Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Brother HOH Competition - Part 1

Feeds are back on, here we go:

Dani, Dan, Ian

They are being dunked into the water, Ian took in some water:

Ian is down!

They are also banging against a padded wall:

OMG, Dan just convinced Dani to drop and let him win.  She said she will drop soon.  What an idiot, he lies to her over and over and she still believes him, what is wrong with her!  He says he will take her to the final 2, what a joke.  In reality, he thinks he can win against Ian and plans to take him.  Dani could have easily won this.  Dan has very little body fat to keep him warm and said "I can't do it".  Yet she gives into him and lets him win. Dani just handed Dan a check for $500K!



Have a PEACEful Night!

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