Saturday, February 16, 2013

Watch Maltese Dogs Teddy & Leo Play

Peace Manor Presents:
Teddy & Leo

Happy Birthday to Teddy & Harvey!

Watch Teddy & Leo (Maltese dogs) play together.  Leo is wearing the red sweater and Teddy is wearing the grey football sweater.  At :36 Teddy taps Leo's nose with his own nose!  So cute!  Later Harvey (Shih-Tzu dog) arrives to see what they are up to.  Around 2:22 Teddy starts what I call his circus dance.  He stands only on his back legs and walks!  He makes me laugh.   He can also spin around in a circle on his back legs.  Isabella (Shih-Tzu) just slept through the entire thing.  

Teddy turned six years old today and Harvey tuned ten years old yesterday!  Please leave a comment to wish them a Happy Birthday.  They are such wonderful doggies!  My dogs recommend BarkBox & Doggyloot, if you need gift recommendations for your dog!

Do you have a dog and does he/she do tricks?  Feel free to add a comment with a link to a photo or video of your dog below.  

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Have a PEACEful Day!

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