Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul 2015

Holiday, Fresh Balsam, Marshmallow Fireside, Evergreen & Twisted Peppermint 3-Wick Candles

When Bath & Body Works had a two for $24 candle sale and a $20 off $50 coupon I had to purchase my favorite wintertime scented candles! 

Holiday smells like a retro cinnamon candle, it's takes me immediately back to my childhood since it's the exact scent of a candle my Mum would burn during Christmas. Fresh Balsam smells just like a Christmas tree and this one is perfect for the man in your life. Hubby lit it only to remember that I probably had not taken a picture of it yet for my blog, so he quickly blew it out. The life of a blogger's husband, so funny. That's one of his favorites along with Winter. I would have purchased that one also, but I wanted to keep my total around $50. I'll purchase Winter before Christmas during another sale. So the Fresh Balsam & Winter scents are great for men. Marshmallow Fireside is described as toasted marshmallows, vanilla cream and smoldering wood which is a very comforting scent that I love. Evergreen smells like a Christmas tree with a slight mint scent. If you can only purchase one, I'd purchase Fresh Balsam over Evergreen, but I love them both. Twisted Peppermint is a authentic peppermint scent which is very refreshing. I recommend all five of the candles in the photo above and I'm grateful that they have returned this year and I hope to see them again next year. So far they have all been burning perfectly with no issues. They just need the tiniest trim of the wicks after burning. Be careful not to cut too much off. I also recommend not blowing them out until the top of the candle is completely melted. If you extinguish them too soon, you will have issues with them burning evenly the next time. What's your favorite winter scent?

Oh no, I just looked at their website, searched for "ceramic" and found two adorable pedestals for their 3-wick candles. One is a snow globe with a little polar bear and penguin like the photo on the Twisted Peppermint candle above and one is a snowman. The snowman is $24.50 and the globe is $34.50, so I think the price makes my decision on which to purchase. Unfortunately, the snow globe is not battery operated. It would be awkward shaking the pedestal.

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