Tuesday, November 29, 2016

QVC's Josie Maran TSV Review - Peace, Love & Joy Argan Body & Fragrance Set

Josie Maran Peace Argan Body & Fragrance Collection - Vanilla Wafer

On November 19th QVC's Today Special Value (TSV) was a collection from Josie Maran called Peace, Love & Joy Argan Body & Fragrance Set. It was offered in three scents: unscented, Vanilla Wafer and Sweet Holly. I preorderd Vanilla Wafer a couple days earlier than it aired. It's item number A284158 and it's TSV price was $69.95 or five payments of $13.99. The current price is only $6.99 more which doesn't seem like much of a discount for a TSV though the retail value for this set is $192.33. Included in this set are the following products:
  1. 100% Pure Argan Oil - .5 fl. oz.
  2. Holistic Fragrance, Peace aka Vanilla Wafer - 1.7 fl. oz.
  3. Argan Lip Sting Butter in Honey, .16 oz.
  4. 100% Pure Argan Oil - 1.7 fl. oz.
  5. Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Vanilla Wafer - 2 fl. oz.
  6. Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Vanilla Wafer - 8 fl. oz.
When the collection arrived I tried the Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter first. The first scent I smelled was a powder followed by sour vanilla. I'm not crazy about the powder scent, but I enjoy the vanilla though I'd prefer it not to smell so tart. I'm going to avoid purchasing any of her vanilla scents from now on since they all have that powder scent. She said it would smell like dessert being baked in the kitchen. I don't get that at all from this scent! Then I tried the perfume. It's described as green foliage, Lilly of the Valley, vanilla and rice milk. It's a aromatherapy scent so you can use a lot of it and many times during the day without it building unlike your typical perfume. It's a perfume that you can spray all over from head to toe instead of just pulse points. It's good for a pick me up or at bedtime. It's smells very similar to the body butter. I'm disappointed in the Lip Sting Butter. It really does sting and for about twenty minutes or so, I do not like that feeling at all. I've heard for others it lasts about ten minutes, but I have really sensitive skin, so for me it lasts twice as long. I really like the tingling sensation that Buxom lip gloss by BareMinerals has for plumping lips. Josie's version actually stings! I don't think anyone would enjoy that! I didn't see any plumping action on my lips, pain no gain. On top of that the lip butter will not stay up in the container, as soon as you press it on your lips it goes back down, how annoying! I've heard from many other customers that they also received a defective lip butter, so it's not an isolated incident. The color is a very neutral earthy rose, not much different from my natural lip color and it's matte. It's nice for hanging around the house, but not impressive enough for out on the town. It's suppose to be very moisturizing, but I find it actually drying. Her Argan Oil is very nice, but it seems every single TSV has included it, so I have too much on hand. It's really moisturizing on the face, but I can only use it in the less humid months since it's just too oily for my skin during the summer months. It's also good for hair ends and cuticles. I have mixed feelings about this TSV, while I enjoy her body butter and the scent really doesn't last very long for me to complain much, I'm really annoyed the lip butter is defective. I can't get a replacement of only the lip butter since it's a new version and not sold separately. She only sells the clear version with no color, so I'd have to send the entire thing back for exchange and odds are I may receive another defective one. But it's not worth keeping since that was one of the main reasons I purchased this kit. I really need a moisturizing neutral lipstick that I can wear daily during fall and winter. Any suggestions? I've always wondered why she doesn't offer her TSVs for preorder more than a couple days prior to airing and this kit made me think that the reason is she's afraid of bad reviews prior to it airing. This kit has the worst reviews I've ever seen for one of her TSVs! It currently has 429 reviews with a score of 2.8 stars out of 5! Most people do not like the scent of Vanilla Wafer nor Sweet Holly and apparently the unscented has no scent even though she said it would have just a bit. I can't imagine spraying perfume on that has no scent unless it's April Fool's Day! Did you order this collection and if so, what did you think of the scents? I can't decide what to do, so you tell me should I return, exchange or keep it? Taking votes now, comment below!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10th Sun Basket Delivery Review & 50% Off for You!

