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Graze Subscription Box Review & FREE Box for You - October 2016

New - Superfoods and Tea & Cookies

High Fiber & Protein Snacks

This is a review of a snack subscription box called Graze for $11.99 including shipping. That's only $1.49 per snack! I have been a member from the beginning back in 2013. They were originally sent from the UK, but now they are sent from the US. They also offer them in the UK. The UK gets the new creations first and then they eventually land up in US boxes. I've been waiting awhile for the tea and cookies, very British! It's the perfect afternoon snack box for me since I love tea and cookies! They use to send only four snack boxes per week, but now they only offer a box of eight snacks. As shown above I received the following:
  1. Chia Coconut Cookie with Tumeric Ginger Tea, 120 calories
  2. Acai Blueberry Bite with Blueberry & Acai Tea, 110 calories
  3. Baobab & Raspberry Clusters, 130 calories
  4. Lemon Almond Cookies with Oat & Spelt with Special Blend Black Tea, 110 calories
  5. Sweet Rhubarb Jam - rhubarb, soft apple pieces & cranberries, 100 calories
  6. Banana Cream Pie - chewy banana coins, pecan nuts, yogurt coated raisins & sunflower seeds, 210 caloires
  7. Original Protein Flapjack - rustic rolled oat flapjack with flaxseeds, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds, 260 calories
  8. Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake - mini cocoa cookies, strawberry fruit drops, yogurt coasted strawberry pieces & almonds, 170 calories
I'm looking forward to trying the tea and cookie snacks! Hubby loves the banana snacks and I like to eat the flapjacks for breakfast. They make for a filling breakfast. When I'm not in the mood to prepare something it's perfect, just open and eat. They also offer soups, but they are high in sodium so I took those off my list. They were tasty, but I'm on a low sodium diet. They also offer sharing bags, six count multipacks and superfood pouches. I like how their superfood pouches are smaller than the competition since it takes awhile to use them up in your smoothies since you don't use much per serving. This way you can stock up on them for less money. 

I highly recommend this subscription box, it's a wonderful way to ensure that you eat healthy snacks and the majority of them are delicious. They are great for on the go also, just drop one in your bag and off you go. If you have healthy snacks on hand you're less likely to give into temptation and eat a candy bar, muffin, donut, or other high calorie snack. If you haven't tried this box before, be sure to use my link below so that your first and fifth box will be free of charge. It's easy to snooze your shipments, it done easily online. Check out my Subscription Box Pinterest Board to see what other subscription boxes I've subscribed to over the years. Click on the photo of the one that interests you and it will take you to the matching blog post. What's your favorite subscription box?

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  1. I purchase items from Graze singley and just placed another order. The flapjacks are amazing and the dried fruit is awesome. Love the single packs that I can throw in my bag for a delicious snack!


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