Friday, June 12, 2015

Rainbow Honey Laguna Grande Manicure

This is a review of a nail polish I received in the May Mystery Bag from Rainbow Honey. It's called Laguna Grande and it's a bluish teal color with fine gold glitter in it. I applied a base coat of Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster, then four coats of Laguna Grande, then one coat of Seche Vite. As usual, I added another top coat of Seche Vite a couple days later to freshen it up and keep it from chipping. This was an easy to apply polish, but you need to really make sure your layers match up at the cuticle line since it's a jelly polish and it will show any application errors. Unless you like seeing your nail through the polish, you'll need to apply three to four coats or you could try to find a polish that looks good under it that is opaque. After a couple of days it had wear on the tips, then it chipped on my right hand's index finger followed my middle finger. I repaired those chips and the manicure lasted a few more days before chipping again. I had better luck with the next polish I will be reviewing from the May Mystery Bag called Juicy Orange Pop. I think this polish looks prettiest when it's in the direct sun. It appears much darker indoors as you can see in the swatch photo and the glitter isn't as noticeable. The photo above was taken outdoors in direct sunlight. What's your favorite Rainbow Honey nail polish color and what do you think of Laguna Grande?

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