Thursday, February 28, 2013

GlossyBox February 2013

February's GlossyBox Shipment:

Evologie, Lisi, Nail Rock, Bvlgari, DaVinici  

This is a shipment from a monthly cosmetic sample subscription service called GlossyBox for $21.  In this shipment were the following:
  1. Evologie - Intensive Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream
  2. Lisi - Liquid Line Eyeliner, color Cauldron
  3. Nail Rock - Nail Wraps
  4. Bvlgari - soap
  5. Da Vinci Cosmetics - Shimmer Powder
This was suppose to be an "International Style" box featuring items from France, England, Germany, Japan and the US.  I am very unhappy with this box because that was not what I received.  These products in the order listed above are from the following countries:  US, China, UK, Italy, US.  Note that products from France, Germany & Japan were not in this box!  It was totally false advertising and I would have not purchased this box, if it had been a normal GlossyBox.  Also, they have you fill out a beauty profile, so that your box is tailored to your beauty needs.  That is obviously just a marketing tool and not referred to because I have received items that didn't match my skin tone previously and I do not have acne, so they shouldn't be sending me acne products!  Their customer service department doesn't care when you complain about this issue.  They have a take it or leave it attitude!  While I like the nail wraps, I'm concerned that they were not in a sealed container. Previous ones I have purchased were sealed and it said in the directions to keep it sealed until use because they would dry out.  If you purchased this brand before, please let me know if your package was sealed.  I also like the soap, but the rest of the items are not items I will be using.  I will be putting them on my blog sale.  If you are interested in items 1, 2 and 5, check out my blog sale here.

I have received four previous shipments and after being disappointed more times than being satisfied, I cancelled my membership.  I have cancelled my membership yet again and unsubscribed from their email list.  Needless to say, their false marketing will not grab my attention ever again.  Have you received any of their boxes and what did you think of the products you received?

To view the previous boxes I received, click on the links below:

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nfu Oh French Nail Lacquer 66 Manicure

From France

Nfu Oh 66 Holographic Nail Lacquer

Photo taken indoors on a cloudy day  

This manicure features a holographic nail polish from France labeled 66.  Nfu Oh nail lacquers do not have names, just numbers.  The holographic nature of this polish is very impressive.  As you move the nail, the polish reflects all the colors of the rainbow.  It looks even better in the sunlight, but unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo in the sunlight due to it being a gloomy, cloudy day.  Yet, the polish still looks very holographic even indoors with indoor lights!  This polish is lasting without chips unlike many holographic nail polishes.  Application of this polish is a little bit tricky.  I suggest that you only use three strokes (center, right, left) on each nail.  Do not go back over any of the three strokes until it's a bit dry.  If you do, you will find it will remove the polish that you applied in the first stroke! I used three coats and Seche Vite top coat.  The top coat did not reduce the holographic appearance at all.  While this polish is expensive, I highly recommend this brand of polish.  The beautiful bottle alone makes it worth it!

Read about my haul of this French polish here and see my other manicure with a blue holographic polish from Nfu Oh here.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cafe Escapes K-Cup Review

Cafe Escapes K-Cups

Dark Chocolate, Chai Latte, Milk Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Vanilla, and Cafe Caramel

 photo d0efe549-16d5-47d9-a382-1ed659e9ab81.jpg

This free sample package of Cafe Escapes K-Cups was provided by BzzAgent for review.  All of them were new flavors to us except the Milk Chocolate which we have purchased many times.  It's one of my favorite K-Cup flavors!  I like to add some whipped cream to the top! So delicious on a cold winter day!  I have recommended it and served to it company many times.  So I was anxious to try some of their new flavors.  I tried the Dark Chocolate & Chai Latte first and I love them.  I prefer the Milk Chocolate over the Dark Chocolate though.  I will be purchasing a box of the Chai Latte K-Cups soon.  It's so yummy!  It has the perfect amount of sugar and milk. The only negative thing about them is the calories, which ranges from 60-70 calories.  So I have to limit them to one or two per day.  I would love to see them use Stevia, a natural no calorie sweetener in the future!  If they made that change, I would drink them all afternoon!  

On to the ones with coffee, since I'm not a coffee drinker my hubby tried them out.  He enjoyed the Cafe Caramel the most.  He didn't care for the Cafe Mocha at all and didn't finish it.  He's not a fan of instant coffee, which is what is in these K-Cups, so he will be sticking to his regular K-Cup brands that he prefers such a Starbucks.  They also have 60-70 calories per K-Cup unlike the regular coffee brands.