Sole with Cara Cara Oranges, Fennel & Purple Sweet Potatoes


Burmese Chicken Aloo with Japanese Sweet Potato


Senegalese Chicken & Peanut Stew with Broken Rice


This is a review of a food subscription box called Sun Basket. Hubby and I gave two recipes five out five stars and one recipe four stars. It was a scrumptious week of recipes! Calories ranged from 680 to 750 and preparation time indicated was twenty-five to forty minutes. Actual preparation time was thirty-five to fifty-five minutes. As usual all of the ingredients arrived in great shape.

Sole with Cara Cara Oranges, Fennel & Purple Sweet Potatoes

I was really looking forward to this recipe because I love sole and I can't find it locally. We're so happy that they send wild caught fish rather than farm raised, it's so much healthier. We gave this recipe four out of five stars because they substituted Naval Oranges for Cara Cara Oranges. Cara Cara Oranges are so much tastier. Also, we felt there were too many black olives. The purple sweet potatoes are so delicious. Almond meal is a healthy alternative to regular flour to coat the sole and it's very tasty. The sauce made with lemon zest, parsley, capers and butter was delicious. This recipe has 720 calories and it's gluten free and Paleo. It took Hubby fifty-five minutes to prepare and the recipe states thirty-five. It was a healthy portion.

Burmese Chicken Aloo with Japanese Sweet Potato

Wow, we fell in love with this dish! This dish uses onion, Japanese sweet potato, cilantro, chicken thighs, lemongrass paste, Marash chile flakes, red miso paste, tomatoes, cloves, cinnamon stick and coconut milk. Seems like a strange combination of ingredients yet they are perfect together. I've been wanting to try a Japanese sweet potato for quite some time since they don't sell them locally. It is so sweet just like dessert, scrumptious! It's purple on the outside and cream on the inside. It's now my favorite type of sweet potato! I only wish I could purchase them locally! The recipe indicated preparation time to be thirty to forty minutes and it took Hubby thirty-five minutes. It has only 680 calories yet it is very filling. I could have saved some for lunch the next day, but it was so delicious I didn't. It's gluten free and Paleo. If they repeat this dish, I'll be ordering it again! 

Senegalese Chicken & Peanut Stew with Broken Rice

This one is comfort food for sure, so delicious! We gave it five out of five stars. We had never had broken rice before and we loved it, it's softer and more comforting than regular rice. The chicken thighs were so most and tender and the sauce was so tasty that Hubby wanted to lick the plate. The lime juice was a surprisingly tasty addition. The photo above only shows some of the food, it wouldn't all fit on the plate. It was a huge and filling portion. It was an easy recipe just time consuming. It took fifty-five minutes to prepare while the recipe stated forty minutes. For such a large portion of food it's surprisingly low in calories, 750, and it's a gluten free recipe.

It was yet another impressive week of recipes from Sun Basket! Check out my Sun Basket Pinterest Board to see all of the recipes we have made so far. What's your favorite food subscription service? Sun Basket is our favorite! If you haven't tried Sun Basket yet, snag your three free meals by clicking on the link below.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Pan Asian Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

612 Hanes Mall Boulevard
Winston Salem, NC  27103
(336) 331-3980

Exterior View

Interior View

Sushi - TNT Roll $12.95, House Salmon Roll $9.95, Salmon Dynamite Roll $10.99

This is a review of an Asian restaurant called Pan Asian located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. It's about a mile away from Costco, so it's the perfect location for Costco shoppers like us. Since two of our favorite Asian restaurants Cha Da Thai & Thai Harmony are closed for lunch on Saturdays, I've been on the hunt for another Asian restaurant that is open then. Pan Asian is open from 11 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday they are open one hour later and Sunday they open a half hour later. We visited last Saturday at around 12:30 pm. Their sanitation grade is 95 which is excellent. 

