Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Baby James - Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam

Happy Easter!

This is an Indie nail polish made by Pam and her line is called Whimsical Nail Polish.  Her line of nail polish is very tempting.  There are several that I would like to purchase especially Seuss.  I came across Sweet Baby James in a nail polish swap.  Sort of looks like an Easter egg, so I decided to wear it in time for Easter.   I was very anxious to try Pam's line so when it arrived I tried it right away.  I had read some reviews and heard that this color can run thick and this bottle did. To get it as close to the color it appears in the bottle, I chose Essie's Mint Candy as a base, since the blue base in this polish is very sheer.  I had tried Julep's Shenae first since it was a closer match, but the brush wasn't cut properly and I couldn't get it to apply properly near the cuticles.  I used one coat of Sweet Baby James and dabbed the polish on near the cuticles and with the lightest pressure possible brushed it down toward the tips.  Then any parts that were missing some glitter I dapped a little more and brushed it on very lightly.  One top coat of Seche Vite was all that was needed.  It lasted for a week without chips.  Removing it was the most challenging glitter polish that I have tried so far.  Even with the cotton ball and foil trick, it took twenty minutes to remove and required pushing some of the white glitter off with my nail or a dotting tool.  I recommend her line of polish, just remember that it takes longer to apply and remove. You can find her line of polish on her Facebook page for purchase.  What Indie brands have you tried?

Another Indie polish that I have tried:

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Goodies Co Taster's Box - February 2013

February's Goodies Box

This is a new box I recently found out about and waited on the wait list for six weeks to become a subscriber!  It was worth the wait because John (my hubby) & I really enjoyed the goodies in this box.  Goodies is a good name for it!  I just love samples because I rarely buy a new product due to the fear of taking one taste, hating it and having to throw the rest out.  Ask my husband, I can't throw food out, I leave that to him.  It gives me great guilt to toss food in the trash, and much easier when it's a small sample!  We tasted the samples in the box faster than any other food sample box so far.  In this box were the following:
  1. J & D's Cheddar Bacon Pop - cheddar & bacon flavored popcorn in a microwavable bag
  2. Plentils - lentil chips in the margherita pizza flavor
  3. Peanut Butter & Co - dark chocolate dreams flavor (2 packets)
  4. Chips Ahoy! - chocolate chip cookies with Reeses peanut butter cups
  5. SnackWell's - yogurt pretzels 100 calorie pack
  6. Wana Lai - fruit & nut bar (not in picture)
I opened the bag of Chips Ahoy first since I had just seen someone else on Facebook post a picture of it and was really anxious to taste it!  Hubby wasn't that crazy about it, but I enjoyed it.  Due to the high calories, it isn't something I would purchase unless I could purchase it in a single serving pack.  Second, we tried the Plentils since we had them before in the plain flavor in another food box and really enjoyed them and purchased a full size bag.  The flavor was pretty good.  They are really crunchy and great for that crunchy craving you get and ok to eat on a low fat & or low calorie diet.  Third, I tried the yogurt pretzels and they were pretty good too.  Be careful though the yogurt falls off a bit and melts quickly on your clothes since it's so thin.  Forth, since my husband loves bacon more than I do, he quickly grabbed that bag of popcorn and popped it in our microwave.  He was instantly in love with the flavor!  I gave it a try because of his reaction and was surprised at how good it tasted. Not something I would eat on a regular basis, but it sure would be a nice change every once and awhile and hubby would eat it on a regular basis for sure.  The Wana Lai bar was missing from the box and I just received the replacement today along with two other samples and a note pad.  It was tasty, but if you don't like dates you probably wouldn't like it.  I am anxious to receive the March box!  This subscription service charges customers $7 between the 1st-5th of the month and the box is shipped the 2nd Friday and continues shipping for ten days thereafter.  I highly recommend this box!  Be sure to get on the wait list as soon as possible, if you want to subscribe.  What's your favorite food subscription box?  

