Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Brother Live Show Results - Double Eviction





On the Block:

Joe & Ian



Replacement on the block:




Poor Frankie, he's on his way to the jury house after a night's stay at a hotel tonight.  Wish they had told him they were voting him out instead of lying to him!  Dani, Shane, & Dan were cowards and afraid to tell Frank, so they took the easy way out and lied.   Let's hope Frank convinces Ashley & Brit not to vote for Dan, if Dan gets to the final two.  I'm guessing it will be Dan, Ian & Dani in the final three.  I'm in shock no one except Frank has tried to evict Dan. I'm angry at Frank for taking Boogie's advice and not evicting him the first time he had the opportunity!  I'm also angry at Frank for changing his mind and trusting Dan and not sending him home the second time he had a chance!  But I chose Team Frank, so I have to stand by him even when he makes stupid mistakes in the Big Brother Game.  If I was in the house, my first target would be those that won the game before, this is simply common sense! 

Personally, I'm sick of seeing old house guests return to the house to play.  Sure it was nice to see Janelle, Brit & Boogie again, but Dan makes me sick.  They all had their chance already, new people should be given the opportunity to play Big Brother!  I'm hoping next season they will all be newbies and regular people, not aspiring celebrities with agents.  This year was so unfair to the newbies, having coaches learn their weaknesses, strengths, & game plan only to turn around and use it against them when they hit reset and went from coaches to players.  The coaches also had a couple of weeks of safety and no one could evict them.  Simply not fair at all to the newbies.

After the live show was over:  Jenn cried alone and Dani looked very angry and wouldn't speak for several minutes while Shane kept asking if she was ok:

I'm sure she's very angry at Dan for placing her on the block.  After all they have a final two deal!      After the funeral for Dan the player, who wouldn't trust Dan.  Yeah, right, try again.  Wake up Dani, Dan is using you over and over and you just let him!   You know he does "damage control" yet you believe it when he tries it on you! Don't worry her eyebrows came down after she calmed down.  Meanwhile, Dan made yet another final two deal in the house, how many has he made now?  I've lost count!  His last one just left tonight, Frank!  I've never seen so many final two deals before, this is crazy!  Who hasn't Dan made a final deal with?  Here's the pinky swear for the latest final two deal:

Dan & Ian, Final Two Deal

I thought Ian would be smart enough to know that Dan is doing what he calls "damage control" after he put Ian on the block.  Oh well, maybe he's acting and will win HOH tonight and put Dan on the block! After that conversation, Ian walked back and forth in the kitchen like a caged animal.  Dani & Shane were listening while he went on to pat himself on the back for the veto and what he said during the live show (sorry Joe, I don't have two of these jokers).  Earlier Jenn was sent to the diary room and on her way there she said she was going to burn the place down.  This may have been one of the reasons Ian was pacing like a caged animal. Ian said Jenn wanted me out and is angry I'm not gone.  They must have given Jenn a "happy pill" because she came out of the diary room calm, completely different than when she left.  Dani changed her clothes and tried to do "damage control" with Jenn and pumped her up and tried to make her think that she could trust her.  

The new HOH will be revealed on tv Sunday (tonight on this blog), Wednesday someone will be evicted, let's hope it's Dan.  Thursday another person will leave, leaving three finalists to play for HOH.

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