Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let Them Eat...What? Hare Polish Manicure

This is my latest manicure using an Indie polish from Hare Polish called Let Them Eat...What?  What a cute name for a polish!  I used a Julep polish called Zora as a base with one coat. It's a frosted pink pearl color that was very thin in consistency. I had to leave the brush on the table instead of in the bottle between fingers. It would drop a large blob of nail polish from the wand on to my hand while brushing it on otherwise! I really wish Julep would test their polish before going ahead with a batch.  I'm getting tired of finding so many of them so thin!  It also went on streaky even after two coats on my toes! Pretty color, but a pain to apply. I used it as a base to lessen the amount of glitter coats I was using so removal would be easier, but now I don't think that was necessary. The Hare Polish is quite opaque, so I would recommend trying two coats alone instead. I applied two coats of Let Them Eat...What? on top of Zora. The polish went on pretty well, but I did have to dab on some more near the cuticle because the action of brushing it on pulled it away from the cuticle just a bit.  I recommend waiting until the glitter rises to the top before putting on your top coat. I thought this one would be nice for Valentine's Day since it has red and pink glitter in it.  I need to remind myself to stop buying white based glitter polish since it's not very flattering next to my fair skin and so hard to take a picture of. I will be selling this one on my Blog Sale. After a top coat of Seche Vite it was a little bumpy, so I plan to apply another top coat today.  The tip on the left index finger seems to be missing a bit of polish.  I'm not sure if that is due to the top coat shrinking it or an application error on my part.  I just added a bit more polish on that nail's edge and that solved the issue. What's your favorite Indie line of nail polish?

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