If you are interested in purchasing these, you will find them at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and online via,, and  Don't forget to go through Mr. Rebates for cash back and coupons!  If you've never heard of a K-Cup before, you are really missing out!  You'll need a Keurig machine to brew them, which can be found in most stores such a Walmart, Target, BJ's, Costco, just to name a few.  You can also taste a sample at BJ's & Costco on weekends usually.  

Well there you have it my latest BzzAgent review. What's you favorite K-Cup flavor and brand?

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Watch Maltese Dogs Teddy & Leo Play

Peace Manor Presents:
Teddy & Leo

Happy Birthday to Teddy & Harvey!

Watch Teddy & Leo (Maltese dogs) play together.  Leo is wearing the red sweater and Teddy is wearing the grey football sweater.  At :36 Teddy taps Leo's nose with his own nose!  So cute!  Later Harvey (Shih-Tzu dog) arrives to see what they are up to.  Around 2:22 Teddy starts what I call his circus dance.  He stands only on his back legs and walks!  He makes me laugh.   He can also spin around in a circle on his back legs.  Isabella (Shih-Tzu) just slept through the entire thing.  

Teddy turned six years old today and Harvey tuned ten years old yesterday!  Please leave a comment to wish them a Happy Birthday.  They are such wonderful doggies!  My dogs recommend BarkBox & Doggyloot, if you need gift recommendations for your dog!

Do you have a dog and does he/she do tricks?  Feel free to add a comment with a link to a photo or video of your dog below.  

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Friday, February 15, 2013

OPI's Is that Silva? Manicure

Is that Silva? Magnetic Nail Polish

from OPI's Skyfall 007 Collection

Is that Silva? - photo taken in sunlight

Is that Silva? - photo taken in sunlight

Look at the reflection coming off those holographic particles!  Wow!  This is a really pretty holographic and magnetic polish, which makes a great combination.  You can see the rainbow of colors reflecting off the particles in any light, but it's more vibrant and brighter in sunlight and night time lighting.  In daylight, indoors they appear to reflect mostly silver.  This set comes with a magnetizer, but I had a hard time with it, so I used Nail Inc's magnet instead.  The process to obtain this look is a little different than other magnetic polishes I have tried and since I found OPI's directions didn't work well,  I'll outline what I found to work here:
  1. Paint on two base coats of Orly's Bonder or Manicure Keeper on all nails.
  2. Paint on one coat of Is it Silva? on all nails and let it dry for five minutes.
  3. Paint one nail with Is it Silva? and then add another coat immediately after, but a heavy coat.  
  4. Quickly place the magnetic over your nail using the cuticle guide to get as close as you can to the nail without touching it.  Hold for 3 seconds and quickly remove. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the rest of the nails, one by one.
  5. Wait an hour for the nails to dry.  Do not touch them, not even to check if they are dry. 
  6. Apply a heavy coat of Poshe top coat.
  7. Let dry for 15 minutes before touching anything and do not touch them during that time, not even to check if they are dry.
  8. Admire your nails!
I also recommend practicing, if you haven't tried magnetic polish before.  The reason for step 2:  the Is that Silvia? polish is so sheer, I found it needed one coat dried before continuing with the normal steps for magnetic polish.  The reason for step 5:  I tried applying a top coat of Seche Vite after 5 minutes dry time and it made the dark grey a lighter grey color and smeared the lines the magnet made.  Seche Vite works on my Nails Inc magnetic polish after just five minutes dry time, so it was strange that it had a bad effect on the OPI version.  I also noticed that when I touched them to see if they were dry, it would smear the lines!  The reason for step 6: I tried Seche Vite after 60 minutes dry time and it smeared the lines.   So I tried Posche after 60 minutes dry time and it did not alter the polish at all.  Previously, I found the top coat Out the Door smeared my Nails Inc magnetic polish.  What top coat have you found to work on your magnetic polish?

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet Cake Mix Review

Happy Valentine's Day


Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet Cupcake Mix, Kerrygold Irish Butter, Raskas Cream Cheese, and Farm House Cage Free Large Eggs


I made this for hubby for Valentine's Day.  He loves red velvet cake and the way to his heart is definitely via his taste buds!  Our dogs thought I was making them something since I bake mainly for them these days since sugar isn't a part of my diet.  I enjoy baking, but not the calories.  When I saw this Barefoot Contessa cupcake mix at The Fresh Market on sale, I decided to give a few of her mixes a try since I love her show on the Food Network so much.  Her mixes are quite pricey, but if you can find them on sale they are affordable.  While I can't cook like her, I definitely can bake like her!  