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Monday, March 25, 2013

BarkBox - February 2013

February's Barkbox

This is a monthly subscription box from BarkBox for dogs for $24.95 a month.  The price has gone up recently, so for new subscribers it's $29 monthly or $23 if you sign up for three months (18% savings) or $18 a month for six month subscriptions (37% savings).  Shipping is free and they have boxes for three sizes of dogs (under 20 lbs, 20-50 lbs or 50+ lbs).  This is the ninth box my dogs have received.  The following was included in February's box:
  1. Aussie Naturals - knotty bear
  2. Pet Qwerks - fabric newspaper that makes a crinkle noise
  3. Get Naked - dental chews
  4. Wet Noses - Carob & Mint cookies
  5. Wet Noses - Dogranola cookies
There was also a coupon for  Isabella enjoyed chewing on the knotty ropes of the bear and Teddy enjoyed fetching it.  Leo enjoyed the crinkle noise made by the newspaper.  All four of our dogs  (2 Maltese & 2 Shih-Tzu) enjoyed the dental chews which surprised me because they are very picky about treats.  They also enjoyed the Wet Noses treats after they realized I wasn't going to hand out any more of my handmade chicken & green bean dog cookies (recipe here).  This was a very good box and my dogs were happy with everything included.  The ingredients in the treats were acceptable and the toys suitable for small dogs.

So there you have it, my dogs' review of the latest BarkBox.  If you would like to send your dog a box of fun toys and tasty treats, click here for $5 off your dog's first box.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Nail Art Society - February & March 2013

February & March's Nail Art Society Shipments

February's Shipment - nail file for faux nails, lace piece, chain, dotting tool, red Finger Paints nail polish

March's Shipment - 3D nail art (flowers, beads, watermelons) and nail stickers

This is a monthly subscription service from a company called Nail Art Society.  The original price for this subscription was $10 and after two months they increased the price to $20.  Those who subscribed within the first two months are charged the lower price for the life of their subscription.  The first month included a LVX polish and feathers for nail art.  So I decided to subscribe since I liked the first package.  The first month's shipment was a good deal, it was a higher priced nail polish than what I received in the December, January, February & March.  I kept hoping that they would ship another high quality polish, but the next couple of shipments continued to go downhill.  When I received the March shipment and it included nail stickers that have very bad reviews, I decided to cancel.  The low quality nail stickers were the deal breaker.  I was not using the products I received except for December's shipment and the polish stained my nails. The products I received were either ones I saw on clearance at local stores or products that just weren't my taste.  Perhaps they could come up with a customized offer for their subscribers.  While one person may love wearing chains on their nails another person may find that tacky or just not their style.  I'm sad to say goodbye to Nail Art Society.  I was so excited and it seemed so perfect for me since I love nail art.  What monthly nail or beauty subscriptions do you subscribe to?

Check out the previous shipments I received here:

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Fancy Box - Monthly Food Subscription Box


This is a new monthly subscription service called Fancy Box. They have several different types to chose from including food, P!nk, and Ashton Kutcher.  It normally costs $39 plus shipping of $7.94, but I used a coupon for $25 off which made my total only $21.95.  To purchase one for yourself at a discount, click here and use coupon code "25OFF4".  Included in March's box were the following:
  1. Toasted Almond Biscotti - flour, sugar, eggs, lemon zest & almonds
  2. Chorizo Seco - heritage breed, pastor-raised pork
  3. Q Ginger - drink straight or enhance with spirits for a natural, clean & crisp take on ginger ale
  4. Q Kola - not too sugary with a nice balance of spice, tang, savory and sweet
  5. Drunken Monkey Jam - bananas with rum & lime
  6. The Brooklyn Salsa Company - The Tropical with oranges, tomatoes, coconut milk & chili
  7. Raw Chocolate Bonbons - raw and organic
  8. Serenitea - passion flower lavender, caffeine-free
Hubby tried the biscotti and the first day he liked it, yet the next he decided in fact he did not like it.  I don't drink coffee, so I'm not a fan of biscotti.  We both tried the pork and it was just too tough a texture.  I haven't tried the drinks yet since they have 65-70 calories each.  Hubby is looking forward to trying the jam since he's a big fan of bananas.  We don't have any bread in the house right now due to our diet, so as soon as we do he's planning on trying it.  We tried the salsa, but yet again due to our diet we don't have chips in the house to try them with.  It was pretty good and nothing like anything I have had before.  Hubby tried the chocolate and he said it has a raw taste, not a big fan.  I haven't tried the tea yet since it's loose and I find it's messy, so I use only tea bags or K-cups.  I really wanted to like this box, but it just didn't meet our diet restraints currently.  I'm sure someone else would love this box and it's a good value since it retails for $70.  It was very nicely packaged and came with cards explaining each item, several recipe cards and a couple stickers (as shown above).

