Monday, February 17, 2014

Be Mine - Rainbow Honey Manicure

This is a nail lacquer from a company called Rainbow Honey and it's in the color Be Mine. It's a dusty rose pink with very small gold & magenta glitter. The glitter is very hard to see unless you are in direct sunlight. I tried to come up with some nail art on top of it, but couldn't come up with anything I liked. The nail lacquer dries quickly, so you can't go over your brush strokes and you have to paint quickly. Thankfully, the second coat and the top coat fixed any imperfections. This is my first experience with the Rainbow Honey brand. While it's pretty, it's not exciting enough for me. I will be selling this one on my Blog Sale along with many others. So be sure to check out my Blog Sale before you leave. What has been your experience with this brand of nail lacquer? Funny note, look at that little snowball in the picture above taken on our back deck! It still survives through warm temperatures! Wow, that was quite a snow storm we had in the south.  Usually it snows only every four years or so and it usually melts within twenty four hours. This time it was three days of snow, ice, snow and finally rain.  Crazy weather!  We were so happy we didn't lose power!  If you are in the south, how was it for you?  Please comment below with any comments, suggestions, etc.

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