought maybe her boss was on her back about giving out too much salsa, but she landed up delivering two anyway. I guess she doesn't think about tips and making customers happy. The chips were greasy and the salsa wasn't very tasty. So after we decided what to order the waitress tells us we can't order from that part of the lunch menu called Lunch Trios, due to brunch being served. What?! Seriously, no way, really?! This has to be a joke! It just so happened Hubby chose something from that part of the menu, so then he had to decide again what to order and we weren't finding much on the menu to begin with. So that was yet another sign we should have just left and went somewhere else. It was a rainy day and we just wanted to eat, make a run to Costco and return home quickly. Regrettably, we ordered anyway. The waitress mentioned that Hubby could substitute the sides for soup since Hubby was going to order the soup from the "Lunch Trio" that he was told he couldn't order. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. The items he was going to order from the "Lunch Trio" were available on other parts of the menu, so saying he couldn't order from that part of the menu made no sense whatsoever. Not to mention we should have been told we couldn't order from that part of the menu at the time we sat down prior to deciding what to order. Hubby ordered the Iron Skillet Fajitas with grilled chicken. I ordered the Shrimp Tacos and we both skipped the rice and beans for soup. Our food arrived about ten minutes later. Both of our soups arrived barely warm. I took a couple of spoonfuls and then decided it was too risky to eat anymore since it wasn't kept at hot enough of a temperature to be safe. I'm really glad I didn't eat anymore because shortly thereafter I had a stomach ache. The shrimp tacos were warm when they arrived, but they had way too much cheese on them and the pico de gallo was missing. I love cheese, but this was too much. The waitress had asked when I ordered it if I liked spicy food, I thought that was odd. I didn't find it particularly spicy, so now her question seems even stranger. Hubby's chicken and vegetables were served on a mini skillet yet it wasn't sizzling when it was brought to the table like it should be. Notice how tiny the skillet is in comparison to the spoon in the above photo. His portion was quite small for $11.95! The chicken wasn't sliced into small enough slices and the vegetables were overcooked. His soup was also served at room temperature and it tasted like just beans and sour cream mixed together, very amateur recipe for soup! I thought it was strange his meal didn't come with sour cream and salad for his fajitas. Shortly after we left, Hubby also felt sick to his stomach. The waitress was dressed in jeans and sneakers with a headband on. She looked like she was ready to vacuum her house certainly not tend to customers and make a good impression. I would never turn up for work looking like that. To top it off she was unfriendly, unwelcoming, inattentive and gave the impression that she'd rather be anywhere than at work. She walked passed our table three times and didn't once ask if we wanted drink refills, additional napkins, if the food was ok, nothing. She forgot to wear her smile to work also. There was no sign of any management keeping an eye on things. The music was way too loud, so we ate quickly so we could leave. Normally, we enjoy a leisurely lunch on weekends. I also didn't care for the decor. The lamp above us was moving because it was so lightweight and the air conditioning was blowing so hard. It was also moving the ugly, cheap paper decorations hanging from the ceiling. 

I recommend you stay away from this restaurant and we will not be returning. What's your favorite Mexican restaurant in the Triangle? Our new favorite is San Marcos in Raleigh. Our long time favorite restaurants in Cary are Sushi Thai and Bosphorus. What's your favorite restaurant in Cary?

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Totopos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Play by Sephora Subscription Box Review - August 2017

