Monday, February 4, 2013

MAC Cosmetics' Archie's Girls Haul

Archie's Girls Collection
by M·A·C Cosmetics

Free button with purchase, Stay Sweet Lipglass, Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder, Girl Next Door Lustre Lipstick,  and Brush Kit

Out of boxes:  Archie's Girls Brush Kit, Betty's Stay Sweet Lipglass, Betty's Pearlmatte Face Powder, and Betty's Girl Next Door Lipstick

Opened:  Archie's Girls Brush Kit, Betty's Stay Sweet Lipglass, Betty's Pearlmatte Face Powder, and Betty's Girl Next Door Lipstick

This is makeup I ordered from a collection called Archie's Girls from MAC Cosmetics online.  There are two collections:  Betty & Veronica based on the comic strip Archie.  Here's my review of the items I purchased:

Archie's Girls Brush Kit - a nice set of brushes in a tin box that includes the following brushes:  167SE Face Brush, 168 SE Angled Blush Brush, 266SE Eyeliner Brush, 226SE Eyeshadow Blending Brush, and 242 SE Eyeshadow Brush.  They are a little smaller than your standard sized brushes and have really nice glossy handles with hearts on them.  I think this is the best item in the entire Archie's Girls collection!  If you only want to purchase one item in the collection, make it this one.

Betty's Stay Sweet Lipglass - this one is disappointing and I regret purchasing it.  It shows every single wrinkle on your lips and it wants to move to the edges.  I think this color is just too light of a color even on my very fair skin.  It isn't moisturizing and you will need to exfoliate your lips prior to wearing this one.  It shows every imperfection!  I'm seriously considering returning this one.  Anyone know how long they take to process returns?  If you do purchase this one, wear it in the spring or summer only and with pink eyeshadow & blush.  I went online after receiving this one today and ordered Veronica's Mall Madness to replace this one.

Betty's Pearlmatte Face Powder - I was disappointed to hear that this looks more like a blush than a face powder. Indeed, those hearts cause it to be a blush, yet at the higher price of a face powder.  Sure the hearts are cute, but they should have done this on the blush, not the face powder.  If you use the blush brush that is in the brush kit, you can manage to swipe just the face powder and not touch any of the hearts in the lower right corner towards the center.  When you apply this to your face it gives a warm peach tone to your skin that has fine glitter that reflects in the light.  It takes very little pressure for the powder to flake off, so use a gentle hand on this one, especially on the hearts.  It has a red pinky peachy color, if you swipe across the entire thing and can be used as a blush.  It gives my fair skin the same color I would have after being outside on a snowy day.   I like the mirror in this one and the push button for opening.

Betty's Girl Next Door Lipstick - another disappointment, it goes on so light in color and even after several swipes it still isn't opaque.  I was hoping it had a bit more lavender in it, it's just a blue toned pink.  It has a slight gloss to it.  It looks better after applying the matching Stay Sweet Lipglass over it.  It also isn't moisturizing and you must exfoliate and moisturize your lips prior to wearing this one!  I also want to return this one.  There isn't another lipstick in the collection I want to replace it with.  The rest seem too bright or don't have opaque coverage.

Well there you have it, my review of my second purchase of a themed collection from MAC cosmetics.  The Marilyn Monroe one was so much better!  I'm glad I didn't purchase much of the collection this time.  Anyone know what the next theme will be?  I love the themed collections, unfortunately the packaging for the Archie one was the only good part, the cosmetics aren't so great.  It appears that I'm not the only one with this opinion, since the collection has yet to sell out.  It was for sale on the MAC website starting January 30th at 6 pm ET.  The other stores like Macy's & Belk have started selling the collection online today and it will be in stores on February 7th, if you would like to purchase some of it.

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