Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jubilee Manicure - Hard Candy

Jubilee by Hard Candy

This is a review of the nail polish called Jubilee made by a company called Hard Candy. They also make other cosmetics and they are available for sale at Walmart. Check out my Hard Candy Haul before you leave. I can't believe I purchased it two years ago! So yes, you can use polish that has been sitting on a shelf for years. Though I do recommend shaking the bottles about every six months. The first coat I applied really lightly and quickly so that less of the large glitter pieces would be applied. For the second and third coat I used heavier coats with lots of large glitter pieces being applied. I didn't bother dabbing on any of the large glitter pieces, but you could do that if you wanted to. The glitter pieces actually distributed more evenly on my right hand than left even though I'm right handed. This nail polish has tiny little black dots, large gold & black octagon pieces and thin gold bars in a green jelly base. If you wanted to see your nail underneath you would only need two coats since it has a jelly base which is see through. I just don't care for that look, so I went with three coats. You could go with a similar green polish without glitter as your first coat or maybe even a white polish. I really like the look of this polish but it chipped in only four days.  I was hoping it would be still around for St. Patrick's Day. With the green base and gold shiny pieces, I think it makes a nice St. Patrick's Day manicure. Normally, with two coats of Orly's Bonder as a base and Seche Vite as a top coat, I'm able to keep my polish from chipping at least seven days up to twenty days.  I'll try Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster next time as a base instead, maybe it will work better. So that was really disappointing that this polish chipped so fast. Maybe if I wasn't as active and on vacation or something it would have lasted longer. It needed two coats of the top coat to be smooth enough so the glitter wouldn't catch on anything. I used the tip of a dotting tool to gently push down any glitter that was sticking up too much. The above photo was taken in florescent light since it was a rainy day. 

My nails are still recovering after stopping Biotin supplements for several months and being extremely rough on them during our move. They aren't quite as long as normal yet, but they are getting there. A few set backs with the ends breaking off several times now, since the old part of the nail without the Biotin is still growing out. They were peeling on the edge due to a lack of nutrients. So that's a lesson to us all, don't stop taking your supplements or you'll have a long recovery. My cuticles were also not taken care of for months and they are still recovering and with the added low humidity of winter that hasn't helped any. So I'm back to being religious with my cuticle cream from Fortune Cookie Soap, my L'Occitane hand cream at bedtime, a cheaper hand cream during the day and my Biotin supplements and now my nails are now showing signs of recovery. Check out my Secret to Long Natural Nails blog post that explains this in more detail.

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