We were immediately greeted with a friendly reception and seated at one of many booths. The kind and friendly Asian waitress arrived a few seconds later and took our drink order. She returned very quickly with our drinks and was very prompt with refills. We weren't ready to place our order since this was our first visit and there is so much to chose from. They have sushi, hibachi and Asian cuisine to chose from. I was really in the mood for some sushi, so we ordered three sushi rolls to share. We decided on the TNT Roll which is described as "California tempura topped with crab, spicy tuna, tempura flakes, massage & eel sauce, spicy sauce and baked". We also ordered the House Salmon Roll which is described as "tempura salmon, cucumber, cream cheese topped with salmon, avocado and eel sauce". The third roll we ordered was the Salmon Dynamite Roll which is described as "tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado topped with salmon and salmon roe". My favorite is the Salmon Dynamite Roll followed by the House Salmon Roll. Hubby's favorite is the House Salmon Roll followed by the Salmon Dynamite Roll. We weren't crazy about the TNT Roll though it was very filling. We'll be searching the menu for a substitute for that one next time. That day the special was buy one sushi roll get one 50% off, so that's a bargain! It took about twelve minutes for our sushi order to arrive which is the expected wait time. The presentation is lovely and we really enjoyed the flavors and the experience overall. We recommend this restaurant and we shall return very soon. What's your favorite Asian restaurant in the Triad?

Update - We have been there three times now and plan to return again soon. The service is outstanding and the food is scrumptious. I have posted more photos on Zomato. Our favorite sushi is their Salmon Dynamite Roll, Godzilla Roll and House Salmon Roll. We also enjoyed their Chicken Katzu Appetizer & Sexy Jalapeño Appetizer. I highly recommend you give this Asian restaurant a try soon!

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Pan Asian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Round Peak Vineyards Review - Mt. Airy, NC

765 Round Peak Church Road
Mount Airy, NC  27030
(336) 352-5595

Front Exterior View

View from Rear Patio

View from Table

Dogs Allowed?

This is a review of a vineyard called Round Peak located in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. We last visited on a Saturday last October around 4:30 pm. We also visited a year prior on a Sunday in October around 4:30 pm. We enjoy taking a drive when the leaves are changing and since we landed up nearby, I suggested we drop in a second time. The previous time we visited I noticed that they had a sign that said dogs are allowed, so I took note for the next time we took our Maltese dog, Leo, for a drive. He loves car rides, so we are always looking for places to visit that allow dogs. 

I carried Leo into the tasting room and we were immediately told that they had so many dogs visit that day and they aren't allowed in the tasting room and she went on and on about it so much so that I tuned out. She wasn't making sense and was so annoying and unwelcoming. All I wanted to do was get some wine and take it to the patio in the rear to sit and enjoy the view. We were in mourning since our other Maltese, Teddy, had died just two weeks earlier. We were seeking nature to find some solice. It's important to remember to be kind to people for you never know what struggle they are going through when you meet them! Visiting a winery is suppose to be relaxing and stress relieving and this was the opposite. She made both of us so angry especially due to the circumstance. So we were immediately put off, normally I would just walk out and leave when someone makes me feel that unwelcome, but it was a long drive. Hubby didn't order anything as a result of the horrible reception. I planned on buying a bottle of wine for us to share, but just got a glass since I was so disappointed. It was $5 for a glass of wine that wasn't even half full, note the wine glass in the photo above. We went to the patio and enjoyed the view until I was done with my wine. The first time we went we had a few tastings, but they gave us so little wine it wasn't worth the price. It wasn't much more than you would get at a grocery store's free tasting. I recommend getting a bottle of wine for the best value. It's a shame we had such a bad reception because it's not too far from home so we would likely visit again, but due to the last experience we just can't support a business that isn't welcoming. The wine is tasty, but unfortunately it's served at room temperature. They also sell beer. The tasting room is very small. It has a couple of chairs at the bar and a sofa. In the rear is a concrete patio that is covered and has a view of the mountains. The sun in the evening shines right on to the patio, so it can be quite hot. Another reason to leave so quickly was Leo was getting too hot. They have several black metal tables and chairs. Our favorite local wineries are Jollo and Raffaidini. They are extremely welcoming and friendly and they have large tasting rooms. What's your favorite winery in the Triad area?