So there you have it, another new subscription box I gave a try.  I will be posting a few other new ones soon, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss out.  What new subscriptions have you tried lately?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Love with Food Monthly Subscription Box

Classics with a Twist

I have been on the hunt to find some monthly subscription services that I've never sampled before and one of those is Love with Food.  Get your first box for FREE, click here and use the code "DiscoverFood".  Normally it's $10 a month plus $2 shipping and they donate a meal to a hungry child, how wonderful is that!    As with most subscription boxes, it's discounted if you go with a six month or one year subscription.  Included in March's shipment were the following:
  1. Kids 50 - juice drink with apple, carrot and acerola berry juice, 50% less calories
  2. Cosmos Creations - salted caramel baked corn
  3. Mary's Gone Crackers - organic, vegan, gluten-free crunchy whole grain snack 
  4. Wacky Apple - wild berry flat fruit with apples and blackberries 
  5. Emily's Chocolates - dark chocolate orange fortune cookie 
  6. Chocwasabi - chocolate covered wasabi peas
  7. Ola! - crunchy oats with vanilla & maple syrup
  8. Revolution - green tea bag with aroma of fruit
This was an interesting box since I haven't seen these products before.  Hubby kindly asked if I had taken a photo before diving into the yummies.  He's a well trained blogger's hubby!  He first selected the salted caramel and wow is that yummy.  He promptly said "I don't think you will like it", which is code for it's so good I don't want to share.  So I begged for one little morsel to be saved for me.  Wow, that was sweet and delicious.  I wouldn't want to eat a lot at one time, since it was really sweet, but I would recommend it.  It's so yummy like candy.  Next he grabbed the Wacky Apple which is like a fruit roll up.  He loved it and I didn't care for it though I've never found any that I like.  I'm just not a fan of a fruit roll up type of food.   Next he grabbed the Chocwasabi and really liked it and I agreed.  Though this is another item I couldn't eat many of at one sitting.  It wasn't too strong and had a delayed effect, you tasted the wasabi after you chewed it up.  Next he selected the fortune cookie and he liked it.  I wasn't a fan, but I'm not a fan of the taste of fortune cookies anyway.  Next he selected the green tea box and was surprised to find a tea bag inside.  I wont be drinking that since I recently discovered I get severe headaches from green tea.  Then he tried the granola and half the bag is sitting on the counter, so I'd say he didn't like that one.  The crackers and the juice have yet to be sampled.  I will update this post after we give them a taste.    I must say hubby is a big fan of the food subscriptions I bring in the house!  He has been trained well!  He knows he can taste, but in return he must give a review!  He was so glad it wasn't more nail polish or beauty products!

So there you have it, my latest subscription box review.  Food subscription boxes are a great way of trying a monthly subscription box, since we all need food, so they are budget friendly!  I would recommend this one since it's inexpensive and has lots of samples to try out and more importantly, they give back!  I love companies that give a percentage to charity!  Stay tuned for some other new boxes, since I subscribed to several new ones this month.  What new subscription boxes have you tried lately and which one of your current subscriptions is your favorite? Please comment below!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hard Candy, Julie G's & OPI Disney's Oz Nail Polish Haul

New Collections from

Hard Candy, Julie G & OPI

Gummy Green, Pink Taffy, Cotton Candy Pink, Pixie Pink, Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, Jubilee, Crush on Pink, Piece of Papaya, Mermaid Magic

Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush (for sale), Tangerine Dream (for sale), Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, Crushed Candy

Free sample,  What Wizardry is This?, I Theodora You, Which is Witch? (notice glitter reflection the last one makes on the table!)

Swatches starting with the light pink one at the top right moving left:  I Theodora You, Which is Witch?, Gummy Green, Pink Taffy, Cotton Candy Pink, Pixie Pink, Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, Jubilee, Crush on Pink, Piece of Papaya, Mermaid Magic, Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush, Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, Crushed Candy, What Wizardry is This? (2 coats, no top coat applied)

Wow there have been some really amazing collections of nail polish that have come out this month!  Above are the ones that I just couldn't resist.  I'm going to have to stop buying polish for awhile now!  Here's my entire shopping list:

Hard Candy - Candied Confetti Collection:

  1. Gummy Green - mint green jelly base with small silver, white & black round glitter.
  2. Pinky Taffy - medium pink jelly base with small pink, navy & white round glitter.
  3. Cotton Candy Pink - light pink jelly base with navy, white & silver round glitter.
  4. Pixie Pink - light lavender jelly base with pink, turquoise & white round glitter.
  5. Sweet Tooth - light blue jelly base with pink, blue & white round glitter.
  6. Sugar Rush - white jelly base with black, silver & white round glitter.