The directions are easy to follow and the cupcakes came out yummy.  Each cupcake has 250 calories and they are not as sweet as I'm use to.  If you prefer more of a european flavor with less sugar, I recommend these.  I'm so use to American bakeries overuse of sugar now, unfortunately that's what I prefer these days.   I recommend using Kerrygold Irish Butter since it's softer and tastes better.  Your frosting will have more a yellow tone, since this butter is what butter use to look like in the 70's before they started altering cows' diets to save money.  I use to be a fan of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but since we tried Raskas from Costco, I much prefer it.  It's like Philadelphia Cream Cheese use to taste like many years ago.  Raskas cows are not treated with rBST.  Both the Kerrygold Butter & Raskas cream cheese can be found at Costco.  BJ's & some organic grocery stores also sell the Kerrygold butter.

So there you have my review.  I have two more of her mixes to share with you soon.  One I forgot to post that I tried months ago, a blondie mix and a coconut cupcake mix I shall try in about a month.  I'll need to find some other people to help eat them, since ten cupcakes are two many for just the two of us.    I also did a review on a red velvet cake mix for dogs, check it out here.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nail Art Society - January 2013

January Shipment from Nail Art Society

Everything included in the January Shipment (click on photo to enlarge)

This is a new nail polish monthly subscription service called Nail Art Society.  It costs me only $10 per month, since I'm an early adopter.  The new cost is $19.95 per month.  They were offering a discount for a limited time, but I'm not sure when it ends.  Try coupon code "NAS10".  Included in this shipment were the following:
  1. Layla Magneffect in the color Metallic Sky (07)
  2. Cherimoya Nailed It Nail Art Pen in Black! (N109)
  3. 20 Swarovski crystals in a flower shaped plastic container
  4. Stella Beauty Products tweezers
It also came with a card with a nail art design to try.  It features the magnetic design on all fingers except the index finger which features the Swarovski crystals and on the ring finger it features tiger stripes.  I love magnetic nail polish, so I look forward to trying this brand.  The magnet is on the lid, but you could also use a magnet that you received from another brand.  China Glaze sells a magnet that has several different designs on it.  The black polish features a very thin brush to create lines on your nails.  There are a couple of nail art designs that I have on my to do list that this will come in handy for.  Swarovski crystals have so much more shine and reflection than cheaper brands.  You can definitely tell the difference!

So there you have it, my second shipment from Nail Art Society.  I look forward to the February shipment! Check out what I received in December:

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Wet N Wild - Make Them Boys Go Loco by Fergie

Wet N Wild 
Fergie Collection
Make Them Boys Go Loco Manicure

Photo taken with flash at night

This is a nail polish from Wet N Wild's Fergie collection called Make Them Boys Go Loco.  It's a black jelly base with large red glitter.  It took three coats for the look above.  If you don't mind it less opaque you could get away with two coats.  If I use this polish again, I will start with a black polish as the base, then two coats of this polish on top.  What you see on the edges of my nails isn't tip wear, this photo was taken before that could happen. That is the black jelly base that isn't opaque.  Using a black polish as a base would keep that look from happening.  This is a pretty polish, but looks best in the sunlight.  I wasn't able to get a sunlight photo before tip wear occured due to the gloomy weather.  It's a very easy polish to apply, since it has a nice wide brush and the polish isn't too thin or thick.

I only paid $2.09 for this polish from, since I had a 40% off coupon from and I'm quite impressed by it.  Well actually I paid even less than that with cash back from Mr. Rebates.  You can see my haul of these Fergie nail polishes here.  Also, you can take a look at my manicure featuring another polish in this line called No Place Like Home, to do so click here.

Thanks for visiting!  Feel free to stay awhile and check out some of my other posts or my Blog Sale which includes some nail polishes & many cosmetics for sale way below cost.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

BarkBox - January 2013

January's BarkBox

Leo presents to you BarkBox

Notice Leo's first choice is the angus bar on the far right!  He says:  "it smells so yummy!"

