Friday, February 13, 2015

Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces Manicure

Cosmic Forces

This is a manicure using a nail polish from a company called Emily de Molly. It's a "five free" indie polish that is hand made in Australia. "Five free" means that it is made without the following dangerous chemicals: Toluene, Formaldehyde, TSF Resin, Camphor & DBP.  I bought Cosmic Forces from a US company, Llarowe, back in July of 2013. So it has a really good shelf life! It often sells out, so it was on my wish list for quite some time until I was able to snag it. This polish features large lavender holographic dots and small pink holographic hexagons & dots that float in a dark purple jelly polish. Application of this polish takes patience since you want to carefully place some of the glitter by dabbing it on instead of brushing it on. It also requires fishing some of the large glitter out of the bottle. For the first coat I applied it quickly to get some of the purple jelly polish on all of my nails. On the second coat I applied a heavier coat of polish very gently so the glitter wasn't pulled off the nail by the brush. During the third coat, I applied the large dots one by one on each nail by dabbing them on. I thought one large dot per nail looked good. I wore this back in July so I don't remember how chip resistant it was but I do remember cursing at it during application. It is an amazingly beautiful nail polish so it's worth the extra work. It comes in a couple other colors but I think the purple one is the prettiest. It's certainly a polish that you will want to have lots of time to apply. I recommend making sure you have enough jelly polish at the cuticle line and at the tips since jelly polishes are see-through. During the removal process I recommend using the tip of a dotting tool to push off the large glitter and the foil method of removal or Julep's Nail Polish Removal Kit.  I used Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster as a base coat and Seche Vite as a top coat applying a second coat of Seche Vite two days after.

So there you have it, another one of my manicures. I'm still catching up on my reviews so stay tuned for several more soon. Before you go check out some related blog posts such as these:

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