Friday, October 4, 2013

Goodies Co Taster's Box - September 2013

Taster's Box

This is a monthly snack subscription box from Goodies Co for only $7 a month including shipping.  Included in the September box were the following snacks:
  1. Nestle - Pure Life Splash water in Acai Grape flavor
  2. Numi - savory tea in broccoli cilantro
  3. MJM Distributors - honey made with Thyme flowers from Greece
  4. Kashi - Sundried Tomato, Basil & Feta Hummus Crisps
  5. Bare Fruit - Fuji Apple Chips
  6. Mario - Pitted Snack Olive with Sevillian Spices
  7. Zone Perfect - Greek Yogurt Chocolate flavor
My favorite snack in this box is the olives!  I really like the idea of them being packed without liquid, it makes it so easy since no draining is required.  Great snack to take on the go.  I'm not someone who buys flavored water instead I add a splash of fruit juice to my seltzer instead.  Not a fan of Kashi since they pretend to be a small company when in reality they owned by Kellogg's.  They lie about selling healthy products also.  Just look at the ingredients and educate yourself about ingredients companies pass of as healthy that are in fact not healthy at all.  I didn't like the taste of their chips and I refuse to buy anything by that brand.  I received the apple chips in a different subscription box and didn't even finish them, they are yucky.  I'd prefer to eat a fresh apple.  First ingredient in the Zone Perfect bar is corn syrup, moving on sugar is listed, do I need to say more?  Bad!  So sick of these companies trying to pass of their bars as healthy.   If you want to try a healthy bar, try the Kind brand. It's delicious and a healthy snack.  If I'm going to treat myself to something with sugar in it, it will be in the form of a delicious chocolate bar, not a bar pretending to be healthy that tastes bad! The Numi tea is a good brand and this one requires that it steeps covered for ten minutes.  It smells really good and is so yummy!  Says you can use it as a snack, I don't know about that!  That sounds crazy to me.  I believe in drinking lots of water to reduce your appetite, but not as a substitute for food!  This one may land up in my shopping cart sometime soon!  I use honey in my tea and smoothies occasionally, but prefer honey that is made within twenty miles of my house, since that helps with allergies.  I think I need to consider dropping this subscription.  Too many unhealthy snacks. My favorite snack subscription is from Graze.  That's the one I recommend.  If you don't mind a mix of healthy and unhealthy snacks, go ahead and give Goodies a try.   It's owned by Walmart, so one doesn't really expect it to be healthy. What's your favorite snack subscription box?

I have reviewed many different subscription boxes on this blog.  To see them all check out my Subscription Box Pinterest Board.  Any that you would like more information on, just click on the photo and it will take you to the matching blog post.

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