This is a monthly subscription service from BarkBox and this is my dogs' 8th shipment.  Included in this shipment were the following:
  1. Jax and Bones - Elton the Octopus (
  2. Barkworthies - Angus Power Bar (
  3. Nootie - Peanut butter mini yumZies dog treats (
  4. Ruff Dawg - rubber toy to stuff treats in and fetch (
Teddy has enjoyed fetching the orange octopus toy and the red rubber toy, mostly the octopus.  First thing this morning he picked up the octopus and I had to do a customs check before he went out the door to do his business and take it from him. Teddy insists on playing fetch every day, so I'm always happy to see a toy for fetching in the BarkBox.  The Barkworthies angus bar is always a hit with all our dogs.  It's their first pick when I ask them what they want out of the box first.  So happy to see it in the BarkBox again.  The mini yumZies dog treats are always rejected by my dogs, so that will be given away to a dog that perhaps likes them.  Mind you, I make hand made cookies for my dogs weekly, so they are a picky pack.  So there you have it, my dogs' review of the January BarkBox.  My dogs are always excited to see their box arrive!  

If you would like to bring joy to your doggie, subscribe today and receive $5 off your first box, to do so click here. It's $29.99 a month with free shipping, or to reduce the price, purchase the 3 month or 6 month subscription.  The 3 month subscription is $23 a month and the 6 month subscription is $18 a month.  They are customized for the size of your dog and available in three different sizes.  To see the joy, excitement and smiles this box gives them monthly is priceless!  Kisses and hugs to your doggie!

To see what my dogs received in their box previous months, click on the links below:

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sushi Thai Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

Sushi Thai

106 Kilmayne Drive
Cary, NC  27511

Sushi Boat for Two - California Roll, Japanese Bagel Roll, 14 Sushi, 15 Sashimi, & 2 Chef's Choice

Close up of the Sushi Love Boat for Two - $55.00

This is a restaurant review for Sushi Thai located in Cary, NC.  This is my husband's favorite restaurant!  For his birthday we ordered the Sushi Boat for Two.  Now mind you, this could easily serve three people, perhaps four! This was as delicious as it is beautiful!  What artwork sushi is, it's so creative and Sushi Thai makes all their entrees a delight just to look at!  It is obvious that they take pride in their creations and they take the time to make every one of them perfection.  Normally, hubby orders his favorite food in the world, Beef Pad Thai and he says it tastes best at Sushi Thai.  I normally order the Chicken Tempura and we usually get fried sushi as an appetizer.  I also recommend the Chicken Katsu Dinner.    The Teriyaki is a bit sweet for me.  You have the choice of miso soup or salad with the Japanese entrees, which are both very good.  The hot tea is my drink of choice, but they also have soda, wine and beer.  The staff if very attentive.  My only complaint about this restaurant is the prices.  I'd love to eat there more often, but the prices prohibit that.  The bill for two people is usually around $50 after tip.  Lunch is a little less expensive, but they only serve that on weekdays except during the holidays.

This restaurant is right off Kildaire Farm Rd between Cary Parkway and Maynard Rd.  I highly recommend you give it a try very soon.  For Friday and Saturday nights, I recommend reservations which you may make by calling 919-467-5747.  They also have carry-out for those of you who live close by.

Update - It's January 2014 and this restaurant remains at the top of our list of favorite restaurants in the RDU area!  We both love the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box which is only available weekdays at lunchtime.  I also love the Chicken Katsu and hubby absolutely loves the Beef Pad Thai.  See photos below:

Bento Box

Chicken Katsu

Beef Pad Thai

I would love to try some different dishes, any recommendations? Also, what's your favorite restaurant in the RDU area?

Check out the rest of my restaurant reviews on my Pinterest Restaurant Review BoardI invite you to follow my blog via PinterestTwitterGoogle +Bloglovin', or Networked Blogs.

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Sushi-Thai Cary Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Monday, February 4, 2013

MAC Cosmetics' Archie's Girls Haul

Archie's Girls Collection
by M·A·C Cosmetics

Free button with purchase, Stay Sweet Lipglass, Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder, Girl Next Door Lustre Lipstick,  and Brush Kit

Out of boxes:  Archie's Girls Brush Kit, Betty's Stay Sweet Lipglass, Betty's Pearlmatte Face Powder, and Betty's Girl Next Door Lipstick

Opened:  Archie's Girls Brush Kit, Betty's Stay Sweet Lipglass, Betty's Pearlmatte Face Powder, and Betty's Girl Next Door Lipstick

This is makeup I ordered from a collection called Archie's Girls from MAC Cosmetics online.  There are two collections:  Betty & Veronica based on the comic strip Archie.  Here's my review of the items I purchased:

Archie's Girls Brush Kit - a nice set of brushes in a tin box that includes the following brushes:  167SE Face Brush, 168 SE Angled Blush Brush, 266SE Eyeliner Brush, 226SE Eyeshadow Blending Brush, and 242 SE Eyeshadow Brush.  They are a little smaller than your standard sized brushes and have really nice glossy handles with hearts on them.  I think this is the best item in the entire Archie's Girls collection!  If you only want to purchase one item in the collection, make it this one.

