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Giveaway & Home Chef Subscription Box - 9th Delivery

Ingredients for Buttery Chicken & Waffles with Scrambled Eggs & Maple Syrup

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Grilled Pesto Flatbreads with Balsamic Feta Tomato Salad

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Chicken Rajas Tacos with Roasted Poblano Pepper & Queso Fresco

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Red, White & Blue Smoothies with Cherries, Blueberries, Honey & Greek Yogurt

Recipe Results

Fruit Basket (click on photos to enlarge)

This is a review of the ninth box we have received from Home Chef. This box had three meals for two people, two smoothies and the fruit basket shown above and we paid $79.50. This week we gave all three meals four out of five stars, so they were all wonderful and choosing a favorite is difficult since they were all so delicious.  

Buttery Chicken & Waffles with Scrambled Eggs & Maple Syrup

We have lived in the south for twenty four years now and yet this was the first time we have tried chicken with waffles! How crazy is that?! When Home Chef offered it, I thought I must order them since we had waited long enough. Wow, the chicken & waffles were so yummy together. Such an insane combo yet so delicious! I must say it helped a lot that Home Chef sent us very high quality waffles. I don't think it would be very good on cheap frozen waffles. As soon as I opened the bag the waffles were in, I immediately could smell how delicious they would be. I'm grateful that Home Chef sends us high quality ingredients. I'd love to know where they bought them, so that I could get some more! They had a wonderful vanilla flavor that indicated they used expensive real vanilla, nothing artificial at all. I can instantly tell the difference, it even smells different. The maple syrup was also high quality which meant we didn't have to use a lot of it since quality syrup has a lot more flavor. One square of the waffle with a little bite of chicken makes for a perfectly delicious treat. This was sold as Home Chef's weekly breakfast recipe, but we had it for dinner instead. This recipe received five out of five stars from Hubby and four out of five stars from me. It had 998 calories, so this was definitely a treat for us and it was very filling.

Grilled Pesto Flatbreads with Balsamic Feta Tomato Salad

I almost didn't order this recipe since I was afraid it might not have enough flavor, but I trusted Home Chef and ordered it. Wow, was this delicious pizza! The pesto sauce they gave us was especially delicious and flavorful. It was nice that they made it for us since that saved us time not having to make it ourselves. The fresh mozzarella was a good portion and delicious. I was nervous about making pizza on naan bread, but it's such a good idea we will make it again in the near future. They sell it at Costco, if you want to give it a try yourself. The yummy & healthy side salad had tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, red onion, feta cheese, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. It reminds me of a diet snack recipe from Tracy Anderson and her version is good if you are in a rush. Simply combine bite sized pieces of tomatoes, cucumber and avocado and snack away. We learned a new technique of cutting the basil called chiffonade. I was surprised that rolling up the basil and then chopping gave it a stronger flavor. It was perfect for on top of the salad to give it more flavor. Since our local Costco stopped making this type of pizza, we will now use this recipe as a substitute since we really love basil and fresh mozzarella pizza. It was a nice change to have pesto as the sauce instead of tomato. This recipe had 842 calories and while still high in calories, it's a healthier version of pizza.

Chicken Rajas Tacos with Roasted Poblano Pepper & Queso Fresco

Wowee, these tacos instantly transported us back home to our old house at our kitchen table eating dinner from our favorite Mexican carry out restaurant! Made me homesick, but it was worth it since it was incredibly delicious. We have yet to find a restaurant in our new location that serves tacos with this distinct flavor. So this is a recipe we shall make again soon since it makes for the most absolutely perfect taco. We just need to find a place to purchase the rajas seasoning, anyone have any ideas where to buy it? My only complaint would be there wasn't enough salsa verde though I probably use more on my tacos than most people. The queso fresco cheese was delicious, everything about this dish was perfect. I skipped eating the radish since they tend to give me a stomach ache. This recipe had 581 delicious calories and is so crave worthy.

Red, White & Blue Smoothies with Cherries, Blueberries, Honey & Greek Yogurt

This recipe would have been perfect if they had left out the lemon juice which made it tart. I forgot to save some of the strawberries, blueberries, cherries and yogurt to decorate the top. Since we always have frozen fruit in our freezer ready to make smoothies, I just grabbed some of those to decorate the top. I'm so glad Home Chef continues to offer smoothies weekly.

Fruit Basket

They sent us one very large pink grapefruit, two clementines, one golden delicious apple, two pink lady apples, one orange and two nectarines. Everything arrived ripe and ready to eat except the nectarines which took a couple of days to ripen. The grapefruit was nice and sweet and didn't even need the addition of sugar or stevia. I cut mine in half and then cut out the center into bite sized pieces and ate it for breakfast. We have a back up of apples, so I'm going to skip a week to catch up. The basket that arrived today included trail mix & kiwis which make for a nice change.

Well there you have it, my review of our ninth box from Home Chef, what an enjoyable week it was! What do you think of my recipe results? This week's recipes arrived yesterday and this is what we chose:
  1. Chicken Miso Ramen
  2. Breakfast Pork Chorizo Burrito
  3. Southwester Turkey Taco Salad
  4. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Smoothie
  5. Fruit & Trail Mix Basket
I'm anxiously awaiting them to put up the new menu tomorrow at 12 CST. I always have fun looking at the new recipes and choosing between the ten meals, breakfast, smoothie and fruit basket. Quick, enter my latest Plated Subscription Box Giveaway worth $72:

Plated has provided me with another free subscription box worth $72 to give away. Congratulations to Denise who won the last one. Plated will send the winner one shipment that includes all the ingredients for three recipes for two people for a total of six servings. The winner must be over 18 years old, a new Plated customer, provide me with their name and email address to give to Plated, provide Plated their credit card number in case they want to continue with the service past the first box and live in the US. To skip future weeks' shipments, visit their website & go to my account, subscription and click "skip this week" on the calendar or chose "cancel subscription".

Before you leave don't forget to claim your Free Graze Box. Also, check out my reviews of Home Chef's competition: PlatedHello Fresh and Blue Apron before you leave. Which of the four subscription boxes do you like the most?

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