Hard Candy - Crystal Collection:

  1. Jubilee - green jelly base with large black & gold hexagons, small black matte glitter and copper bar glitter.

Hard Candy - Metallic Collection:

  1. Crushed on Pink - pink metallic micro glitter with a foil appearance.

Hard Candy - Itzy Glitz Micro Glitter:

  1. Piece of Papaya - pink/coral & gold metallic micro glitter with a foil appearance.

Hard Candy - Glitteratzi Collection:

  1. Mermaid Magic - medium purple glitter in a small blue glitter base.
This is my first purchase of anything from the Hard Candy line of cosmetics.  I am very impressed with their nail polish!  Their polish applies with ease and goes one so well.  If you have been afraid of glitter or had a bad experience before, this is the glitter polish to purchase.  The Candied Confetti collection has several dupes for very expensive polish brands such a Deborah Lippmann's!  I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay $3.97 than $19 and get the same look!  Gummy Green is a dupe for the expensive Rockin' Robin.  Sugar Rush is a dupe for the expensive Polka Dots & Moonbeams.  Mermaid Magic is a inexpensive dupe for Across the Universe.  I had 18 of these Hard Candy polishes on my wish list and managed to reduce it to 10.  I highly recommend this new line of polish.  You can buy these online at in a few days or at their store now.  I had to go to three Walmarts before I found them in stock.  They are worth the search, they are a must have!

Jessie's Girl Cosmetics - Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Collection:

  1. Hot Cinnamon - red, gold & pink micro glitter.
  2. Sugar Rush - orange coral & pink micro glitter.
  3. Tangerine Dream - gold & tangerine micro glitter.
  4. Rock Candy - turquoise/teal & silver micro glitter.
  5. Blueberry Fizz - blue & silver micro glitter.
  6. Crushed Candy - purple & silver micro glitter.
This is my first purchase of any polish from the Julie G collection.  I found out they were having a presale of their new Frosted Gum Drops collection at a discount ($3.33 each) & free shipping.  I was going to pass on this collection until I saw a video of them and saw the incredible glitter reflection.    Thanks Jessie, it's all your fault I bought them.  They really do look like frosted gum drop candy!  If you aren't a fan of the sandy textured polishes, this set might change your mind.  If you add a glossy top coat your nails will look just like the polish does in the bottle.  You can purchase this line at Rite Aid stores or on the Jessie's Girl Cosmetics website.  I will be selling or offering for swap #2 & #3, check out my Blog Sale.  I'm running out room on my nail rack!

OPI Disney's Oz The Great & Powerful Collection:

  1. What Wizardry is This? - olive/brown & gold glitter with a sand texture.
  2. I Theodora You - pink jelly.
  3. Which is Witch? - medium holographic hexagons & bar glitter.
One of my favorite lines of polish is OPI and since I love The Oz movie, I just had to get a few of these polishes. I was going to pass especially since OPI just raised their price, but I found them at a discount from Cut & Blow online.  Instead of $9 each, I paid $5.50 each.  I must say this collection looks so much better in person than online.  The brown liquid sand polish looks best in the sunlight.  The glitter lights up in the sun!  Definitely a polish for the beach or outdoor activities in the sun, not for gloomy cloudy days.  I will be wearing Which is Witch over three coats of I Theodora You soon.

In conclusion, there you have it, my insane recent nail polish purchases.  Yep, I'm addicted.  It's always something.  It use to be Barbies, Beanie Babies, Boyd Bears, and rubber stamps.  As soon as I give up collecting one thing, I find myself collecting something else.  I just can't help myself and when something brings you joy in this crazy world, you just have to go with it.  It's cheaper than therapy!  What do you purchase to make you happy?