The Innovators

This is a review of a cosmetic subscription box from Sephora called Play. It's only $10 a month including shipping and handling. $34.78 is the retail value of this month's box. In my August box were the following samples:
  1. Beauty Blender - Micro Mini Blender, $9 retail value
  2. Kat Von D - Saint & Sinner Perfume, .05 fl. oz. each, $1.91 each
  3. Too Faced - Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil, .01 fl. oz., $0.74
  4. Clinique - High Impact Mascara & Primer, .08 oz., $2.57 & $4.50
  5. Caviar - Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist, 1.4 fl. oz., $8.75
  6. Glam Glow - Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer, 5 ml, $5.40
I have a full sized beauty blender, but I rarely use it because it's so time consuming. It does apply foundation very well though. I'd probably be more likely to use the mini for just concealer since that wouldn't take much more time. I also think they need to be cleaned more often than brushes, but that's just my opinion. They can be used wet, but I never got the hang of using it that way. Have you? If so, any tips for me? I'm not a fan of Kat Von D's perfumes. I purchased one a long time ago for $10 on Black Friday and I didn't like it. Sinner is a spicy perfume with key notes of patchouli, wood and cinnamon. Saint is a floral perfume with key notes of vanilla, musk and jasmine. I wish they had sent a sample of one of her wonderful lipsticks instead. I'm very curious about the Too Faced Melt Off Cleansing Oil. I look forward to giving that a try since mascara is such a pain to remove. I'm guessing based on it's size I'll only get one use out of it though, so that's a bummer. I have received a mascara primer before, but I just don't take the time to use it regularly. It doesn't seem worth the extra application time to me. I'm always happy to receive a mascara sample since out of all the cosmetics I use, mascara is what I go through the fastest. It has such a short life after you open it and since I have sensitive eyes, I don't try to use it it too long. I also need volumizing for my fine straight hair, so I look forward to trying the Caviar Volume Mist. Last time I tried one of their samples I wasn't crazy about it though. I absolutely love the Glam Glow brand, so I'm excited about trying their moisturizer. If you enjoy their line of products also, be sure to get on their email list because they have sales and coupons. I bought a $32 full sized cleanser for only $19 during one such sale and it had free shipping. Bargain!

I'm quite pleased with this month's box even though it has one of the lower retail values that I have received so far. It's not always about the value, but whether or not they are products I want to sample and brands I enjoy.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

San Marcos Mexican Restaurant Review - Raleigh, NC

5300 Homewood Banks Drive
Raleigh, NC  27612
(919) 803-4393

Exterior View

Interior View

Chips & Salsa

Medium Frozen Margarita - $7.00

Texana Fajita Quesadilla Ranchera - $13.50

 Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Ranchera - $12.50

This is a restaurant review of a fairly new Mexican restaurant located in Raleigh, North Carolina called San Marcos. It's been open almost a year. It's behind Crabtree Valley Mall on Homewood Banks Drive. You can't see it from the mall, so it's kind of hidden. They have two other locations in North Carolina. They are open everyday from 11 am until 10 pm except on Friday and Saturday when they stay open an hour later. Their sanitation score is currently 95 which is very good. We arrived last Saturday around 2:40 pm. They have a large, beautiful reception area. We were greeted right away by the manager and taken to a booth. 

Within two minutes we were brought chips and salsa. The chips were fresh, but not warm and they were very crisp and tasty. The salsa was chunky and quite spicy, it's our favorite in the Triangle. If they sold it in jars, I'd buy it all the time! I ordered a Pomegranate Martini, but I was told the bartender had not arrived yet, so I ordered a Frozen House Margarita instead. It tasted like pineapple, so I found it quite odd. I wouldn't order it again. We had a difficult time figuring out what to order since the dinner menu is many pages long and we were also given the lunch menu. By the time we ordered it was 3 pm, so we were told we couldn't order off the lunch menu. Then we had to take more time to figure out what to order off the dinner menu. That was aggravating especially since the dinner menu's print is so small and I didn't bring my reading glasses since I don't normally need them for menus. I think they should have allowed us to order from the lunch menu since they gave them to us and it was right at 3 pm when we ordered. I had looked for their menus online prior to going, but there weren't any. I'm posting menu photos over on Zomato so you can take a look before you visit. About ten minutes after we ordered our entrees were delivered. Hubby ordered the Fajita Texana and we were surprised our entrees didn't come with rice and beans. We thought that was strange especially at the prices of $12.50 and $13.50! The shrimp was cooked properly, the chicken was tender and the steak was tasty. Plus, the vegetables weren't overcooked and it had a lovely spicy flavor. The guacamole was tasty, but we wished we had at least three times the amount they gave us. My quesadilla looked like a fajita, so I was disappointed it wasn't traditional and cut into triangles. The chicken was very tasty and tender and there was a good amount of cheese on top and it was a healthy portion. We enjoyed our food and the atmosphere was fantastic. The waiters are nicely dressed in black pants and black, long sleeved dress shirts with red bow ties. Our waiter was very attentive and friendly and it appeared the other waiters were the same. The friendly manager asked if we were happy with our meals and brought us to go containers for our leftover chips and salsa. It was a very nice experience and we plan to return soon. The receptionist told us to have a nice day on our way out which I always appreciate.