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Round Peak Vineyards Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Friday, November 18, 2016

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Fall & Winter Scents & $10 Off Vitacost & Grove

Limited Edition - Peppermint, Iowa Pine, Apple Cider & Mum

Mrs. Meyer's is my favorite brand for hand soap, dish soap and multi-surface cleaner. They are made with essential oils and free of chemicals yet they are great at cleaning. The fall scents this year are Apple Cider and Mum and the winter scents are Peppermint, Iowa Pine and Orange Clove. Iowa Pine and Orange Clove were available last year too, but Peppermint is new this year. I love the new Peppermint scent, it's a strong scent which is very refreshing. One day shortly after I purchased it Hubby was cleaning pans with the Peppermint Dish Soap and asked me where that great scent was coming from! So funny! He hadn't noticed I had switched out the Apple Cider dish soap for the new Peppermint scent. So it's Hubby approved! I wish they would make it in a room spray too. Iowa Pine is lovely too, but not as strong. I'm not a fan of Orange Clove, so I didn't buy anymore this year. Apple Cider is nice, but it's not very strong. If you need to cover up a nasty scent, Mum is perfect since it's one of the strongest scents. They are limited editions and they tend to sell out quite quickly, so if you want them now is the time to purchase them. What's your favorite brand for hand soap?

I purchased the fall scents from Grove Collaborative and the winter scents from Vitacost. They both offer $10 off your first order, links below. I've been ordering from Vitacost for many years. They have wonderful healthy products in many categories such as vitamins, cleaning products, breakfast, spices, beverages and snacks just to name a few. They pack fragile items better than any company and they get your order out of the warehouse and to your doorstep quickly. I receive my orders in only a couple of days. They also offer subscribe and save, so that you can lock in lower prices and have products sent you automatically so that you don't have to remember to reorder the products you use regularly. This was my first order from Grove Collaborative and it was sent quickly and it arrived in perfect shape. Have you ordered from Grove Collaborative before?

Bargain Alert:

Grove Collaborative - $10 off 1st order
Vitacost - $10 off 1st order

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Play! by Sephora Subscription Box Review - November 2016

The Glow Getters

This is a review of a cosmetics subscription box called Play! by Sephora. It's only $10 per month including shipping! Each month they send six samples of high end cosmetics sold at Sephora. The approximate retail value of November's box is $56.26! The Laura Mercier Eye Colour and the Sephora Lip Gel are almost full size. Included in the November box were the following products:
  1. GlamGlow - Clearing Treatment, .3 oz., made in the USA, $17.25 retail value
  2. Cover FX - Illuminating Primer, .16 fl. oz., made in the USA, $6.08 retail value
  3. Stella McCartney - Pop eau de parfum, .05 fl. oz., made in the UK, $2.25 retail value
  4. Sephora Collection - Ultra Shine Lip Gel, Pin Up Pink, .1 oz., made in Switzerland, $10.90 retail value
  5. Laura Mercier - Caviar Stick Eye Colour, Rose Gold, .03 oz., made in USA, $17.40 retail value
  6. Estée Lauder - The Estée Edit, Dissolve the Drama Makeup Remover, .5 fl. oz., made in the UK, $2.38 retail value
The lid on the Laura Mercier eyeshadow is really hard to get off. It's appears to be more of a neutral color than rose gold to me. It's not flattering on my fair skin. It goes on very creamy though it does highlight wrinkles. Perhaps it could be used as a highlighter, but it doesn't blend very well.

