Monday, January 27, 2014

HauteLook Cargo Cosmetics Haul

This is my latest haul from a discount online store owned by Nordstrom called HauteLook.  They have sales on different products each day.  It's a good idea to get on their email list to keep up to date on their sales. I had a $38 credit I needed to use before it expired and decided to get some Cargo cosmetics since I have never tried this line before.  I decided to purchase the following:
  1. Cargo - Magic Brush, $19.00, $35 retail value, 45% off
  2. Cargo - Lip Gloss in Madrid, $8.00, $14 retail value, 42% off
  3. Cargo - Lip Gloss in Nassau, $8.00, $14 retail value, 42% off
I ordered on January 10th and received them today, the 27th. The shipment took seventeen days to get here. The shipping time varies, so you may want to look at the estimated shipping time when you are ordering. Shipping for lightweight items is $5.95 and free for orders over $100. I just ordered today my favorite hand cream by L'Occitane at 50% off.  Rarely do I find that brand at a discount. So when I heard on Instagram it was on sale today, I immediately went to their website and ordered! I highly recommend their hand cream. If you find anything you like at HauteLook, be sure to put it in your cart quickly. They give you fifteen minutes to check out, otherwise others can purchase it and most items sell out fast. You can add it back to your cart, if there is still stock available. So it's best to shop early in the day to get the best selection and plan ahead by looking at their emails. Check out a previous HauteLook Haul on my blog before you leave. I also ordered some Sephora by OPI nail polish at 65% off back in September, but I didn't blog about it. You really owe it to yourself to check out their online store for bargains!  If you have purchased from HauteLook, what brands have you purchased?

The Cargo Magic Brush is very soft.  I tried it with my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and I'm impressed by how much of the powder it grabs! It picked up all the powder I put in the lid and none of my other brushes do that. The lip glosses aren't sticky and are sheer but definitely show their color on your lips.  Also, they feel moisturizing.  I wish there was more product, but they are nice and compact for smaller handbags or a compact purse.  Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss is still my favorite.

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