I recommend you give this new restaurant a try. It's one of the few restaurants in the area that doesn't take a siesta. Since we often eat after the lunch rush and before the dinner rush, we really appreciate that. What's your favorite Mexican restaurant in the Triangle?

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San Marcos Mexican Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Friday, August 11, 2017

QVC's Julep TSV Preview & Review - August 2017

Julep's Super Size Oxygen Nail Treatment Kit - TSV on August 15th

This is a preview and review of the Julep Today's Special Value (TSV) that will air next Monday night at midnight eastern time on QVC. It will air again on Tuesday, August 15th at 3 am, 7 am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm. If it sells out then some of the later airings would be cancelled, so tune in early. On Directv tune to channel 70 or 317. You can preorder it now with item number A300239 or for auto delivery item number A300639It's only $39.98 or 2 easy payments of $19.99. The item number on the 15th will be A287571. QVC is offering it in 3 payments & free s/h until evening of 8/12. They changed it to 3 payments for the air date. Included in the TSV are the following products:
  1. Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Pink, .74 fl. oz. (normal size is .27 fl. oz.), $49.33 retail value
  2. Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Ivory, .74 fl. oz., $49.33 retail value
  3. Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy.74 fl. oz., $49.33 retail value
  4. Roll With It Essential Cuticle Oil, .28 fl. oz., $18.00 retail value
  5. Crystal Nail File, $10 retail value
  6. Purple Cosmetic Bag with zipper, 8" x 5"
  7. Brochure explaining how the products work and directions
The retail value of this kit is $175.99 not including the cosmetic bag, bargain!  Just one product almost pays for this kit! So it's like you are getting the five other items for free! Here's what two coats of the Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Pink looks like on my nails:

Julep's Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Pink

I really like how it looks like a French manicure without all the frustration of trying to paint the tips white. It would be perfect for a wedding or for those that aren't allowed to wear bright nail polishes at work. Also, it would be perfect for an interview since it's a classic well polished look. In addition, it would be perfect for those that aren't very good at painting their nails or young girls because it's very forgiving and easy to apply. It received a 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award and it's a best seller. It's 5 Free, so it's free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, resin and camphor. It's sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty free. The nutrient rich formula includes nail boosting Hexanal, anti-aging plant cells and a protective UV filter. Plus:
  • It encourages strong, healthy growth with less peeling 
  • It's innovative Oxygen Technology improves oxygen permeability allowing nail beds to breathe
  • It's sheer tint gives the look of a classic manicure
I found it goes on a bit thin, so make sure you don't put too much polish on your brush and apply two coats. Testers found that it reduces peeling in one day, treats thin, weak nails after 7 days and conditions, strengthens and hardens nails after 14 days. One of my tips on my The Secret to Long Natural Nails blog post is to keep nail polish on your nails at all times. For those that prefer to wear mostly bright nail polishes, this would be perfect for when you are in between polishes. It takes less time to apply than bright nail colors, so you have no excuse to keep your nails protected at all times.

The Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy is a condition treatment and base coat that strengthens nails with five botanical oils and Oxygen Technology. Plus it features:
  • Pistacia resin that strengthens and heals damaged nails
  • Hexanal which hardens nails
  • Botanical extracts that fight breakage
  • Oxygen Technology that lets nails breathe
Apply two coats to nails twice a week. If using as a basecoat, apply one coat and follow with nail color. It works with Julep's Color That Treats nail polish, so it allows your nails to breathe. Testers found it provided a bright & glossy look, made their nails feel stronger and helped protect thin, weak nails after 14 days. 

The Roll With It Essential Cuticle Oil is an all natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E. It's so easy apply, just roll it on. It smells so good and it's great for travel since it's leak free. The Crystal Nail File is wonderful. I've been using a glass nail file for many years now and I won't use anything else. It's the safest type of file to use on your nails to prevent damage. I recently bought another brand and it wouldn't file down my nails, it was awful. Julep's file is high quality so it files down the nails quickly and leaves a clean, sharp edge. I recommend it and it's a pretty lilac color.

Auto Delivery will include two more shipments which will be in December and April and they are at a 10% discount! In December Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment will be in the color Sheer Orchid instead of Sheer Ivory. I'll be wanting to get my hands on that one, pretty! Instead of the cuticle oil you'll receive a 10 pack of the Clean Slate Polish Remover Parkette Kit.  In April instead of the Sheer Ivory Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment you'll receive Sheer Pearl. Also, instead of the cuticle oil you'll receive Your Cuticles Look Thirsty Fast Absorbing Cuticle Crème. Everything else will be the same. You'll find the cuticle oil will last a very long time, so you don't need it in the 2nd shipment anyway.