I absolutely love the GlamGlow brand. I've found their quality to be superior and I'm always very happy to receive a sample. I wish their brand wasn't so expensive, so that I could afford the full sizes instead of just the samples. This mask is dark grey in color and it goes on cool, tingles and stings a bit. Then it heats up and it feels like it's bringing blood flow to the area it was applied to since I felt it pulsating. I must say that feels quite strange. After about ten minutes it stopped and then it became itchy, so I was anxious to remove it at that point. I recommend applying it quickly since it dries so quickly. I think it smells like licorice.  Afterwards, it left my skin pink, smoother and pores cleaner. According to the website this is enough for three uses, but I think I'll get only two unless I just use it on my nose to reduce pore size. It says you can also use it for spot treatments. My favorite mask of theirs is the YouthMud and their eye treatment. Sometimes their products can be found at a discount at Costco online and other stores. They now sell it on their website and occasionally they have sales, so you may want to sign up for their emails.

I'll have to try the makeup remover next time I need to remove my makeup. I usually don't like the ones that are as thin as water, I prefer those that are more of a cream or thick oil consistency. This one goes on oily, but it still has a very thin consistency. The instructions say to use their wipes first, then this cleanser and then their cleansing bar after that. That is crazy! My favorite cleanser is Josie Maran's Cleansing Oil, one step and you're done! I don't have the time or patience to use three cleansers!

I'm pretty picky about primers, Laura Geller's Spackle and Julep's Blank Canvas are my favorites. The Cover FX one has a strange scent, I'd don't care for it. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly and it feels like a gel and it has a slight neutral skin tone tint. 

The Sephora lip gel goes on without stickiness and it feels really smooth plus it's really shiny. It has a bright pink tint which would be better suited for summer or spring. I wish they had sent a fall or winter color! I don't care for the applicator, it has a strange shape. It feels moisturizing. My favorite lip glosses are Bare Minerals' Buxom and Moxie.

Stella McCartney's perfume Pop isn't for me. It's described as "tomato leaves, violet leaves, green mandarin, violet, tuberose, plumeria, sandalwood, cedar wood, musks". I prefer perfume with bergamot, my favorite is Angel by Mugler. 

What's your favorite subscription box? Check out my Play! by Sephora Pinterest Board to see what I have received in my other boxes. Also, check out my Subscription Box Pinterest Board to see what other boxes I've subscribed to over the years. In addition, don't forget to enter my current giveawayHelp me out by sharing this blog post with friends by clicking on the Google red box (G+1) at the very top of this page or via Twitter and Facebook by clicking their boxes here:

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

GIVEAWAY & Blue Apron 12th Delivery Review

Shrimp & Shiitake Dumplings with Sautéed Bok Choy & Soy Dipping Sauce


Seared Chicken with Roasted Honeynut Squash & Garlic Rice


Vietnamese Meatballs with Sweet Potato Noodles & Daikon Radish


This is a review of our 12th delivery from a food subscription box called Blue Apron. I had not ordered from them for over a year when they offered two free meals, so I kept checking their menu until I saw three that I wanted to order. I had taken a break since they kept repeating ingredients and the portions kept getting smaller. I'm happy to report that this latest shipment we gave two recipes five out of five stars and one recipe four stars. Calories ranged from 500 to 760 and stated preparation time ranged from thirty-five to fifty minutes. Actual preparation time ranged from thirty to seventy minutes. If you are only here for the giveaway, scroll to the bottom to enter.

Shrimp & Shiitake Dumplings with Sautéed Bok Choy & Soy Dipping Sauce

Hubby & I gave this recipe five out of five stars, it's was scrumptious! The dumpling wrappers were of a good quality, so they were easy to work with. The Meyer lemon is tastier than a normal lemon, it's perfect to cook with. The garlic chives were delicious along with the Shiitake mushrooms and the furikake spice. The changes we would make are to cook the bok choy stems prior to the leaves, so that the leaves didn't get overcooked. Also, the dipping sauce should have been made first instead of last. It was so delicious. It was a healthy portion, but I would have liked about 1/3 to 1/2 more dumplings for it to be truly filling. It has only 500 calories and it was suppose to take fifty minutes to prepare while it took Hubby seventy minutes.