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Julep's Lucky Manicure

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Photo taken in sunlight

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow to those that are Irish!  I'm not Irish, instead I'm Scottish, English & Swedish. Since hubby is part Irish, I had to do a green manicure for St. Patrick's Day.  I tried a nail art shamrock design, but I just didn't like it enough.  I decided on using the color Lucky from Julep.  This nail color looks like there is a light under it making it shine in any light.  The reflection is incredible, it's almost a green foil look in person.  It can look darker or lighter depending on the light.  As I sit here typing this, it looks much lighter than the photo above.  The gold coins are reflecting more.  Now on to the application:  it was a thick gloopy mess, but I managed to get one coat of it on after two coats of Sephora by OPI's Gleek Out.  Gleek Out is as close of a match as you will find!  It's a green and gold micro glitter polish that goes on very thin.  I didn't dare try putting on a second coat of Lucky, so using Gleek Out as a base was a perfect solution.  If you wanted to wear Gleek Out alone, you would need at least three coats for full coverage.  That one would also make a nice St. Patrick's Day manicure.  One coat of Poshe top coat was enough for most nails, two nails have gold coins sticking out a bit.   So I will be applying a second coat of Poshe today.  I normally use Seche Vite as a top coat, but I find it shrinks Julep polishes sometimes.  Lucky came in my last Julep Maven box, check it out here.  So what are you wearing for St. Patrick's Day and are you Irish?

Thank you to those who subscribe to my blog and leave comments,  I really appreciate it!  I post bargains as soon as I find out about them via Twitter, so you may want to follow me on Twitter.  I only post on my blog after I receive those bargains.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Graze Box Nature Delivered Subscription Box

This is a new subscription box from Graze located in the UK for only $5.   They ship to the UK and the US. Delivery options are weekly, every two weeks or every four weeks.  There are two boxes to chose from:  a Light Box which has over 50 low calorie snacks or the Nibble Box which has over 100 selections.  I chose the Nibble Box.  You can browse the selections and chose which ones you want to be sent and which ones you do not want to receive.  The selection is like nothing I've ever seen before, it's amazing!  I love all the variety, so this is a box that I just had to have.  They currently have limited openings for new members, so you have to find an invitation code to get in. Here's my code for one person "JRPJ9L3D".  Please leave a comment below, if you use the code. You could also search twitter via #Graze, if mine has been used.  The first and fifth boxes & shipping are all free! They even include a napkin.  Included in my first box were the following:
  1. Tutti Frutti - pineapple, cherry raisins, blueberry cranberries & raisins, 120 calories
  2. Fruit & Seed Flapjack - rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits, 225 calories
  3. Pomodoro Rustichella - cheese croutons, tomato baguettes & tomato & herb almonds, 115 calories
  4. Marvellous Macaroon - white chocolate, amaretti drops, almond slices and coconut, 157 calories
I'm anxious to try all of these marvellous snacks!  I just tried the Pomodora Rustichella and it's so yummy and only 115 calories, wonderful!  Now I wish I could receive more than one box a week.  Hubby & I will be fighting over these snacks for sure!   I may just have to hide them from him.  I will update this post after I try the rest of them.  Do you know of any new subscription boxes?

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Julep's Teri & China Glaze's Glitz 'N Pieces Manicure

Teri & Glitz 'N Pieces

Photo taken in sunlight

Julep's Teri is from the March Maven box I purchased and I bought Glitz 'N Pieces from Sally's Beauty Supply. The application of Teri was a challenge.  I had to add Seche Vite's Restore several times to reduce the thickness and yet I still had a hard time applying it.  It was just going on too thick and the polish was sticking to the wand above the brush and then dropping on my hand while I was applying the polish to the nail!  That's about as bad as a polish can get when it does that!  I'm not one to give up so I continued with the application, but I wont be using this polish again.  I was hoping to use the March Maven Julep pastel polishes in a marble design, but I tried it and they are all too thick.  Usually Julep is one of the polish brands that I try when coming up with a marble design since they are thin polishes normally.  No matter how much Restore I added to this polish it just didn't improve the thickness much at all.  Also, the next day I had to touch up the ends and decided it was just too boring a manicure and added Glitz 'N Pieces to liven it up.  Strange how the polish looks like a pastel coral in the bottle, but on the nails it looks like more of a southwest coral.  I landed up with two coats of Teri and one coat of Glitz 'N Pieces.  Glitz 'N Pieces is easy to apply and only one coat is needed.  One or two top coats is required on top to make it smooth.  So what do you think of these two polishes together?  If you purchased a Maven box in March, did you find the polishes to be thick also?  I had skipped my Maven boxes for months and was really excited to finally receive one again, but I found it disappointing so far.    

