Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bradford Exchange - Playful Maltese Pup Necklace

Dog Lovers Diamond Pendant Necklace with Moveable Legs & Tail

Hubby found a advertisement in our mail for this adorable Maltese necklace and left it in our receipts drawer for me to find. I just couldn't resist ordering this in the Maltese version! The photo on their website is a drawing and not a photo of the actual necklace so I went on the hunt for a real photo. I found one on ebay of the Shih Tzu version. It looked like a good quality, so I went ahead and ordered the Maltese version. I ordered on the 28th of January and it shipped on February 3rd. It arrived quickly on the 5th. It comes in a nice little velvet like blue pouch and blue cardboard box. The tail arrived in the down position and I was able to move it into the correct upward position with a little gentle pressure. If you are familiar with the Maltese breed you know they keep their tails in the upward position except when resting. The heart pendant says "I Love My Maltese" and has a tiny diamond on it. It looks like a very nice quality necklace and I look forward to wearing it for years to come. It's difficult to find Maltese jewelry, so I'm really happy I found this one.  They have thirty breeds to chose from and it costs $79. I used Mr. Rebates for 10% cash back which brought the price down to $71.10! It's also available for four payments of $19.75 instead of the entire amount all at once. Do you know of any companies selling Maltese jewelry? If so, please comment below. Also, if you have bought jewelry from Bradford Exchange I'd love to hear about it! I'm always on the hunt for figurines, jewelry, etc that feature the Maltese, Shih Tzu, Westie or Scottish Terrier breeds. All the breeds that I have been lucky enough to have been part of my life.

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