Seared Chicken with Roasted Honeynut Squash & Garlic Rice

I was least excited about this recipe, so I was surprised when we landed up giving this recipe five out five stars! Wow, this was so delicious and it tastes just like Thanksgiving! This recipe would make a great low calorie alternative to a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It comes in at 620 calories and it was a satisfying portion of food. The chicken breasts were the perfect portion. The honeynut squash while a pain to cut up tasted better freshly cut. The competition cuts it up for us. It was really sweet and tasty. What we would change is to cut up the squash into larger pieces. Adding garlic to the rice was a wonderful idea, so tasty. The sauce made with pepitas, cilantro, honey, lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper was perfection. The stated preparation time is forty-five minutes and it took Hubby thirty minutes.

Vietnamese Meatballs with Sweet Potato Noodles & Daikon Radish

We gave this recipe four out of five stars. The meatballs were really tasty, but they needed some spice. The sweet potato noodles had a lovely texture and they were tasty. We would have liked a bit more scallion. We're not a big fan of radishes, but the Daikon version is tasty. This one has 760 calories, it was a healthy portion and it qualifies as comfort food. The stated preparation time is fifty minutes and it took Hubby seventy minutes.

Well it was an enjoyable week of recipes to our surprise. We are expecting another shipment on Saturday. Have you tried Blue Apron yet? Check out my Blue Apron Pinterest Board to see photos of all the recipes we have made so far!


The winner must be over 18 years old, have never subscribed to Blue Apron, provide me with their name and email address to give to Blue Apron, provide Blue Apron their credit card number in case they want to continue with the service past the first box and live in the US (not in Hawaii & Alaska). Winner will be sent an email from Blue Apron & simply need to click on the link to redeem their free Blue Apron box online. To cancel future shipments: visit their website and go to account info, then chose "manage"  & then "cancel" or to skip future shipments select delivery schedule and chose "skip". Box is shipped via FedEx and arrives at your doorstep on your choice of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

QVC's TSVs for December 2016

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values

1st - Lamo Water Resistant Suede Boots with Fold Over Detail, A287509, $46.92 or 3 payments of $15.64, comes in 6 colors 

2nd - Dennis Basso
Faux Fur Coat with Removable Hood & Collar, A286325, $139.20 or 5 payments of $27.84, comes in 5 colors

3rd - Philosophy Three Piece Mega Size Layering Collection, A287510 or A/D A288401, $88.95 or 5 payments of $17.79, comes in 4 scents

4th - Keurig K55 Coffee Maker with My K-Cup, 31 K-Cup Pods & Filters, K45154, $74.96 or 5 payments of $14.99, comes in 4 colors

5th - Barefoot Dreams Chic Lite Drape Front Calypso Wrap, A288061, $59.98 or 4 payments of $14.99, comes in 5 colors

6th - Amazon Echo Dot Second Generation Voice Control Assistant with Amazon Music, E230164, $44.96 or 2 for $85.96 available in 5 payments, comes in 2 colors

7th - Le Creuset 3.5 Quart Cast Iron Multifunction Pan with Grill, Lid & Recipes, K45159, $199.98 or 6 payments of $33.33, comes in 10 colors

8th - Cuddl Duds Stretch Fleece Novelty Pajama Set, Tall A288063 or Petite A288072, $26.98 or 2 payments of $13.49, comes in 5 colors

9th - Wen by Chaz Dean Set of Five Cleansing Conditioners, A284938, $79.90 or 5 payments of $15.98 & free s/h, available on A/D, comes in classic or seasonal, comes with gift boxes, see my review of last year's set here.

