Saturday, December 7, 2013

Crocadilly Essie Manicure

Photo taken in direct sunlight

This is one of my latest manicures using Essie's magnetic nail polish called Crocadilly, a gift from a friend. This magnetic polish is very tricky to work with.  The magnet takes a full sixty seconds to work properly and it's not easy holding the magnet steady that long.  A little movement during the sixty seconds and the crocodile pattern won't be defined.  I had to do most of my nails more than once to get a good enough pattern.  The other magnetic nail polish I have used is from Nails Inc & OPI and they only required about a three to five second hold of the magnet which is so much easier than sixty seconds.  I plan to try Essie's magnet on the Nails Inc polish to see if it's the magnet and/or the nail polish that is the issue. I was worried that since I had so many layers of this polish from having to do the technique over and over that it would chip quickly.  That was not the case, it actually lasted for ten days before chipping! Though it did have tip wear within a day but I type a lot. This polish looks like a silver metallic color in the bottle in daylight and appears more green in the sunlight.  Once it's on the nails it looks green in any light.  Magnetic polish looks like a marble in that you can see through the polish at the top yet it's opaque underneath.  The metallic element to it is really pretty and it looks much better in person than in pictures.  If you haven't tried a magnetic polish before, you really owe it to yourself to give one a try.  It's worth all the trial and error because I assure you that you will receive many compliments as did I.  The trick is to apply a base coat to all your nails, then wait till it's dry to the touch. Then apply a heavy coat of the polish immediately followed by another heavy coat. Then quickly move the magnet as close to the nail as you can without touching it and hold for as long as it takes to get a defined pattern.  If you don't like the look of it, you can start again immediately without removing the polish!  Simply repeat the process until it looks defined.  I'd suggest as many as three tries before having to remove the polish and start over.  Depending on the polish, you may get better results by waiting for the first coat to dry before applying a heavy second coat.  I recommend testing the polish first to determine which works best and how long you will need to hold the magnet. Check out my Nails Inc Manicure for more tips by clicking here and OPI's version of magnetic polish here. In addition, check out my other manicures on my Manicures by Peace Manor Pinterest Board before you leave!

Well there you have it, one of my latest manicures.  I'm not crazy about the picture, but that was the best I could get at the time due to rushing to get a picture before the clouds returned.  What's your favorite brand of magnetic polish?  I'm selling some of my new & used nail polish on my Blog Sale, see them all on my Nail Polish For Sale Pinterest Board.  Mention "Blue Skies for Me Please" and receive $1 off your order!

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