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M·A·C Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Collection - October 2012

M·A·C Marilyn Monroe

Above:  Boxes of nail lacquer (2), dazzleglass (2), eyeshadow (3), blush

Above:  out of boxes eyeshadows in Showgirl, Preferred Blonde, Silver Screen,  Dazzleglass in Phiff! & Little Rock, Nail Lacquer in Vintage Vamp & Rich, Rich, Rich & Legendary Blush

Above:  eyeshadows & blush outside of boxes

Above:  open compacts of eyeshadows - Showgirl, Silver Screen, Preferred Blonde & Legendary Blush

Above: backside of boxes and compacts of eyeshadows - Showgirl, Silver Screen, Preferred Blonde & Legendary Blush

Above:  Dazzleglass Lipgloss in Phiff! (sheer yellow peach) & Little Rock (white with pearl), out of boxes

Above:  Nail Lacquer in Vintage Vamp (deep retro wine) & Rich, Rich, Rich (glittery gold) in boxes

Above:  Nail Lacquer in Vintage Vamp & Rich, Rich, Rich out of boxes

Above:  Nail Lacquer in Vintage Vamp & Rich, Rich, Rich, bottom of bottles

Above:  Dazzleglass in Little Rock

Above:  Dazzleglass in Phiff!

Above:  Penultimate Eye Liner (black), How to Marry eyeshadow, and 35 Lash 

On my arm - left to right Dazzleglass Phiff! (yellow peach) & Little Rock (sheer white w/ pearl), Legendary Blush (pale soft coral), Eyeshadows Showgirl (dark blue grey), Silver Screen (true silver), Preferred Blonde (pale champagne beige), How To Marry (soft white), Penultimate Eye Liner (black)

Nail Lacquers - Rich, Rich, Rich & Vintage Vamp

This is my first purchase of MAC Cosmetics.  I was so excited to hear about it on blogs and YouTube and I signed up to be notified by email when it would be available for purchase!  I'm a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, love her! Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I never received the email.  Luckily, I heard about it online several hours after it went on sale.  The only thing I was able to purchase directly from MAC was the Rich, Rich, Rich nail polish, the rest was sold out. So my first experience with MAC was very unpleasant!  I found out that Belk, Macy's, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom were also selling this collection.  Fortunately, I was able to purchase the rest of the items I wanted except for the lipstick and the beauty powder from Belk.  If you would like to purchase some of the items, check out those stores, some of the items are still in stock.  Don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for cash back!  I'm so happy I was able to purchase so many items from Belk online because the physical stores were sold out within hours of opening.  I simply do not understand why they made so little quantity of this Marilyn Monroe collection!  Why didn't they take pre-orders and manufacture enough for everyone who wanted it? Yes, I understand it's a limited edition collection, but why make so many of your customers upset?  The live chat with MAC online was a waste of time, no information about the line was given and she said she would keep her fingers crossed that they received more in stock soon.  What a joke!  That just made me more angry, such horrible customer service.  Also, I never received an email confirmation that my order had shipped and when I went online it showed no orders placed!  I also heard that some store employees were holding products for friends and family while regular customers were not given that privilege and had to stand in line before the stores opened.  Apparently, those that shopped online had better luck getting what they wanted.

As my husband says, this collection gives a very soft look on the face, nothing dramatic.  It looks good on my fair skin and I'm not sure if it would really show up very well on a warmer skin tone.  Well  Marilyn had very fair skin, so that makes sense that they would make the collection in cool tones.  Strangely, the nail polishes & lipsticks are mostly in warm tones.  Starting at the top of my photo collection above:  the eyeshadows & blush take about 3 applications to show up dark enough.  I like to place the light blue eyeshadow (Silver Screen) on the lid, dark blue (Showgirl) in the crease, Preferred Blonde under the eyebrow and How to Marry in the inner eye area.  The liner removes well with No 7 wipes from Target, a British brand of makeup remover wipes. I was afraid it would be hard to remove since it's a liquid eyeliner.  For the nail polish, I plan to create a french manicure wearing Vintage Vamp on the entire nail (2 coats) with Rich, Rich, Rich, on the edge in a chevron tip shape. Stay tuned for a post about that soon.  The lip glosses are a bit sticky and extremely sheer except for the glitter.  I haven't tried the lashes yet and never have worn false eyelashes before.  If you have any suggestions on what glue to buy, instructions on how to apply, and how many uses I should get out of them, please post below!  I'm very happy with my purchases and recommend the Marilyn Monore line, just not crazy about MAC customer service.

Did you buy any of the Marilyn Monroe MAC collection?  Please post below, comments appreciated!

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  1. I'm the newbie here, browsing your blog. Haven't tried this Collection, MAC's packaging - very creative! (maybe I'm showing my age) ;-) Your presentation is also good! Like the collection.


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