Betty's Stay Sweet Lipglass - this one is disappointing and I regret purchasing it.  It shows every single wrinkle on your lips and it wants to move to the edges.  I think this color is just too light of a color even on my very fair skin.  It isn't moisturizing and you will need to exfoliate your lips prior to wearing this one.  It shows every imperfection!  I'm seriously considering returning this one.  Anyone know how long they take to process returns?  If you do purchase this one, wear it in the spring or summer only and with pink eyeshadow & blush.  I went online after receiving this one today and ordered Veronica's Mall Madness to replace this one.

Betty's Pearlmatte Face Powder - I was disappointed to hear that this looks more like a blush than a face powder. Indeed, those hearts cause it to be a blush, yet at the higher price of a face powder.  Sure the hearts are cute, but they should have done this on the blush, not the face powder.  If you use the blush brush that is in the brush kit, you can manage to swipe just the face powder and not touch any of the hearts in the lower right corner towards the center.  When you apply this to your face it gives a warm peach tone to your skin that has fine glitter that reflects in the light.  It takes very little pressure for the powder to flake off, so use a gentle hand on this one, especially on the hearts.  It has a red pinky peachy color, if you swipe across the entire thing and can be used as a blush.  It gives my fair skin the same color I would have after being outside on a snowy day.   I like the mirror in this one and the push button for opening.

Betty's Girl Next Door Lipstick - another disappointment, it goes on so light in color and even after several swipes it still isn't opaque.  I was hoping it had a bit more lavender in it, it's just a blue toned pink.  It has a slight gloss to it.  It looks better after applying the matching Stay Sweet Lipglass over it.  It also isn't moisturizing and you must exfoliate and moisturize your lips prior to wearing this one!  I also want to return this one.  There isn't another lipstick in the collection I want to replace it with.  The rest seem too bright or don't have opaque coverage.

Well there you have it, my review of my second purchase of a themed collection from MAC cosmetics.  The Marilyn Monroe one was so much better!  I'm glad I didn't purchase much of the collection this time.  Anyone know what the next theme will be?  I love the themed collections, unfortunately the packaging for the Archie one was the only good part, the cosmetics aren't so great.  It appears that I'm not the only one with this opinion, since the collection has yet to sell out.  It was for sale on the MAC website starting January 30th at 6 pm ET.  The other stores like Macy's & Belk have started selling the collection online today and it will be in stores on February 7th, if you would like to purchase some of it.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A England Princess Tears Manicure & Nail Polish Haul

A England Nail Polish

Princess Tears - Holographic Nail Polish (in sunlight)  

Princess Tears, Guinevere, She Walks in Beauty, Holy Grail & The Shield Top Coat (in sunlight)

Swatches of Princess Tears, Guinevere, She Walks in Beauty & Holy Grail (2 coats, photo taken with  flash at night)

I was so excited to receive my shipment of A England nail polishes from England this week!  The wait was seventeen days from England to the States, but it was worth it!  They arrived the day I was planning to change my polish, so it was perfect timing.   I really love all the polishes I purchased and I wish I could have bought even more.  It was hard to decide which one to wear first!  Since it had been quite a long time since I wore a holographic one, I decided on Princess Tears.  You can see my nails featuring Princess Tears nail polish above.  I think I will try the glitter polish next, since that was hubby's pick.  It reminds me of an expensive designer sequined gown!  It has large pink and gold glitter in a clear base with fine gold glitter.  I just need to decide what color to put on as a base since it's more of a top coat glitter.  I'm thinking of a dusty pink, gold or lavender color as a base.  What would you chose?  Stay tuned for a post showing my manicure with that polish.

My review of Princess Tears - two coats is enough and it goes on well.  It's not too thick or thin and the top coat didn't change the color or is holographic reflection.  The brush is good and I would recommend this polish brand and color.  This color is more a grey lilac.  Without sunlight, it leans towards the grey tone more than the purple tone.  The sun brightens it up and it appears as a very pretty lilac color reflecting the colors of the rainbow.

My review of The Shield Top Coat - it dries fast on the surface, but it did smudge when I tried to do my normal tasks.  So it's not drying the layers underneath.  I had to add another top coat with a different brand (Poshe) so that I could go on with my daily tasks.

So there you have it my first experience with the A England line of nail polishes.  If you can get your hands on this brand, do so because you wont regret it!

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