Well there you have it, my review of Julep's very first TSV. I'm so grateful to Julep for generously sending this to me early so I could review it for you in advance of it airing. It's a fun kit at a great price and it would make a wonderful gift. So what do you think, are you going to snag one for yourself or give as a gift? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. If you haven't tried Julep's subscription box yet, I highly recommend you give it a try, coupon link below. I have reviewed several of their boxes on this blog and I've been a Maven (member) for many years.

Bargain Alert:  

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Julep Subscription Box - August 2017

Lavish Strokes - Jonna, Florentina, Peyton & Wilma

This is a review of a monthly subscription box from Julep for $19.99 including shipping and handling. Since this month they were offering duochrome nail polishes, I couldn't skip this month's box. One of my favorite types of nail polish is duo chrome. I just love how they appear as different colors when you move your hand or in different light. My box came with three polishes and I added on the 4th polish and used my Maven reward points, so that one was free. I also swapped out the pretty nail decals for some nail polish remover which I needed more. I was tempted to get the decals also, but I'm limiting spending. So the retail value of my box was $66.00, bargain! Included in my August box were the following:
  1. Jonna - It Girl Collection, Iguana Green Duochrome, $14.00 retail value, $11.20 for Mavens
  2. Florentina - Classic with a Twist Collection, Flame Red Duochrome, $14 retail value
  3. Peyton - Wonder Maven Collection, Violet Dahlia Duochrome, $14 retail value
  4. Wilma - Boho Glam Collection, Mojave Sunrise Gold Duochrome, $14 retail value
  5. Clean Slate Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Refill, $10 retail value, $8 for Mavens
  6. 20% off Ulta Coupon for Julep Products
When the nail polishes arrived they appeared richer and darker to me than the preview photos. The above photo was taken in the sunlight. My favorite is Peyton followed by Florentine, then Jonna and finally Wilma. My favorite, Peyton, is a very dark purple that features light purple, fine glitter in the sunlight. It's a glitter that appears underneath, not your typical glitter that sits on top of the polish (see photo below). It goes on light, but with the second coat it looks perfect. Florentina will be so fabulous in the fall. It's a striking fire orange that changes to a dark rich fall red. Unfortunately, the above photo comes off more red than orange. In person, it's more of an orange red. It goes on heavy, but looks perfect after the second coat by using a bit less polish than normal. Jonna appears as a green metallic with movement turns into a gold foil green. This one goes on with medium coverage, the perfect consistency. It does streak, so it must be applied from the top to the bottom of the nail without stopping to reduce streaking. Wilma is a lovely nude perfect for work, a wedding or holiday party. It goes on really light, but with a second coat it's perfect. If you are really picky, perhaps you could apply a third coat, but I didn't find it necessary. It will get streaky if you don't apply it with a non stop stroke from the top to the bottom of the nail. Do a 3rd coat, if you made the mistake of not doing it that way. Movement makes it appear as a pinkish gold that turns into a lilac gold. All of these polishes are 5 free, took two coats and I applied a top coat of Seche Vite, my favorite top coat. The polishes that have the most duochrome appearance are Jonna and Wilma (1st and last in photo below). Stay tuned for my manicures featuring these colors. I'll be starting with Peyton. In the meantime, you can see my swatches which were taken at night in florescent light:

Wilma, Peyton, Florentina & Jonna

I'm impressed by these nail polishes and I can't wait to wear them. Which one is your favorite? Did you purchase this month's box? If you haven't entered the world of Julep, be sure to sign up now since they have the most amazing offer I've seen over the many years I've been a subscriber. They are offering a twelve piece collection for free just for signing up and becoming a member! To skip shipments, go to their website on the 20th and chose skip or customize your box to suit your preferences. They also offer a Secret Store shortly thereafter for those that chose to purchase their box that month. The discounts are wonderful, but they also offer discounted add-ons for each monthly box, so be sure to check those out. Julep will be having a QVC TSV on the 15th of this month and I'm fortunate to have Julep send it to me early for review. I'm expecting it's arrival on Friday, so stay tuned for that review. To view more of my Julep reviews, just search "julep" in the search box over on the right. 

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