10th - Homedics 3D Shiatsu Heated Massage Pillow with Cover & Strap, V34241, $39.96 or 6 payments of $6.66, comes in 2 patterns and 4 colors

11th - HP 15" or 17" Laptop & Printer, E229832, $499.98-$599.98, comes in 8 colors

13th - Denim & Co Reversible Zip Front Textured Faux Fur & Quilted Vest, A288410, $34.96 or 3 payments of $11.65, comes in 6 colors

14th - Travelon Set of Three RFID Wallets with Gift Boxes, F12561, $35.28 or 3 payments of $11.66, comes in 3 colors, cancelled as TSV but still available at TSV price

14th - HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, E229823, $129.96 or 5 payments of $25.99, comes in black or white

15th - Pop Sonic Set of Four Mini Sonic Toothbrushes, V34190, $39.98 or 5 payments of $7.99, comes in 4 choices

16th - Laura Geller Lights of Venice Eight Piece Color Collection, A291546 or A/D A291550, $59.94 or 3 payments of $19.98, comes in 5 shades

17th - Canon Rebel T6 18 MP DSLR Camera, E230027, $449.96 or 6 payments of $74.99, comes in 2 colors

18th - NuVision 8" or 10" Quad Core 16 GB Android Tablet with Leather Case, E229878, $69.96-$99.96, comes in 8 colors and 2 prints 

19th - Emjoi eRase 84 Disc Precision Hair Removal Epilator, A284968, $69.92 or 4 payments of $17.48, comes in 3 colors and 3 patterns 

20th - LG Treasure LTE TracFone Smartphone with Case, E230009, $79.96 or 4 payments of $19.99, comes in 4 colors and 2 patterns

23rd - Skechers Mesh Bungee Slip On Sneakers, A288070, $49.98 or 3 payments of $16.66, comes in 5 colors 

24th - Quacker Factory Dream Jeannes Pull On Ankle Pants with Grommets, A287867, $39.96 or 2 payments of $19.98, comes in 5 colors and length regular or short 

26th - LOGO Lounge by Lori Goldstein French Terry Top & Knit Tank Twinset, A288067, $59.40 or 5 payments of $11.88, comes in 6 colors 

27th - Clarks Perforated Nubuck Leather Slip On Shoes, A288068, $59.88 or 4 payments of $14.97, comes in 5 colors 

29th - Home Reflections 600 Count Easy Care Reversible Sheet Set, Twin H210479 $29.00, Full H210480 $36.00, Queen H210481 $39.00, King H210482 $45.00, California King H210483 $45.00, available in 3 payments and 7 colors 

Only eleven TSV preorders for December is disappointing especially for ordering holiday presents. Two were released last month. The only TSV I find tempting is the Barefoot Dreams Wrap, but due to sizing issues and having to pay shipping both ways if I need to exchange for another size keeps me from ordering. Note that the Keurig looks like the cheapest one with no digital read out. You may want to shop around and check to see if you can get it cheaper at Costco or another store with a coupon! They aren't even offering exclusive colors like cinnamon. What is tempting you? Other interesting TSVs that information hasn't been released on yet are:

2nd - Dennis Basso, updated above
9th - WEN, set of 5 cleansing conditioners either classic or seasonal (Red Currant, Vanilla White Pumpkin, Coconut Lime Verbena, Spring Honey Lilac, Pink Jasmine Peony), updated above
10th - Homedics, updated above
18th - Computers & Tablets, updated above
19th - Emjoi, updated above
22nd - Dyson
24th - Quacker Factory, updated above
30th - Or Paz
31st - Perricone MD

I will update this post as soon as I find out information on any additional TSVs. If they aren't released on the 15th, today, then they usually don't give out the information any sooner than seven days prior to the air date. So check back at that time for those that you are interested in. Drop by tomorrow to enter my Blue Apron Giveaway.

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