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Julep Maven March Shipment

March It Girl Box

It Girl Box with 3 Add On's

Swatches of:  Shenae, Simone, Teri, Minnie, Adrianna & Lucky

Don't you love pastel nail polish!  I couldn't skip March's box, how could I, look at those beautiful colors! Included in my box from left to right were the following:
  1. Shenae - pastel blue with shimmer, It Girl Box
  2. Simone - pastel lilac with shimmer, It Girl Box
  3. Teri - pastel coral creme, It Girl Collection
  4. Minnie - pastel pink with shimmer, Bombshell Box
  5. Adrianna - pastel pistachio creme, Bombshell Box
  6. Lucky - kelly green and gold glitter, add on
  7. Strawberry Mint Lip Balm (not in photo)
This is a monthly box from a nail polish company called Julep.  It's $19.99 including shipping each month.  You can add on up to four other polishes for only $5 each, they retail for $14.  They also give points for purchases and referrals that you can redeem for free polish.  Each month you purchase a box, you will receive 300 points and for referrals you receive 1000 points. 750 points is good for a free polish with the purchase of a monthly box and 2000 points for a free box.  Each month on the 20th they will send you an email and you can chose which box you would like that month or skip that month by the 24th.  They are then shipped around the 28th and they arrive within 4-5 days for the east coast customers, sooner if you are closer to the west coast.

If you would like your own Maven box, please use my referral link here.  If you use that link and the coupon code "FREEBOX" you will receive your first box for free!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Revlon's Whimsical Manicure

Revlon's Whimsical Over Julep's Piper

Revlon's nail enamel called Whimsical is a duplicate for Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air and is much less expensive!  I bought it for only $3.49 at with a coupon they posted on Facebook,  plus 8% cash back from Mr. Rebates.  It retails for $4.99, while Deborah Lippmann's polish retails for $19.00!  What a savings! I used one coat of Julep's Piper (light teal blue color) first, then four coats of Whimsical for the look above.  Of course, I also used Manicure Keeper by Orly as a base and Seche Vite as a top coat to maintain the manicure for at least a week without chips.  Whimsical is a blue jelly base with copper and blue circular glitter in two sizes: very small and medium.  If I had to do it over I would use a more opaque blue base color such as Sephora by OPI's Betsey Johnson Cartwheels on the Catwalk.  While Julep's Piper looked best on the faux nail swatch I did, on my own real nails the white tips were showing through Whimsical just a bit.   If you don't use a base color other than Whimsical, it will be sheer and not as dark a blue color as it is in the bottle. The glitter was a bit challenging to make sure it covered the entire nail.  If you notice my middle finger above needs more glitter near the cuticle.  After four coats, that shouldn't have been an issue, but it was.  The tiny glitter shows up mostly when you move the nail and it reflects the light.  The glitter lays flat and feels smooth.  I suggest letting the glitter stop moving which takes at least five minutes before you put your top coat over it.  You need to let the blue base color float under the glitter, so the glitter can rise to the top.  So there you have it, my latest manicure, do you like it?  Do you know of any other inexpensive duplicates for expensive polishes?  I have one other duplicate that I have featured on this blog:  Chanel Peridot.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Seafood Express & Japanese Hibachi - Restaurant Review

Seafood Express & Japanese Hibachi

531 Depot St., Hwy 210
Angier, NC  27501

Flounder Fillet Seafood Platter - $7.25  

Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi - $7.55

This is a restaurant review of a restaurant called Seafood Express & Japanese Hibachi located in a small town called Angier off Highway 210 in North Carolina.  They have a mostly carry-out business with a few tables, if you want to eat there.  The fried flounder is delicious and not greasy.  My stomach can't handle greasy food, so I was happy we gave this restaurant a try again.  It appears to have new owners, based on the reviews I read online, my guess is they took over a couple years ago.  The previous owners or management had very greasy fried seafood and didn't offer Hibachi.  

The Flounder Platter includes 2-3 pieces of fried flounder, cole slaw, french fries and 3-5 hushpuppies.  Their tarter sauce is very good and has a strong flavor, so you need very little of it. The cole slaw, french fries and hushpuppies are also tasty.  I also have tried the Fried Shrimp Platter and it is equally delicious.  If you need to reheat your platter, I would recommend the Shrimp Platter or order it as a side item.  I like to purchase the Shrimp as a side item and heat it up in the oven later for a delicious snack.  The shrimp reheats very well.  The flounder I recommend you eat right away, it would dry up a bit if you reheated it after refrigeration.  My husband likes the Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi, which comes with fried rice, grilled onions or carrots, zucchini and broccoli. The sauce isn't over applied, it's nice and light.  The portions are generous and will certainly fill you up.  I highly recommend you give this carry-out restaurant a try soon!

If you would like to order, call 919-639-7888.  Food is ready in 10-15 minutes.  Bon Appetite!

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